9 Best Android Lock Screen Apps in 2024

Mobile platforms are incredibly versatile today with developers offering extensive customization options for all, and including the best lock screen app android. The most flexible of all mobile operating systems is Android, allowing users to make modifications to even something key and crucial as the phone’s lock screen.

That said, we’re going to talk about a handful of these lockscreen apps today with the hope that some of these come in handy to our readers. We’re picking some popular options and some unique alternatives to popular offerings, thus covering all the essential bases.

Best Android Lock Screen Apps

best lock screen app android

1) Lock Screen Password

The ironically named Lock Screen Password app its actually an excellent choice. Just like just about any other lock screen choice on the market right now, and default ones supported by the operating system, you have support for patterns, passwords, sliders, and even PIN codes.

Lock Screen Password comes with tons of wallpaper customization as well. They have tons of different wallpapers that you can pick from, and then you can also upload and customize it with your own pictures, too.

Download it now: here

best lock screen app android

2) Keypad Lock Screen

Second up, we’re looking at Keypad Lock Screen. This one is a little more unique than others, with the keypad numbers actually resembling water droplets. It’s all animated as well, which gives this lock screen a little bit of its own unique characteristics.

This one was actually built to help save battery. It has a minimalist framework, which helps consume less memory, and thus, less battery life. There are a variety of wallpapers that you can pick from, but what remains the same is the the water droplet numbers.

Download it now: here

best lock screen app android

3) Solo Locker (DIY Locker)

This lock screen is popular for the amount of customizations it offers. It comes with a diverse set of features, including the ability to change your wallpaper and add custom widgets on your lock screen. The unique pattern lock feature allows you to connect a bunch of photos rather than joining random dots. The passcode interface can also be customized by the users, making this an instant hit with the masses.

This app, known previously as DIY Locker has a bunch of users currently with more than 10 million installs as of now. It has a 4+ rating across nearly 500,000 users, giving it the credibility that some other lock screen apps lack.

The app is free to download, but you will need to take out that credit card to purchase additional features on the app with an in-app purchase. The paid version also removes ads from the app, which is a relief. In addition to using this as a lock screen app, Solo Locker also has a great collection of fresh wallpapers, so this might be the answer to all your wallpaper woes.

Download it now: here

best lock screen app android

4) Fingerprint Lock Screen

If your phone doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner, you might want to at least create a neat fingerprint-like simulation for your lock screen. Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank essentially simulates the unlocking of your phone by “scanning your fingerprint.”

There are some different designs that make it look nice overall. Additionally, you can also set 4-digit or 6-digit passcodes for a layer of extra security. Definitely the more secure and better option is through actual built-in fingerprint support.

Download it now: here

best lock screen app android

5) AcDisplay

This is for the minimalists out there. It offers up the ability to view notifications at a glance directly from the lockscreen or open it directly in an app. It also has battery saving features to make sure its usage doesn’t take a toll on your phone’s battery life. It doesn’t have any of the flashy colorful allure of some other apps out there, although that’s not necessarily a bad thing in my opinion.

A feature called Active Mode enables the notifications only when you need it, leveraging a wide array of sensors on your device. If you’re concerned about battery life even in this scenario, you can set it to appear only when the phone is charging. So whatever your concerns are with previous lock screen apps, AcDisplay tries to rectify them.

Since this comes from an independent developer, so updates and bug fixes might not be too frequent. However, this is a small sacrifice to make for a truly great lock screen app. AcDisplay is free to download but comes with in-app purchases, There are no ads on offer.

Download it now: here

best lock screen app android

6) Start

Start is an extensive lock screen app with access to a flurry of information as soon as you turn on your phone’s display. The app also offers news and other information directly from the lock screen from a number of popular sources across the globe. The easy access selfie camera option is also handy as it could help you snap those quick selfies when you’re out and about. The “Startscreen”, as it is called, will also give you information on all of your social media feeds.

If you’re a buff for the recent happenings around you and like to be updated with current events, Start is an excellent app to download. The best part here is that the app is free to download, and doesn’t require you to shell out any money for the basic features. If you’re looking for some premium features, the developers have an in-app purchase option within the application. There are ads present with the free version of the best lock screen app android. As of this writing, the app has been rated to work with Android 4.1 and newer operating systems.

Download it now: here

best lock screen app android

7) LokLok

This takes a social approach to lock screens and I must say it works. The app basically lets you leave digital drawings on your friend or partner’s phone when they’re away, making sure that’s the first thing they see when they turn on their phone. It’s a lock screen app that is designed to bring people closer and maybe share a laugh or two. It comes with stickers as well, although they have to be bought separately.

You can also take a photo from your friend’s phone and add customized drawings or notes to make it extra special and personal. If two or more people have the app and are connected, the wallpaper will be automatically updated on each phone when someone makes a change. This feature alone makes it an incredibly exciting prospect for those who are desperately looking for a different lock screen app. The app is free to download, and has no ads. There are in-app purchases, however. The app will work with devices running Android 4.0.3 and above.

Download it now: here

8) Face ID Lock Screen

You might also want to try out the Face ID Lock Screen. This one pairs up with an app called Screen Lock – HD Wallpaper & Funny Lock Screen App. You can then install the Face ID Lock Screen plugging to it, which enables Face ID unlock. Now, it’s more of a faux-Face ID lock, since it actually isn’t secure enough to replace bank passwords and verify payments.

9) Picturesque Lock Screen

As the app’s name suggests, this truly offers a vast collection of picturesque wallpapers on a daily basis. Since this comes from Microsoft, images are curated from Bing. In addition to viewing beautiful wallpapers everyday, the lock screen also allows you to view all your important notifications in a glance. You can also set custom icons to open all your favorite apps directly from the lock screen. Microsoft is a company synonymous with productivity apps, and Picturesque lets you get a lot done with minimal effort.

You have quick access to the camera as well, which is crucial for those perfectly timed photos. American customers can also earn Bing Rewards for every search made on Bing, which is enough reason to try it out. Be sure to check out the company’s terms before getting too excited, however. The rest of the features like news, music control toggles, etc are also present with the app. Picturesque Lock Screen is a free download and is devoid of ads or in-app purchases.

Verdict on The Best Lock Screen App Android

Folks haven’t needed to download phone lock screens as third-party apps for years now. That’s because, over the years, smartphones have gotten better and better, coming with endless lock screen customizations straight out of the box. You can easily change the wallpaper, add widgets, change lock screen patterns, and so much more.

However, some of these other lock screen apps do come with some unique widgets, as well as some pretty sweet wallpaper that would be otherwise difficult to find. Do you have a best lock screen app android? Let us know in the comments section below.

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