5 Best Photo Editor Apps For Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is one of the best smartphones available today. Launched earlier this year, the spotlight has somewhat shifted with the arrival of the Galaxy Note 9, but it still is one of the best Android phones you can buy. One of the key features of the Galaxy S9 is its camera, which is capable of tricks that only a handful of phones today can achieve. While manufacturers offer excellent cameras, we seldom find post processing apps to edit the amazing photos taken with the device. We’re going to talk about five Photo Editor Apps For Galaxy S9. Given the sheer amount of apps available out there, singling out one or even a bunch of them can be quite hard.

That’s where third party apps kick in. If we have a look at the Play Store, we will find plenty of apps that can offer photo editing with the option to choose between barebones editing and professional photo editor apps.

With that in mind, let’s get right to our list of the Photo Editor Apps For Galaxy S9.

Best Photo Editor Apps For Galaxy S9

samsung photo editor

1. AirBrush

As the name probably suggests, the app can be used to remove blemishes and other annoying markers from your photos. The key to a good editing app is to keep the photo as natural as possible while also making crucial changes. Airbrush adds new editing tools and filters frequently to keep the app fresh and updated. In addition to standard photo editing features, AirBrush also comes with the ability to whiten teeth and brighten your eyes, so you no longer have to worry about that annoying angle ruining the image.

Even though the Galaxy S9 comes with “blur” effects by default, this app also offers the feature, giving you enough flexibility to play around the features as you see fit. If you’re into makeup, the app also lets you add blush, mascara and other tools to your photos. Who says you need to be made up to get a good picture? Once you have the photo you like, it can be shared on social media apps directly from the app. AirBrush is an excellent application and well worth your time. It’s free to download but comes with ads and in-app purchases.

Download it now: here

samsung photo editor

2. LightX Photo Editor

LightX is a slightly advanced photo editor that can let you completely transform your photographs into beautiful pieces of art (not to be confused with Prisma). Among the prominent features of LightX is the ability to cartoonify or make caricatures of your photos. You can edit the background of a picture, add more detail, and merge two or more photos to make a beautiful collage or just a random artwork. Tools like Curve, Levels and Color Balance allow you to make the changes with precision.

Like any other photo editing app, LightX also comes with features to improve your skin tone, brighten your teeth and more, so it’s not unlike some of the other photo editing apps we’ve talked about. This app is also recommended if you’re into creating doodles to kill time and/or professionally. There are various brush sizes, allowing you to set the thickness of the brush as you like. This Samsung photo editor app is a free download on the Play Store and comes with ads as well as in-app purchases.

Download it now: here

samsung photo editor

3. Cupslice Photo Editor

This is a simpler take on some of the more versatile photo editing apps, but still gets the job done with relative ease. Much like other modern day photo editing tools, this app relies heavily on the premise of stickers and other handy editing tools. Something known as Cupslice Café Samsung photo editor allows you to access a wide range of stickers. You can also change the colors of the stickers as per your liking. Other tools like sharpening images, resizing and turning them into squares (which used to be a prerequisite for Instagram uploads), and the ability to adjust the color balance are present here.

Naturally, your edits can be shared on social media right away or you can simply choose to save it in your device gallery.

Download it now: here

samsung photo editor

4. Bonfire Photo Editor

This app stands out with its ability to offer 110+ filters and other enhancements, ensuring your editing options always remain fresh and up to date. The filter choices instantly turn this into a Prisma like app, but with arguably more options. Unlike Prisma, however, this app can also offer granular controls over your images (teeth whitening, skin tone modification etc).

This is an app ideally suited for casual users, as professional photographers are probably better off with apps like Adobe’s Lightroom which have a bigger collection of tools for high-end editing. The developers mention that the app uses OpenGL ES 3.0 algorithms to edit photos, putting it on par with most computers. Naturally, all your edited photos can be instantly shared on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. Bonfire Samsung photo editor is an excellent app to have and is a free download with ads and in-app purchases.

Download it now: here

5. Aviary

This is a widely popular photo editing app that has been around for quite some time now. What’s interesting about Aviary is that it doesn’t complicate things, choosing to keep the editing tools simple and understandable for all. This is perhaps the quickest way to edit your photos with minimal fuss. In terms of features, Aviary allows you to brush up pictures, sharpen, auto enhance, add stickers, and include several other effects with relative ease. Navigating through the app is pretty easy and you have the choice to choose the images from the gallery or simply take a photo and get to editing.

With over 50 million installs and nearly 1.5 million ratings, Aviary is right on top as far as photo editing tools are concerned. The app is free to download, but comes with in-app purchases. Thankfully, however, there are no ads here. In-app purchases are optional, of course, and doesn’t hinder with your usage in any way. So if you’re a casual photo editor, you will have no problem using Aviary Samsung photo editor.

Download it now: here

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