What to do if you Cannot Sign into Skype on Android 10 | Unable to Sign In error

Having trouble signing into your Skype account? This post highlights easy workarounds you can try if you encounter the same issue when using Skype for Android app. Read on to find out why and what to do if you cannot sign into Skype on Android 10.

Common reasons why you can’t log into Skype

The following are common factors that could hinder you from signing into your Skype account. Be sure to consider looking at each of these factors when troubleshooting the problem on your phone

  • Network connectivity issues – this is when your phone is experiencing some internet problems including slow internet, intermittent connection and no internet.
  • Skype server downtime – scheduled server maintenance and unexpected technical difficulties can result in the Skype server downtime. When this happens, you won’t be able to use Skype services because the server is unavailable.
  • Incorrect username or password – this is usually the case if you happen to have multiple Skype accounts and you forgot which password or username to input. Login issues attributed to incorrect username or password can be resolved by a password reset for as long as you remember the username. 
  • Temporary account restriction or suspension – Skype accounts that are temporarily restricted or suspended are inaccessible. To deal with this problem, you will need to contact Microsoft Skype support for further assistance.

Software-related factors including in-app glitches and system errors on the phone are also among the underlying causes. This is when performing some basic tweaks is needed.

Potential solutions to try if you cannot sign into Skype

Time Needed : 10 minutes

Lined up below are simple methods to eliminate common factors including network-related errors and random software glitches on the phone that might have caused sign in errors on Skype. You can try these methods before calling for support from the Skype community.

  1. Refresh your internet connection.

    As mentioned earlier, most sign in errors are tied to network problems. That said, check your phone’s internet connection and make sure that the aforementioned internet symptoms don’t manifest. 

    If your phone’s internet connection is somehow unstable, try to refresh it by rebooting the wireless router/modem, turning Wi-Fi off and on, or by performing the Airplane Mode trick on your phone.

    Rebooting the router or modem is deemed among the most effective solutions to internet connection errors. Like any other devices,  modems and routers also succumb to random firmware crashes that result in internet issues depicted by slow internet speed, intermittent connection and other relevant symptoms.

    If you can’t reach the modem or router, you can do the usual trick that is to turn the phone’s Wi-Fi feature off for a few seconds and then turn back on again. It’s another simple way of refreshing the phone’s wireless internet connection.

    Another old trick that’s been proven effective is resolving random network-related issues is the so-called Airplane mode trick. The idea is to turn the Airplane mode feature on then restart the phone while it’s on. After restarting, turn the Airplane mode feature off again and let the phone re-establish wireless access.

    It wouldn’t hurt if you’d give any of these tweaks a shot and see if the problem is addressed.

    cannot sign into skype on android 10 fix - reboot modem router

  2. Check Skype service status.

    Visit the Skype support website then navigate to the status page to view the current status of Skype services. On the status page, find the Signing into Skype service and make sure that its status says Normal. If it’s not, then there’s nothing much you can do on your end but to wait until the service is back up and running again.

    To determine whether or not the problem is isolated to the Skype for Android app, try logging into your Skype account on your computer.

    If you can successfully login to your Skype account on the computer, it denotes that the problem is either on the Skype app or your Android phone itself. In this case, you can proceed and try the next solutions to eliminate common software-related triggers.

    cannot sign into skype on android 10 fix - check skype server

  3. Clear app cache and data.

    Corrupted temporary files and data that were stored among other cached files on the Skype app may also be the underlying cause.

    To rule this out, try to clear cache and data on your Skype app. To get this done, just go to Settings-> Apps menu and then select Skype from the list of apps. On the Skype app info screen, tap Storage then tap the button to Clear data and Clear cache at the bottom.

    This should clear out all cached files from the app including those corrupted files that made Skype unstable.

    cannot sign into skype on android 10 fix - clear app cache and data

  4. Restart your phone.

    To eliminate random software glitches that trigger minor app problems including login errors on Skype, restart the phone.

    A simple reboot or soft reset can fix various types of software issues including those affecting the network and other system functions and services like Skype.

    You don’t have to back up files beforehand as this process doesn’t affect any saved information on the phone.

    cannot sign into skype on android 10 fix - restart phone

  5. Update Skype app.

    Installing app updates can also be considered among the possible solutions given that software updates rolled out by app developers not only bring in new features but also deliver important bug fixes. 

    To check for any pending app updates for Skype, open the Play Store then go to My apps & Games. Navigate to the Updates tab then see if Skype is in the list. 

    Apps that are shown in the list are the ones with pending updates. If Skype is there, you can update the app by tapping on the Update button next to it or tapping the Update All button on the upper-right side of the screen.

    After installing all pending app updates, restart your phone to apply the recent software changes and likewise to refresh the entire operating system.

    As soon as  your phone boots up and re-established internet connection, launch Skype again and retry logging into your account. 

    cannot sign into skype on android 10 fix - update skype

  • Android 10
  • Galaxy S20

Still unable to log into Skype?

Uninstalling and reinstalling the app can also be deemed among the last options if none of the aforementioned solutions is able to fix the problem. Doing so will clear out any complex in-app glitches that might have caused the app to become erratic.

Hope this helps!

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