5 Best Ways To Make Money On YouTube

How do you make money on YouTube? That’s the burning question that everyone is asking, but luckily, it’s super easy and difficult at the same time. What we mean by this is that you very easily setup your YouTube for monetization, but actually earning a living wage off of it is a very difficult and long process. To make money off of YouTube, you need subscribers, and you need a lot of people watching your videos. The more people you have watching your videos, the more opportunity you’ll have to make money.

If you follow along below, we’ll show you the five different methods that will help you make money on YouTube.


First up, advertisements are a great way to make money with YouTube. Once you sign up for Google Adsense and turn monetization on within your YouTube account, you can start earning revenue from a CPM model. This will give you advertiser money per 1000 impressions. We don’t know how much that advertiser money is, as it does depend on what each advertiser wants to spend. But, if you get enough YouTube viewers, you can actually make a substantial amount of cash. For example, a $10 CPM could net you $100 per 10,000 impressions your advertisement gets.

Unfortunately, ad blocker extensions can ruin your revenue, but their are a lot of people turning off their ad blocker for the websites and creators that they want to support. Some people will even donate to their favorite creators instead of disabling their ad blocker, which will give you a little bit more money than what you’d get for that single advertisement view.

You can also consider making YouTube Red-specific content, which will give you a whole lot more money than exclusively advertising will.


If you get enough viewers, you can consider taking on sponsorships as well. A sponsorship is when you partner with a company to get their product in front of your viewers’ eyes. Depending on the amount of viewers you have, the company will pay you a fairly decent amount of money, especially if you can get your subscribers into the millions. That’s pretty rare, but it’s not impossible — it takes a lot of dedication and hard work. There are some YouTubers who make a hundred thousand or more per year just off of sponsorships. Keep in mind that you’ll want to find a decent balance for sponsorships, as you don’t want to spam your viewers, either.

Affiliate Programs

You can also earn money off of YouTube through affiliate programs. If you’re on YouTube, you can advertise your favorite products in your videos, and include, say, an Amazon link in the description with your affiliate marketers code. That said, you’ll earn a little bit of money for every person that purchases the product  by clicking the link in your YouTube description. You can do this for Amazon, as well as other websites, to maximize your revenue potential.


Of course, we cannot stress how much dedication and hard work plays into your earning potential as a YouTuber. It is extremely difficult to get noticed as a YouTuber, and nothing will help you more than sticking with it, even when you’re feeling discouraged. You may only get a couple of views per video, but if you keep up with it, eventually your channel will grow — you just have to stay with it. If you really want to be dedicated, you might want to consider doing Twitch and YouTube at the same time, and try to funnel viewers between platforms to increase your earning potential.

Great Content

Last, but certainly not least, you also need to have great content. One of the things that all YouTubers stress is that viewers can see through you faking it. If you don’t love what you’re doing, you’re probably not going to be very successful at it. You need to care about what you’re doing, care about the viewers, and be able to put your heart and soul in the content that you curate. If you don’t, you’re going to have a hard time gaining subscribers, and thus, a hard time making revenue off of your channel.


As you can see, it’s extremely hard work to make YouTube a profitable platform for yourself. It’ll take thousands of hours, as entrepreneurship of all kinds always takes. But, if you stick with it, you could soon be earning at least close to a hundred thousand per year in revenue — but if you quit, you’ll never find that out.

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