5 Best Uses for Your Old Android Phone

Transform It into a Free-Standing Security Monitor

These days, excellent security solutions for your home or business are available for just a few hundreds of dollars, instead of thousands, and anybody can install them without paying hefty installation fees. A good example is the Netgear Arlo camera system, which consists of high-definition wireless cameras with night vision and water resistance. The cameras can be mounted anywhere, and they connect wirelessly to the included base station.

Once you install your Arlo cameras, you can head over to Play Store and download the official Arlo Android app. The app includes up to 1 GB of secure cloud storage and allows you to view up to 4 video streams at the same time. To take your home security to the next level, you can create complex security rules and schedules.

For example, if your child returns home from school every day between 2 PM and 4 PM, you can set the camera that’s pointing at your front door to send you a push notification when it detects motion during that time but doesn’t do anything for the rest of the day.

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2 thoughts on “5 Best Uses for Your Old Android Phone”

  1. That’s a great point Hilda, doing a factory reset is a great idea for your old phone to run smoothly and FAST, if you’re only using one or two apps on your old phone, you pretty much just need WiFi and bluetooth. You will save battery life and a much faster performing device.

  2. I did a factory reset on my Galaxy S 5 and now I use it as a ‘Dylan Pod’…
    Put in a 128 GB sd card…it is almost full…

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