Apple Music Officially Has 60 Million Paid Subscribers

In the music streaming business, companies like Spotify and Apple Music are currently engaged in a race to the top, a race which Spotify is comfortably dominating. Apple has now announced a new milestone for Apple Music with the service crossing 60 million paid subscribers. However, this still puts Apple significantly behind Spotify which has over 100 million paying customers.

However, it’s worth noting that Apple Music has only been in business since June 2015, and to reach 60 million subscribers with Spotify already dominating the market is quite something. If the recent numbers are any indication, the growth of Apple Music could be concerning for Spotify in the long run. But at the moment, Spotify sits right at the top in terms of customers. However, the company has been impacted by its inability to reach broader markets, something that Apple Music tackled comfortably.

A separate report claimed that Apple’s Beats 1 radio service has “tens of millions of listeners” with Apple failing to give out precise numbers. Apple is investing heavily in its music streaming business and also offers an Android app for Apple Music, which initially received a lot of flak simply for being an Apple app, but has since been adopted by users.

Source: Numerama

Via: Engadget

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