5 Best Travel Guide Apps for Your Android Phone

The day your long-awaited vacation starts is finally here, but you still haven’t had time to properly plan your trip? Our list of top 5 best travel guide apps for your Android phone is here to help. Apps on this list use real reviews to separate places that are worth your visit from those that

What’s The Best International SIM Card in 2019 for Travelling in Europe?

Overseas travel is unfortunately often associated with excessive charges and high roaming rates. This is especially true in Europe, where you encounter a large number of different carriers as you travel across individual regions.  This is where an international SIM card will help you immensely, especially when used with the dual SIM phones. Editor’s Choice

9 Best Phone Plans for International Travel in 2019

If there’s one thing that can ruin any overseas vacation, it’s international roaming fees. It doesn’t take much more than a few calls to friends and family and perhaps a couple of online searches before your phone bill grows a few extra digits. That is, of course, unless you have one of our top nine

5 Best Travel Tablets That Are Thin And Light In 2019

Tablets serve a variety of functions in addition to letting you do a lot of productive work and consume multimedia content. However, most tablets are bulky and large, making them incredibly difficult to carry it everywhere. Thankfully, the trend has changed now, with manufacturers launching slim and lightweight tablets, making it easier to carry them

4 Best Pocket WiFi and Portable Hotspot Router for Japan in 2019

Japan is a widely popular holiday destination. The region sees innumerable tourists every year, including a handful of American citizens. Given that we live in the smartphone era, a life without internet is unimaginable, even more so when we travel abroad, leaving our loved ones and family behind. So what can you do to access

5 Best Smart Luggage and Travel Accessories That Works with Your Phone

Almost 2 million pieces of luggage are lost, stolen, or damaged by major U.S. airlines every single year just on domestic flights. This may sound alarming but consider this: Department of Transportation spokesman Bill Mosley says, “The rate of mishandled baggage reports filed by carriers is at an all-time low.” Do you wonder why? Because

These apps will help you fight the post-holiday blues

The holidays are over, and it’s the start of a new year. For many, this means starting the year right with a few resolutions. For some, the period after holiday season could be a time of post-holiday blues. Are you an avid smartphone user? Here are a few apps that can help you manage. The

Frommer’s Travel Guide Brand Purchased Back From Google

Arthur Frommer has bought back his very own Frommer’s Travel Guide from Google, and promised to continue printing the guide in digital and traditional forms, CNN Money reported. The sale came as a surprise, especially because Google just acquired the rights to the publication in August 2012 from publishers John Wiley & Sons. Last month,

Apps for Monitoring Personalized Experiences vs. the Concierge

A recent trip outside the country introduced me to basic applications that allow a system to store information about the customer and provide him/her personalized experiences the next time he/she visits. This is a nifty feature; one that might completely overthrow the need for concierges, receptionists and front desk clerks in hotels and restaurants. We

Travelers’ must-have networking gadgets

We ought to travel sometime in our lives, and in today’s technologically knitted world, it is almost unimaginable to be off the grid even on holidays and pleasure trips. Even some remote parts of the world now are no longer free from the reaches of the Internet.  Travelers can now conveniently share visual pleasures on

Review: TripIt Travel Organizer

Available On: Android, iOS Price: Free, Ad-Free – $3.99 Download: Google Play | iTunes TripIt Travel Organizer is the world’s easiest way to organize all of your travel plans and even share them with friends and family. With TripIt you can keep all of your travel information all in one place so you’re able to

Nuance Announces New Travel Integration With Expedia For Dragon Go

Nuance’s signature voice recognition app, Dragon Go, just made it easier to get up and actually go somewhere. Last week Nuance announced a new partnership with premiere travel site Expedia and the Expedia group, to help users find and locate travel easily. Expedia has joined over 200 other content providers in the Nuance Dragon Go