LG Teases New Dual-Screen Accessory for an IFA 2019 Reveal on Sep 6

Just as we countdown to the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, fellow Korean manufacturer LG also has something up its sleeve, although not until September. The company has just posted a video teaser on Twitter which doesn’t reveal much, but shows an animated illustration of a dual-screen device.

While it’s easy to assume this is a dual-screen smartphone, it’s just as likely that this is the company’s dual-screen accessory which was previously shown off for the LG V50 ThinQ 5G at the MWC earlier this year. Considering the kind of teaser that LG has posted here, it’s plausible that the company is merely talking about an upgraded version of its accessory.

Strangely, the dual-screen accessory wasn’t made available in the U.S. despite the LG V50 ThinQ 5G being sold through major American carriers. So perhaps this here is the version that LG will bring to the U.S. offering a cool accessory to an otherwise unknown flagship. It’s also possible that LG will unveil the V60 ThinQ at the event, and this accessory could be a companion to the new flagship.

IFA has been a key event for several product launches. Samsung used to announce its annual Note flagships during or slightly before the event, before going independent and announcing its devices well in advance now. However, one can expect Samsung as well as LG to be in full display at the IFA 2019 event in Berlin.

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