5 Best Connect The Dots For Kids On Android

Learning to count and say your alphabet in order is something that every child needs to learn.  And it seems like forever with the constant songs and verbal cues that we work with our child. But every once in a while, it is nice to know that your child is learning and growing in important skills and that you can relax and not have to take an immediate and active part in that learning.  Connect the Dot games are a way for you to do that. Your child will learn their numbers and alphabet in order, spurred on by their desire to find out what that next puzzle is. You in the meantime can have that little bit of peace you have been looking for all day. So what are the best apps out there for your child to learn?  Here are 5 of the ones that could be the most helpful.

Connect The Dots For Kids

This connect the dots game is focused on helping your child learn to recognize animals, birds, fruits, flowers and much more.  As our child connects the dots, they are encouraged to use their imagination to guess what the final line will reveal. Once the animal or object is revealed the name is revealed as well as the child being rewarded by the sounds that the animal makes.  With over 100+ images to complete, there are a lot of vocab words to learn and a lot of fun to be had.

Download it now: Google Play

Kids Connect The Dots Free — Kids Learning Games

This dot to dot game is not only free, but is able to be played entirely off line.  It is focused toward preschool, kindergarten and grade school children. There are picture of animals, fruits, shapes, vehicles and other things as well.  With over 70+ puzzles, there are many enjoyable choices for your child. They are accompanied by sounds and object voiceovers. The child is encouraged to guess the object as they draw it.  It has easy controls and is a great choice for that little one.

Download it now: Google Play

Kids Connect The Dots (Lite)

This game has 25 images that your child can do to see if they would like the full version which has many more puzzles to do.  The cute backgrounds and fun finished pictures are sure to delight your child with their cute cartoon animations. This app uses not only numbers, but also the alphabet to help your child complete the picture in sequence.  As your child connects each number or letter it is read out loud to them, reinforcing their learning of the order of the alphabet and numbers. This app sticks to the basics of teaching your child their numbers and alphabet instead of over stimulating them with other noises and sounds.  

Download it now: Google Play

Dot to Dot — Connect The Dots — Drawing and Coloring

This is a more advanced Dot to Dot app.  It is fun and relaxing for children as well as adults.  The pictures are beautiful images of animals, florals, funny picture, people and others.  Once you have finished your drawing you are then invited to color it in. The final drawing may be shared or used on your phone as a screen saver or wallpaper.  Pictures can have from 40 in easy mode to over 1000 dots in the For Everyone mode. There is a zoom options as well as many coloring tools to use as you complete your masterpiece.  It is also a free app with no internet connection required. So relax and draw a little.

Download it now: Google Play

Kids Connect The Dots Game

This app gives you the option of what your child will be working on.  When you open it up to start drawing it gives you three modes: Numbers, Capital Alphabet and Small (or lower case) Alphabet.  The child is then off to the races to draw their animal, object or automobile. There are 30 free images and an exhaustive list of pay for images after that.  This game also comes with a hint setting so that your child as they learn can get help. You can set hints to Always, Every 2 seconds or Never. This will allow your child to grow with the app as they gain confidence in the order of their numbers or alphabet.  

Download it now: Google Play


There are a myriad of apps with a large number of focuses.  So if you want your child to be learning new vocabulary, just enjoy drawing or to finally learn that 3 comes after 2, there is a connect the dots app out there that will fit your needs.  Get your finger ready and happy counting.

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