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How to Edit Social Share Settings on Google Pixel 7

This post will walk you through configuring the Google Pixel camera feature that allows you to directly share photos that you’ve captured using the phone’s camera to any of your preferred social applications. Here’s a quick guide to enable and edit social share settings on the Google Pixel 7 Camera.

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Time Needed : 3 minutes

Google Pixel smartphones running on the latest Android OS have a built-in camera feature that allows you to share photos and videos directly from the phone’s camera. Such a feature is called Social Share. 

When enabled, you will be allowed to use three apps of your choice to share photos and videos you’ve captured and taken using the Google Pixel camera app.
Depicted below is a quick walkthrough on how to activate and edit this camera settings on the latest Google Pixel 7. Feel free to refer to this guide when needed.

  1. Open the Camera app to get started.

    change camera photo resolution

    To do so, simply navigate to the Home screen or Apps viewer and then tap on the Camera icon to launch the app.

  2. While in the camera app’s main screen, tap on the Dropdown arrow located on the upper-leftmost corner.

    change camera photo resolution

    A quick menu opens with different camera controls and options that you can manually configure.

  3. To continue, tap More settings located beneath the quick menu options.

    change camera photo resolution

    Doing so will take you to the Camera app settings menu.

  4. Scroll down to locate Social share from the given options and then tap on it to proceed.

    edit camera social share settings google

    In the succeeding window, you will see different social apps.

  5. Tap to turn on the switch next to the social app(s) that you’d like to quickly share photos and videos from your Pixel 7 camera. You can choose up to 3 apps only.

    edit camera social share settings google

    All new selections will automatically be saved and applied to the social share settings in the camera app.

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Should you wish to change or use another social app, just repeat the same steps to return to the Camera app’s social share menu.

All set for social sharing?

Once you’ve enabled this feature and turned on your preferred apps, you can start taking a new photo. Just launch the Pixel 7 camera app and then take a picture. After taking the picture, tap on the arrow to view your selected apps in an expanded view. 

Alternatively, you can just swipe up on the recently captured image preview to view your social share apps. Select the desired app to use to proceed. 

You will then be routed to the chosen app’s menu with the attached image. By then, you should be all set to share the image on Facebook, Instagram or any other supported platforms/apps you’d like.

And that’s how you access and manage the Google Pixel 7 Camera app’s social share settings.

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