Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Lock Screen Problems

A lock screen issue is definitely not a newcomer when it comes to the technical problems that you will encounter with your #SamsungGalaxyS6EdgePlus. This post tackles the different concerns some users faced with their lock screens. If you have experienced the issue yourself, then continue reading and see if the solutions provided will resolve it. Once you’ve tried everything and nothing works, resetting your phone back to factory default will surely resolve it. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to Settings and look for the Backup and reset Open it up.
  2. Tap Factory Data Reset. The on-screen prompts will warn you of data loss (make sure to create a backup prior to doing this) and your phone will be returned to default settings.
  3. Confirm the action and tap Reset Device. Your phone has now been restored to factory settings.

Problem # 1:  Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus takes time to unlock    

Hi. I’ve had my S6 Edge Plus for about 1-2 months now and really digging it. However, I seem to have an issue with the lock screen. About 1-6 times every day when I try to wake the screen up, the touch buttons light up but the screen itself needs 10-20 seconds before I can unlock the phone. Some of these times I noticed that “TouchWiz Home is not responding” message has appeared and wondered if that could be the problem. Any fix is appreciated. Thank you! – Michael Lindbak

Solution: Hi Michael. It seems like your phone’s processor is lagging. This could be due to multiple applications running in the background. Have you attempted to reboot your phone? Doing this will shut down non system related apps and will speed up your processor in return. Make sure to make your phone rest for around 5 minutes before turning it back on. If this won’t help, try to wipe the cache partition. This process will delete temporary system files which can be the cause of the lag. You can do this by rebooting into recovery mode. Turn off your phone first. Turn it back on by pressing Power + Volume Up + Home button. Once you feel the phone vibrates, release the Power button but keep pressing the other two buttons until a small menu appears on the screen. Look for the Wipe Cache Partition option and scroll down using the Volume Down key to highlight it and use the Power key to select it. Once done, select the Reboot System Now option and the phone will reboot back to its normal display. If this did not help still, consider resetting your phone back to factory default (check above on how to do it). It will surely resolve this issue.

Problem # 2: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus stays unlocked even with Auto lock ON

Hey guys. Hopefully this is me being a spaz other than an issue per se. I usually listen to music all day at work and have my hands free plugged in. If I make a call and hang up, the screen stays unlocked and ends up either calling people. I have also had issues where I hit pause then play and the same thing will happen. I have checked settings in terms of screen lock – set to lock at 15 seconds. I have also have a look around but nothing really jumps out at me. Hopefully this is a setting rather than an issue. Look forward to hearing from you. — Kyle Sinclair

Solution: Hello Kyle. Have you checked if your phone would automatically lock with the hands free unplugged? This is to determine if the issue is caused by the hands free or just a glitch on the phone’s settings. Try rebooting your phone as this can resolve minor glitches. You may also want to reset the lock screen settings so the phone will recognize the new setup. To do this, you can go to Settings > Lock Screen and Security. Tap Secure Lock Settings > Lock automatically then choose the timing one more time. You can set it to 15 seconds again if you want. Make sure that the Lock Instantly with Power Key option is turned on. You can press the power key to lock your screen if you are not using the phone anymore. If it’s really not working for you, then consider resetting your phone back to factory default. This will erase all the data saved on your phone so make sure to create a backup copy. This, however, will surely resolve any firmware issues that your device is experiencing. Let us know if you need further assistance.

Problem # 3: Galaxy S6 Edge Plus lock screen won’t come on when new notifications come in

Hello Droid guy. I have a new Galaxy S6 Edge Plus from Sprint and have trouble with some notifications. I noticed that when the phone is locked (black screen), the notifications like messages, email, and alerts won’t pop up on the screen. The sound and LED light will come on to alert me but the screen remains blank. I will have to press the home button to wake the screen up and see the notifications. I have checked everything under Settings and it is enabled for notifications and show contents. My friend has the same issue with her Sprint Galaxy S6 Edge Plus phone. However, my co-worker which has the S6 Edge Plus from ATT carrier doesn’t have this issue. All his notifications pop up on the black screen and stay on for 5 seconds and then the screen goes black (this is the way all my previous smartphone notifications worked). Do you think this is a carrier phone update issue?  I can’t find any solutions in any Sprint forums for this issue. Any thoughts or help will be appreciated. Thanks. — Hsing 

Solution: Hello Hsing. This is most likely a firmware glitch or a bug that can be resolved by downloading the latest update for your phone which is provided by your carrier. To download the update, go to Settings > About Phone > Software Update. If an update is not available, I suggest you contact Sprint support for further assistance. You may also want to reset your notification settings and reapply the changes as it may just need to be refreshed for it to work again. Please contact us if you have further concerns.

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