5 Best Camera Apps For Android in 2023

Every smartphone today comes with an impressive camera app on board, but the best camera app for Samsung takes your phone to a whole new level. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t better cameras out there. Given the versatility of the Android platform, it makes sense to try out all the other alternatives available for us out there. Keeping this in mind, we’re going to take a look at some of the best camera apps for Android that are available on the Google Play Store today. We’re including some familiar names here along with some lesser known apps to give you an equal spread of popular and underrated camera apps out there.

So without waiting any further, let’s have a look at some of the best camera apps for Android.

Best Camera Apps For Android

best camera app for samsung

1) Camera MX

This is a massively popular third party camera app with over 20 million installs already. The reason it’s so popular is because of the kind of features it brings to the table. This is not another ordinary camera app, as it can also allow you to customize the kind of images you want. Filters are nothing new, but seldom do we see an app that can handle these with ease. You also have video recording capabilities here, with the ability to turn flash on/off accordingly. You can even choose to have the flash on at all times for full illumination for your photos, kind of like having a flashlight on your photos.

There’s also support for burst mode photography, slow/fast motion, and Live Photos. As you can see, there’s nothing that this camera can’t do on its own. The best part with this best camera app for Samsung is that supports images of every quality, so you can choose the desired setting. In addition to being an easy to use camera app, there are some advanced controls at your disposal to give you control other camera metrics.

Camera MX is free to download and has no ads. There are in-app purchases, however.

Download it now: here

best camera app for samsung

2) Candy Camera

Candy Camera really needs no introduction as it is one of the most popular third party camera apps out there. It offers amazing and unique filters for your camera, allowing you to customize your snaps like no other. You can even add beauty features to your camera, resulting in gorgeous photos. Features like Silent Camera help you take selfies without making a lot of noise, although putting your phone on silent mode has the same effect.

You can further customize your photos with the help of stickers, and there are plenty of those. Further, you can conveniently create collages from within the app, so this is perhaps the only app you need for all your photo needs. Expanding more on the aforementioned beauty features, you can add slimming, whitening, concealer, lipstick, blush, eyeliner, mascara and other effects to your photos. It is mentioned that nearly 7 million people take selfies using Candy Camera everyday, which tells us that it’s one of the most popular third party camera apps out there.

Candy Camera can be downloaded for free from Play Store, although you’ll have to make do with ads. Sadly, there’s no in-app purchase to make the ads go away. The best camera app for Samsung is compatible with devices running Android 4.0.3 and up.

Download it now: here

best camera app for samsung

3) DSLR Camera Pro

As the name suggests, this one’s for the professionals. As much as the camera tech has improved, it’s nowhere close to mimicking the results of a DSLR camera. One app, however, gets close. Known as DSLR Camera Pro, this app gives you additional controls with its camera app, with metrics like white balance, ISO, and light metering mode to be played with. You also have features like live histogram and an extensive movable viewfinder to adjust the frames as you like. Simply put, if you’re a DSLR camera user, you will find well at home with this particular app.

This app basically removes all the clutter from camera apps and offers pure photography, which the developers say is their motto. The app also helps you use the volume buttons as camera shutters, giving you the feel of a standard camera. However, this feature has existed for a while on Android, so we don’t think it’s groundbreaking. The app has no free version, and you will be required to pay $2.99 on the Play Store. If you’re looking for a professional camera app, you can’t do much better than this offering.

Download it now: here

best camera app for samsung

4) Cymera Photo Editor

Cymera is immensely popular in the marketplace and is often offered as an alternative to Candy Camera on the Play Store. The app has been installed over 300 million times already, which speaks volumes about its popularity. The camera allows you to make extensive modifications to your pictures, with the ability to edit the body and face from your pictures and also add filters, stickers etc. The app also offers an AR selfie sticker feature, which gives you an immersive augmented reality based experience.

There are multiple features here to brush or touch up your existing photos as well. Naturally, it also has its own camera, which should let you ditch your primary camera app for good. The app is free to download but comes with ads and in-app purchases.

Download it now: here

best camera app for samsung

5) Google Camera

Now that we’ve spoken about all the third party camera apps, how about something native? Well, Google Camera is designed for Android and will work with a variety of devices. It comes by default on Pixel phones, and since the app is available on the Play Store, customers can download the app on their non Pixel or Nexus phones as well.

It doesn’t come with a lot of shiny features, but it’s a camera app that just works. You get the age old Photo Sphere, Lens Blur, HDR+, Video Stabilization, and Slow Mo videos with this nifty camera app. The app is light on your device too, so don’t expect it to slow down your device’s performance. The best camera app for Samsung is free to download and is devoid of ads and in-app purchases.

Download it now: here

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