Enable hidden facebook stickers on your android phone

Love the new Facebook sticker?

Post facebook home launch the company have been rolling out a new version of Facebook messenger with a new feature known as the Facebook chat head. The new version also comes with some cool new emoticons known as Facebook stickers which are way bigger and funnier than what we had seen earlier on the messenger.

The new version was already available on iOs since last week; however the android version was not yet updated with this feature. We are guessing the company is still testing them on select devices before making the release public to every android phone in the market.

Finally, today we have found a new update from the company and updating it will enable facebook stickers on your phone. Facebook stickers are basically emoticons which are much bigger than the normal emoticons. You get a number of such stickers like Bun, Mango, Napoli (and many more which you can download from the fb sticker store) which you can use while chatting with your friends.

But many of the users were reporting that even the new update did not bring facebook stickers to their phone. A bit disappointing, right after all this wait? But we have found a trick to enable it on your phone. I am not sure whether it will work on all the android phones but it is worth a try.

In order to enable fb stickers on your phone, first head on to the app store and check whether you have a new update for messenger. Now, if you have got one, update it to the latest version but if you don’t then head back to the app. Now, open up your fb messenger and go to a chat. Now, on the left you have the plus icon for adding smileys to your chat. Click on the left portion of the plus icon. There’s a small space on the left hand side of the plus icon, click on it (there is nothing there, just a blank space) and it will open up the hidden fb stickers on your phone. Every time you want to put a sticker on your chat, just click there only! This trick seems to be working only when using the chat head and hence make sure you try this on the chat head and not on the messenger app.

The trick is quite easy and hence we think many of us could use it until Facebook makes it official. But for others, Facebook confirms that they would make fb stickers and the new messenger available on all phones pretty soon and hence if you can wait for a while, you will get it in some time.

For others who have no clue about fb stickers, here is some basic info about the new feature.

Basically when you get a new message, you will get a small circle with your friend’s dp on your home screen. You can drag these on the homescreen wherever you want and clicking on it would open up the messenger for you. When you get a new message, you will get a chat head on the homescreen and you can chat via that chat head itself. But if you want to access the messenger, just clicking on the option in the chat head would take you to the messenger app. The chat head is a kind of a lite version of the messenger app itself, so it will be easier for you to chat when you are doing something else. And if you would like to close it, just drag down the chat head and you would get a trash icon at the bottom.

Feel free to post your views and comments on the new fb stickers.

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