Fubo TV Vs DirecTV Now Best Live Streaming Service in 2024

Cable subscriptions are becoming a dying trend as consumers prefer more control over their products and services. The trend of paying hundreds of dollars per month for a cable subscription is on a downward spiral, as consumers prefer to pay less and only for the channels that they use. As it stands right now, a cable subscription will cost you over a hundred dollars per month for a couple hundred channels, and chances are, you’ll only use a couple of these. That’s absurd for the cost, especially since a cable subscription isn’t very versatile as far as mobility goes.

Those are just a couple reasons why more and more people are opting for cord-cutting services, but with so many cord-cutting services available now, it can be difficult choosing the right one that will give you a seamless transition from the traditional cable service to the new on-demand live TV streaming services. That said, if you follow along below, we’ll show you two options you have — Fubo TV and DirecTV Now. Stick with us, and we’ll show you which one is the best through a detailed comparison.

Fubo TV

Many cord-cutting subscriptions are trying to directly compete against cable providers — that said, many of their channel lineups are going to consist of things like regular programming. We’re talking about channels like HBO, STAR, AMC, SyFy, FOX, and so many more. Fubo TV takes a completely different approach to streaming live TV, though. They take on a sports-first approach, which actually works really well for sports fans.

With this sports-first approach, sports fans will have access to a wide variety of different types of sports and sports channels. With a subscription to Fubo TV, you can easily catch your favorite hockey, basketball, baseball, football, soccer, and international soccer games. There’s plenty of other sports options on there, too. With just a subscription to the lowest Fubo tier, you’ll get access to  Fox Sports, CBS, NFL Network, MLB TV, NBC Golf, and so much more.

Fubo TV actually only has two subscription tiers — fubo and fubo Extra. These cost $40 and $45, respectively. The fubo tier actually has over 85 channels that you can access at that basic level, and Extra provides you with a bunch more. If you’re a first time buyer purchasing your first month of Fubo TV, you get $5 off of the tier that you choose. Another neat aspect is that Fubo TV allows you to sign up for a seven day trial before you buy — you’ll get access to all 85+ channels for those seven days.

Now, while Fubo TV does have a sports-first approach, they do offer regular programming as well — you won’t have trouble catching content from SyFy, A&E, Viceland, Lifetime, and other channels.

We should also mention just how versatile Fubo TV is — you can install it at home on your Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, or another streaming device, but if you want to catch your favorite programming and sports games on the go, just download the Fubo TV to your app and stream from anywhere.

Get it here: Fubo

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is one of the nicer live TV streaming options. With a subscription to DirecTV Now you can catch all of your favorite regular programming without a subscription to a cable provider. The unique thing about DirecTV now is that they have a Cloud DVR that allows you to record your favorite shows in the event that you can’t make it home in time for the airing of Game of Thrones or Better Call Saul.

As far as sports-specific content goes, DirecTV Now is one of the better services for sports. They actually have a variety of different channels that you can access — with a subscription, you can watch content from ESPN, ESPN2, Fox Sports, CBS Sports, and more. This will cost you more than the $40 base tier, which puts it more expensive than Fubo TV.

While DirecTV Now does have the sports channel lineup, Fubo TV definitely comes in as less expensive. Still, you can give DirecTV Now a shot at the link below, and even take advantage of their free trial.

Get it here: DirecTV Now


So if you finally want to cut the cord, which one of these services is the best for the money? It all depends on what your interests are — if you’re a big sports fan, then you’ll definitely want to go with Fubo TV, but if traditional programming is your jam, then DirecTV Now might have a better lineup for that.

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