How To Fix Element TV Black Screen Issue

Are you experiencing Element TV black screen issues? Several factors can cause this problem such as loose connections, sleep timer, software issues, or backlight issues. To fix the Element tv black screen issue, you will need to perform several troubleshooting steps.

The first element TVs were created in China and distributed in the US. Later, they made the decision to start operations in the US. In the US, element electronics is in charge of running Element TV. You can buy high-quality consumer electronics such as TVs, sound bars, monitors, and appliances of your choice at a low price at Element Electronics.

Element TV screen is black? Here’s how to fix the issue with your Element Smart TV

How To Fix Element TV Black Screen Issue

One of the issues that you might experience with your Element Roku TV is the black screen issue. Basically what happens is that you can turn on your Element TV however the Element TV screen does not display anything at all. This can be a frustrating experience as you won’t be able to watch your favorite shows.

Here’s what you need to do to fix Element TV black screen issue.

Fix #1 Power cycle your Element TV

In this situation, the first thing you must do is power cycle your Element TV, which is switching the TV from off to on. It refreshes the software of Element TV and removes any temporary glitches that could be causing this Element TV screen problem.

Power cycling smart tv

Step 1: Turn off your Element TV using the power button on your TV remote control, then wait 15-30 seconds before turning it back on.

Step 2: If the black screen issue remains, switch on your Element TV and unplug it from the power outlet. Wait 60 seconds before proceeding.

Step 3: Reconnect the power cord to the outlet and turn on your Element TV for 60 seconds to see whether it works.

Fix #2 Check all the cables

Make sure all the cables and cords connecting your Element TV are secure and tight. The HDMI cables, TV power cable, and even audio cables fall under this category.

You are more likely to get the black screen of death problem if your HDMI cable connecting your Element TV to a multimedia device is defective. To see if it will fix your Element TV black screen issue, try utilizing a new HDMI cable.

Sometimes you will still have the Element TV screen issue even after trying several different HDMI cables. Try connecting the HDMI cords to a different HDMI ports on your TV if it has one, as you may have damaged HDMI ports or HDMI source and could be the cause of the issue.

Fix #3 Check the power outlet

Make sure the TV is receiving sufficient power from its power source. If the TV’s power cord is attached to a power strip, unplug it from the strip and attach the power line directly to the outlet.

On the Element TV remote, select the Menu button. After pushing the menu button, if the menu does not appear, there may be a problem with the power. A loose or damaged power cord will result in a blank screen on your Element TV.

Once the TV power cable is directly plugged in, try to see whether the Element TV power light comes on. Wait for the TV to turn on after pressing the power button.

If it won’t switch on, there may be a problem with the power board. The TV’s power supply board might need to be replaced. Since replacing power supply boards necessitates specialized equipment, you should have a service center handle this.

Fix #4 Disconnect all devices connected to Element TV

Sometimes a connected multimedia device can be the source of the Element  TV black screen of death problem. Try unplugging any HDMI-connected devices, such as the Firestick, Roku, or Chromecast streaming media player, from your Element TV.

Fix #5 Check for TV panel issues

There is a probability that your TV is having this problem due to the TV’s backlight and brightness if you are able to hear sound but the TV screen is black. The picture is not clearly visible when the backlight is defective. 

Checking for backlight issues

Step 1: Play anything on your Element TV once it is on.

Step 2: Turn off all of the lights, then turn on a flashlight and shine it at your television to see if you can see any of the content.

Fix #6 Disable power saving mode

Many Element TV users unintentionally activate the power saving mode or sleeper timer option, which leaves the screen a black screen. You can try to disable these features to check if this is the reason why your Element TV suddenly has a black screen.

Disabling power saving mode

Step 1: On the supplied remote, press the HOME button.

Step 2: Then choose TV Settings and navigate to the Timers section.

Step 3: Then choose the Sleep Timer and disable it.

Step 4: Return to the Smart TV settings menu, choose power/energy-saving mode, and then turn the feature off.

Another factor is the TV’s sleep timer is on, and the batteries in the remote control are dead. This indicates that the TV screen will remain black even if you repeatedly press any button on the remote. All you have to do to fix this screen issues is swap out the remote’s batteries.

Fix #7 Factory reset Element TV

There may be a problem with the internal settings if the black screen of death on the TV keeps happening randomly. It’s possible that the software was corrupted by an upgrade. It’s possible that the issue is the result of a third-party app. Restoring factory settings is one of the best approaches to solve any software issue.

Keep in mind that a factory reset will restore the TV in to the default settings, including the data on the TV as well as the backlight, display, downloaded media, saved preferences, and settings for the display. T

his method works well for resolving the Element TV black screen of death.

Factory resetting Element Smart TV

Step 1: On the Television Home screen select SETTINGS.

Step 2: Under Settings, select Device and Software.

Step 3: Under Device and Software, select FACTORY RESET.

The Element TV will restart and turn on automatically, if it does not turn on automatically you can use the TV remote to turn on the TV.

Fix #8 Contact support

If the above troubleshooting methods or troubleshooting steps does not work then you need to contact professional help since it might be an issue with a hardware with the TV.

The customer support of Element TV will give you further assistance to fix the TV panel issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Element TV a good TV?

    Yes it is a good affordable TV.

  2. What company makes Element TV?

    Element Electronics is the company making Element TV.

  3. Is Element TV made by Samsung?

    No, they are not made by Samsung.

  4. How can I use element TV without remote?

    Yes you can download an app from your phone to make it a remote.

  5. Does element TV have 4K?

    Yes there 55 inch TV have 4k resolution.

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