How to fix common texting issues with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (covering both SMS & MMS)

  • What to do if your Samsung #Galaxy S7 Edge (#S7Edge) can’t send a text message with attached photo.
  • Learn how to prevent your phone from automatically converting #SMS to MMS.
  • What to do if the phone can’t receive text messages from iPhone users.
  • What should you do if your phone doesn’t automatically convert SMS into MMS when character count is over 160 characters.
  • Delay Message Sending option can no longer be found in S7 Edge’s Messages settings.
  • What to do if your phone doesn’t receive system-generated text messages required for verification.


Texting issues are among the most common problems haunting Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge owners. We already received a lot of complaints from our readers about them so it’s just fitting we publish more articles covering those issues.

Below are some of the problems we received this week. If you contacted regarding this issue, try to browse below to see if your concern is among the ones I addressed in this article.

For those who have other issues, visit our S7 Edge troubleshooting page and see if we already addressed your problem. Find ones that are close, relevant or similar to yours and use the solutions or troubleshooting procedures we provided. If they don’t work or if you need further assistance, fill up our Android problems questionnaire. Please be thorough when explaining your problem so we can provide accurate solutions or draft you with an effective troubleshooting guide.

Q: “Can’t text or email a photo, it fails or just sits there spinning. I can text or email with no problem. Just can’t send a photo. Spent 50 minutes on the phone with Verizon and went through many exercises to no solution. Just got this new S7 Edge a week ago.

A: It must be the mobile data, you need to turn it on. If, by any chance, mobile data is already turned on then it must be the APN settings that have issues. The Access Point Name is required so your phone can connect to your carrier’s mobile data network, which is also necessary when sending out or receiving picture messages, text with attached picture, contacts, group texts, etc.

I understand that you already called Verizon’s tech support but try calling them again and this time, ask for the correct APN and ask the rep to walk you through in setting it up on your phone.

Q: “I’m used to my old S3 converting my texts to mms and I could just type as long of a message as I wanted. The phone made all the conversions automatically and sent the message. My new S7 Edge only allows about 5 lines of text before telling me the maximum has been reached, and I can’t type anything else. Is there a way to extend the number of characters, or have it switch to mms automatically, so that I DON’T have to send multiple messages to finish or download another app?

A: By default, the stock messaging app is set to automatically convert SMS into MMS if the requirements are met. If this hasn’t been the case with your phone and just started recently, then some settings may have been changed. Open the messaging app and go to its Settings page and enable auto conversion of SMS to MMS. If there’s no setting like that, then the best thing to do is reset its settings by clearing its cache and data:

Clearing App Cache & Data

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
  2. Find and tap on Settings.
  3. Touch Applications and then Application manager.
  4. Swipe to ALL tab.
  5. Find and touch Messages.
  6. Touch the Force Close button first.
  7. Then, tap Storage.
  8. Tap Clear cache and then Clear data, Delete.

Q: “Not receiving texts from iPhone users. If I text them,  they can respond, but if they text me first, I get nothing. I didn’t have an iPhone before this. I always had Samsung. What can I do?

A: This is how it appears to me… if you text them first, you may have sent SMS so if they respond to your message, they’re sending SMS as well. However, your friends may be fond of sending you messages with emojis, pictures or they might be group texting. These things are already considered MMS. In this case though, I think the problem is the mobile data. Verify it’s enabled and this problem should never occur. If it’s already enabled, then it must be the APN settings. Try calling your provider and ask for the correct APN for your phone then ask the rep to help you set it up for you.

Q: “I’ve got an issue when sending normal SMS messages, once the character count gets to 3 pages it’ll automatically change the count to ‘1KB’ and convert the message to MMS, meaning I get charged at a picture messaging rate. Now the character count isn’t excessive, I never had any issues with my previous Samsung  (S5) with how long a message was and it never converted it to mms. I’ve been into 2 phone stores, 1 saying that’s how they all are but the other a guy who worked there his phone (same as me S7E) could do countless amount of message content without it converting. I’ve tried as many setting changes/functions as I can as well as updating software but with no explanation or result!

A: If a long text message isn’t converted, they will be split into several text messages on the receiving end. There’s an “Auto Convert to MMS” option in the Messages Settings, just disable that and your problem will be fixed.

Q: “I am still getting messages from certain people going to my iPhone instead of my S7 Edge. I receive these messages when my old iPhone is connected to WiFi. I tried your suggestions i.e. checked they are not blocked and also texted myself. You said it is their phone that is the issue. Can you explain how to fix their phone? Thanks.

A: If the phone number you’re using with your Galaxy S7 Edge right now was used with your iPhone before, then de-register that number from iMessage. But as to how to fix “their” phones, well, we can’t do that. Why? We don’t know what their phones are and it’s not our business to help others if they don’t ask us.

Q: “In my earlier Samsung S6 I could set he default setting to delay sending my sms for 60 seconds for every message I send, this was very useful since sometimes after pressing send I would like to edit the message. In the S7 I cant do this. Please advise. Regards, Cyrus.

A: There have been quite several good features with previous Galaxy devices that Samsung decided to get rid of and text message delay is just one of them. With the S5, the feature was embedded in the Messages app but with the new S7 variant, there’s no such setting anymore. I think S6 variants didn’t have it as well. So, if you plan on using it, all you can do is find an app that works “almost” the same way.

Q: “I have a brand new S7. I can send and receive SMS messages from other phones, but not system generated ones. As an example verification codes from apps such as WhatsApp, Waze or my banking app. Even messages from my bank to indicate movement on my account does not reach me now. I have the same number as previously, just a new phone.

A: If your phone can receive text messages from other numbers just fine, then the issue must be with the systems that generate those messages. It might have something to do with how your phone number is entered in their system. Please contact your bank or the developer of apps you were using about this problem since we, on our end, cannot thoroughly check if it’s a system issue or not.

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