5 Best Photo Editor Apps For Note 10

The Galaxy Note 10 is Samsung’s recent entry in the market, and is packed with a ton of features to excite experts and regular users alike, but you still need the best camera app for Note 10. One of the main features that has everybody’s attention is the fact that it comes with an incredible set of cameras on board, allowing you to get a whole lot done in a matter of seconds. But a good cameraphone also needs a companion app that can help edit and modify images. While the stock image editing app on the Galaxy Note 10 might be sufficient for many, you will have to look elsewhere if you want to get granular editing controls.

Keeping this in mind, we’re going to talk about some of the best photo editor apps that are available for the Galaxy Note 10 today. Given the number of apps available for each purpose, searching through the Play Store can be quite a strenuous task. Taking this into account, we’re going to make your job significantly easier by listing out some of the best photo editor apps available for the Galaxy Note 10 today.

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best camera app for note 10

1) Photo Effects Pro

The app is designed for both smaller and bigger displays, making it ideally suited for the Galaxy Note 10. As far as editing tools are concerned, Photo Effects Pro has covered all its bases and offers an easy to use interface and quick editing. There are over 40 filters to choose from, so there’s no dearth of ways to make your photo look better. You can further add text to your images, choose from a large variety of stickers, and even make a photo collage or a photo grid by picking out multiple images from your gallery.

The developers mention that the app doesn’t need an internet connection to work, which is a relief. However, if you’re going to share your work online, especially on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc, you can’t do without internet connectivity. But the editing itself is possible regardless of your connectivity status.

The app is completely free to download, but comes with ads. There are no paid features to access here, so what you see is what you get. This also means that there are no in-app purchases with Photo Effects Pro.

Download it now: here

best camera app for note 10

2) Photo Lab Pro

This is yet another handy application that lets you edit photos and turn them into works of art in no time. A lot of customers don’t take very kindly to paid apps, but this one will have to be an exception for the kind of features it offers by default. With over 68,000 ratings on the Play Store, heavily leaning towards 5 stars, the app is immensely popular with the users. A combination of the right editing tools and a variety of filters and effects makes Photo Lab Pro an app to check out for every camera enthusiast, even more so if you have a Galaxy Note 10.

The app also has a free version, but we recommend the paid version as it is a hassle free application with some extra features that the free app misses out on. A new user doesn’t need any knowhow to use Photo Lab Pro, as you simply have to select a photo, apply the effects and wait for the app to do its thing. Since this is a paid app, Photo Lab Pro has no ads or in-app purchases.

Download it now: here

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3) Photo Mate R3

This is a freemium app that lets you gain access to some features, while unlocking the rest with an in-app purchase. Photo Mate R3 comes with a comprehensive set of features to satisfy all your photo editing needs, and more. Starting with version 3.2, the developers mention that a lot of other premium features are available with the free app, offering more incentive to try out the free version. As far as features are concerned, Photo Mate R3 comes with the usual suit of filters, stickers and background editing tools, but what’s even more important is the inclusion of metrics like camera, aperture and ISO, giving it a very professional appeal.

While users can edit pretty much every image, support for RAW file formats like cr2, nef, arw, and rw2 are welcome additions here. There are Exposure, Contrast, Lights, Shadows, Clarity, Vibrance and Lens-Based adjustments here, giving you complete control over the editing. Photo Mate R3 can be downloaded for free, but it comes with ads and in-app purchases.

Download it now: here

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4) Pixlr

Pixlr is an Editor’s Choice app on the Play Store and with good reason. It’s a simplistic editing app that doesn’t take too much of your time and gets the job done effortlessly. The user interface is easy to understand, and there are about 2 million editing combinations that you can choose from, so the possibilities are potentially endless. You can turn your pictures into works of art or make them look like a sketch, features that are available on pretty much every photo editing app today.

There are filters, naturally, as well as features like Color Splash as well as the ability to share your editing acumen over social media. Pixlr is free to download but comes with ads and a bunch of in-app purchases.

Download it now: here

best camera app for note 10


SKRWT is a professional grade application known for deep editing and its ease of use. Having consistently featured in several “best of” lists for about four years now, SKRWT is a cut above the rest. The main goal here is to maintain symmetry and offer lens correction with your photos and the app is accompanied by a bunch of in-app tools like MRRW and 4PNTS to make this happen.

What I don’t like, however, is the fact that the developers charge $0.99 for the app and still monetize with additional features via in-app purchases. Usually, it makes sense to pay up front for everything and not have to worry about hidden features. But as far as performance is concerned, this is as good as a photo editing app can get. Be sure to check out this best camera app for Note 10 on the Google Play Store.

Download it now: here

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