5 Best Uses for Your Old Android Phone

Use It as a Remote Control and Stream Sports, TV Shows, and Movies to Your Television

With live TV streaming services such as Sling TV, you can watch over one hundred live channels both on your old Android phone and on your living room TV. Just connect your TV to a Chromecast device or the Fire TV and use your smartphone as a remote control.

If you own a smartphone with an infrared emitter, you may also want to try one of many available universal remote apps available on Play Store. For example, AnyMote Universal Remote+ is compatible with over 900,000 devices, making it possible to replace all remote controls in your home with a single Android smartphone.

2 thoughts on “5 Best Uses for Your Old Android Phone”

  1. That’s a great point Hilda, doing a factory reset is a great idea for your old phone to run smoothly and FAST, if you’re only using one or two apps on your old phone, you pretty much just need WiFi and bluetooth. You will save battery life and a much faster performing device.

  2. I did a factory reset on my Galaxy S 5 and now I use it as a ‘Dylan Pod’…
    Put in a 128 GB sd card…it is almost full…

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