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Some Nintendo Switch problems are not fixable on a user’s end. If you have a Nintendo Switch that won’t power on, overheating due to bad hardware, freezing or lagging even after basic troubleshooting, you may need to send it for repair.

If you have recurring problem and you’ve already exhausted all troubleshooting, repair may be the last option.

Is Nintendo Switch repair free?

All Nintendo consoles including the Switch have a standard 1-year or 12-month warranty. If your console has stopped working, or has a problem that can’t be fixed on your end within the standard warranty period, repair should be free. 

Nintendo warranty may be voided though if your console has a physical damage. So, for example, if your Nintendo Switch has stopped working after you dropped it and there’s visible damage on the screen, repair for your console will not be free. 

In some cases, external damage on the console may even be a reason that repair will be carried out, even if you’re willing to pay for it.

How to contact Nintendo support?

If you’ve decided to send your Nintendo Switch for repair, you’ll need to reach out to Nintendo customer support team. While some physical Nintendo stores may help you with your repair request, they may still need to refer you to their online or phone support team. 

To save time, you can simply visit the official Nintendo website, select your region, and pick the type of support you want to talk to. 

Nintendo no longer support email customer service but you can make use of the following type of support teams:

  • chat, 
  • SMS/text message, and 
  • phone.

Nintendo repair letter or shipping label.

Before you mail your console to your region’s Nintendo Repair Center, you’ll need to wait for the shipping label or repair letter from them. This will be sent to you via email after you’ve successfully set up a repair request via chat, text, or phone. 

NEVER send your console without the repair letter as that can lead to problems. There’s a chance that your console may not even reach Nintendo. 

Keep in mind that the repair letter will remain in Nintendo’s system for 180 days. Make sure that you send your Switch within this timeframe to avoid problems. 

If the 180-day period has passed, you’ll need to contact NIntendo again to set up for a new repair request. Again, make sure that you wait for the shipping label from them.

Sometimes, it can take several days for Nintendo to email you the shipping label. This is because they’ll have to make sure that their repair center is notified and be ready for the repair. 

Once you receive the shipping label, you can print it so you can attach it later on the box.

How to set up repair for your Nintendo Switch?

Below are the important things that you must do to set up repair for your Nintendo Switch:

  1. Contact Nintendo support via chat, SMS, or phone.

    This is the important first thing that you need to do. Nintendo needs to know that you’ve already tried troubleshooting on your end and nothing has helped. 
    They also need to document your case and prepare a shipping label once they’ve find out that your Switch requires repair. 
    You’ll want to visit the official Nintendo website and pick how to contact Nintendo. You can either talk to them via chat, SMS, or phone.Nintendo Contact

  2. Wait for the shipping label or repair letter.

    Once Nintendo has confirmed that you’ll need repair for your Switch, they will then process a shipping label for you. They will send the repair instructions and shipping label on your email so be sure that you have a good working email address.Box with shipping label

  3. Package your console.

    The final step that you must do is to properly pack your Nintendo Switch. To do this, you want to use any box that has no visible shipping labels of other companies. If the box you’re using has a third party shipping address, make sure that you cover or remove it to avoid confusion for the shipper.
    On your box, make sure that the following details are present:
    -Name, return shipping address, and phone number.
    -Repair order number.
    -A brief description of the problem you are having.
    -An itemized list of all the items you are including with your repair.
    Make sure that the box you’re using is padded well to avoid damaging your Nintendo Switch while in transit. If possible, try to wrap the console in cling wrap before putting it inside the box. 
    Also, be sure to remove unnecessary accessories that are not needed for repair like game cards, SD cards, controllers, etc.
    Finally, don’t forget to attach the shipping label on the box.
    After doing all these, your Nintendo Switch console should be ready for repair. Depending on your region, you may have to bring the package to a Nintendo shipping partner, or wait for it to be picked up from your home.packing a Nintendo Switch 1

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