5 Best Pay As You Go Phone Plans in 2023

Everyone has a different lifestyle that means different requirement and expectation, even for their data plans. Some of them choose postpaid providers, but a lot of them are still using the prepaid payment plans.

Prepaid plans mean no long time commitment and the flexibility to change your mobile plan according to your will. Moreover, you pay ahead and don’t have to worry about credit checks for the wireless services.

Many service providers understand the market trend and offer various prepaid plans to match customer needs. A lot of them are providing decent services at affordable prices, but some of them are exceptionally good. So, you have to choose the service provider with proper research and knowledge.

However, if you are confused between different companies, you can consider our list of top 5 mobile companies with the best data plans.

Verizon Wireless

If you are more concerned about network coverage than plan prices, Verizon Wireless is the best option for you.

Verizon’s data plans are a bit higher on price, but their speedy network balances it, completely. The company offers unlimited texting to over 200 countries with each rate plan and extends the same for Mexico and Canada with its high tier plans. It can also serve your whole family with its family combo packs.

There are family plans at all rates, but the cost can rise for a considerably big family.

The company’s most popular prepaid plan starts at just $40. This plan is available in the first line and offers unlimited talk time, text and 3GB of data. There is also a plan for unlimited 4G LTE data that starts at $70 for individual service lines. Provided you have a 4G LTE enabled device.

Verizon is regarded as one of the best companies due to its reception qualities and services. It provides network, wherever you need and whenever you need it.

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AT&T Prepaid Phone Plan

AT&T is an excellent choice for flexible mobile plans and prepaid mobile services.

AT&T has a wide range of monthly plans, but the best mobile plan that you can avail is the $50 monthly pack. This pack comes with unlimited calling and texting along with 8GB of high-speed data. The company also provides discounts on auto-pay plans that further decrease the price for this monthly plan, to $40.

Moreover, there is also an $85 plan that you can get to increase your mobile data. It has all the talk time and texting benefits of the previous pack, but with 10 GB hotspot data. The price of this plan decrease to $75 with the auto-pay discount.

AT&T also provides additional discount benefits to customers with multiple line connections. It offers you a discount of $10 for two active lines and $20 for four lines, which means a better deal for collective connections.

Like, a family of four members can enjoy 8GB of high-speed data per line at just $140 per month with this discounted scheme.

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Go-Smart Mobile Plans

Go-Smart is the best mobile plan provider when it comes to quality service at budget-friendly prices.

The company offers unlimited talk time, text data and 250MB of 3G mobile data with its lowest prepaid plan that costs only $15 per month. You can also avail unlimited data at 3G speed with its monthly pack of $55 only. Further, there is a $10 plan that adds mobile hotspot connectivity to this plan.

Go Smart also provides an unlimited Facebook access facility with every plan. You need a smartphone with 4GLTE capabilities to avail, this service. Moreover, it also has plans for unlimited International texting and Facebook Messenger.

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Boost Mobile Phone Plans

If you are more of an internet user, Boost Mobile data pack is just the thing for you. The company is supported by Sprint and covers every corner of the US, offering nationwide coverage and budget mobile plans.

Boost Mobile provides unlimited talk time, text and data plans, starting from just $50 for a single line. This pack jumps to $110 per month for three connections. Their family combos come with additional perks like unlimited data, optimized video streaming as well as 12GB of mobile hotspot data for future use.

There is also a $10 per line scheme that you can avail to boost regular plan. The superior plan increase video quality from mobile-friendly 480P to desktop quality of 1080P. Boost network also has a Boost Dealz plan that let the customer decrease monthly bill by watching ads on smartphones.

Further, the company also has a $5 plan for International calling to Mexico.

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Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular plans are the best option for anyone who is fine with basic prepaid plans.

The company offers 250 minutes of talk time at $15 per month, and unlimited talk time at just $20 per months. It also has data plans that start with 250MB at $5 per month and goes up to 20GB at $40 per month. The company charges an additional $5 for every GB of data after 20GB and suspends it after 30GB as they don’t have any prepaid plan after that. Moreover, a middle road rate plan with 5 GB of data, for two customers is also available in $55 per month.

Further, you will get the flexibility to change your plan whenever you want. Consumer Cellular also allows you to add more family and friends to your account at just $15 per month.

You can also purchase big switch flip phones and newer flagship like an iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy note from Consumer Cellular.

The company deals get even better if you are an AARP member. They are subject to an additional discount of 5% on monthly services and up to 30% discount on selected accessories.

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These service providers have the best prepaid mobile plans for all, but there are factors that you should consider before deciding the right one of them.

The network speed and services are dependent on your phone and its location. Moreover, the plan entirely depends on your daily talk time and data needs.

So, make sure that you check everything clearly before you get a plan.

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