5 Best And Most Addicting Android Games in 2024

If you have a job where you don’t have to do much (such as watching cameras overnight) or need a quick breather on lunch break, you know how important having an addicting Android game on your phone is. It’s important to have at least one good addicting Android game on your phone — they can so easily clear your head in just a few minutes. And some of them will make time fly by, which is especially important for those jobs where much isn’t expected of you.

With so many Android games on the Google Play Store, how can you possibly find the best addicting games available? Don’t worry — we’ve done the work for you here. If you follow along below, we’ll show you the top five best addicting Android games on the Play Store.

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Forces of Freedom

First up on our list is Forces of Freedom. This fun and addicting game will place you right in the middle of a war. It is, however, your standard shooter — you’re placed on a team and the goal is to eliminate the enemy team. First team to do so wins, of course. However, the most awesome thing about this game might be the scenery — the hills, bridges, forests and homes are all so detailed for an Android game, it’s insane!

Download it now: Google Play

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West Gunfighter

One of the most addicting games that you can pick up on the Google Play Store right now is WEst Gunfighter. This is an open world game where you play as a cowboy. In the game, you can hunt animals, collect and sell their skins, shoot bad villagers and even go to the bar! In the game, there are a set of challenges you can complete as well. And if you just want to have fun, there are a bunch of mini games that you can play around with, too. The game might sound like it’ll take a lot of storage space, but it’s actually only a 20MB download and can easily be played offline.

Download it now: Google Play

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Shadow Fight 3

Are you a big fan of side-by-side fighter games? Games like Mortal Kombat and Tekken bring with them a ton of memories, but now you can play similar style games on your Android device! In Shadow Fight 3, you’ll play as a warrior and try to best your opponent with superior fighting skills and abilities. This game can keep you busy for a decent amount of time as well. This is because, in addition to the campaign, you also have side quests and events you can take part in to really put your skills to the test.

Download it now: Google Play

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Another game that is worth checking out is DOKDO. This is a simulation game where you are a ship in the ocean, fighting against rival ships in a battle for much-needed and precious resources. The graphics in this game are just stunning, with the ocean effects and all of the epic ship battles happening in real-time. There are initial stages that you can easily clear, but as you start besting these stages, levels get more and more difficult. You can make things a little easier by upgrading your ship and its abilities, but a lot of it comes down to strategy.

Download it now: Google Play

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The real addiction comes down to escape games. Granny is one of those games, and the premise is that “Granny” doesn’t want you to leave her house, so she has you locked up. If you try to get out, she will try and kill you. That said, you have to use the resources around you to try and get out of Granny’s house. You’ll use keys and codes to navigate your way out of her house. You have to do it very quietly, too. She can’t know that you’re trying to get out — make a sound or drop an object, and Granny will come running, kill you, and you’ll have to start all over.

Download it now: Google Play


These are all excellent games on the Google Play Store, but you, of course, cannot keep up with all of these games at once. They’re all definitely worth trying over time, but if you are looking for just one game to put yourself into, you’ll enjoy either Granny or DOKDO. Granny will keep you busy for hours as you try to navigate her puzzle of a home, and DOKDO will challenge your abilities in strategy and upgrading your ship to best enemy players.

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