Huawei’s releases revenue details, but only for the first half in 2023

Huawei released its earnings today, but for the first half of 2020. They didn’t want to show Q2 results specifically, in order to help hide how bad the trade ban has been on the company.

The first half of 2020 has been nothing short of amazing for the company. You have others like LG, Sony, and HTC struggling, but Huawei is seeing unprecedented growth in an ever more competitive market.

That said, we’re not sure what second quarter results look like specifically. Since Huawei released the first half of 2020 instead, we’re assuming that Q2 wasn’t too great; however, we just don’t know since, well, we don’t have access to those details.

What will truly be telling is how Huawei does the rest of the year, and how this trade ban continues to play out.

source: The Inquirer

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