5 Best Travel Guide Apps for Your Android Phone

The day your long-awaited vacation starts is finally here, but you still haven’t had time to properly plan your trip? Our list of top 5 best travel guide apps for your Android phone is here to help. Apps on this list use real reviews to separate places that are worth your visit from those that you should avoid. Using your smartphone’s GPS you can receive suggestions relevant to your current location, so if you want to be spontaneous and make plans as your go, you can.


Foursquare is a mature search-and-discovery service launched in 2009. The app now has well over 50 million users, who enjoy its hyper-personalized recommendations and huge database of insider tips from millions of real people around the world.

Unlike many other discovery services, Foursquare firmly rejects paid reviews and unhelpful negative rants, focusing on the joy of travel instead. The app is designed to be a hub for your adventures, one that helps you find interesting places to visit, organize them into an itinerary, and associate each adventure with pictures, so you never forget what made that French toast you had so tasty or how your hotel room looked like.

The developers of the app have spent years tweaking its locational algorithms to perfection and making the app as battery-efficient as they could. According to our experience, Foursquare is much more power-efficient than most other apps that rely on GPS.


With over 350 million reviews by travelers like you, TripAdvisor never fails to recommend an excellent place to visit, find you a nice hotel room, or help you book the cheapest flight available. Everything is sorted out into appropriate categories, which you can explore using search filters and various sorting options.

The Near Me Now feature uses your smartphone’s GPS to precisely locate where you are and suggest you relevant restaurants, historical monuments, and events. If you ever happen to need help while abroad, you can quickly get answers from other travelers in the forums.

In case you don’t have roaming included in your phone plan, TripAdvisor gives you the option to download maps of over 300 cities worldwide onto your smartphone.

Trip.com (Formerly Gogobot)

Formerly known as Gogobot, Trip.com is an award-winning trip-planning app for Android and iOS that packs features from multiple apps into a single digital suitcase. Just like with Foursquare or TripAdvisor, you can find attractive places to visit, book the best hotel for you, or read reviews from other users.

To differentiate itself from its competitors, Trip.com also includes a simple photo editing app with playful filters, database of local events, and detailed statistics that tell you exactly why a certain place is so popular. The app is still fairly young so don’t expect it to have nearly as much content as the previous two. We recommend you to use it alongside either Foursquare or TripAdvisor.


Triposo is one of only a few travel guide apps that work completely offline. Instead of building their own database of places, they take content from millions of websites and automatically sort it out, giving you personalized recommendations for over 50,000 destinations worldwide.

Search for any city that you would like to visit and download the full guide on your phone. Each guide comes with a map and information about the major sights, places to eat and sleep, and nightlife options. Also included in the app is a handy currency converter and phrasebooks with text-to-speech ability



Yelp is the leading business review application, and it’s our go-to app for restaurant recommendations. Businesses are rated based on the overall experience, and reviews are encouraged to upload their own photos.

Even if you don’t care about the opinions of others, Yelp is still great to have on your smartphone just because it contains accurate contact information with business hours, phone numbers, and address.  Although, it is not known as a travel guide, it does offer reviews of all the major tourist destinations.  Great for researching places to visit and things to do at your destination.

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