3 Best Smart Home Motorized Blinds and Shades for Android

Smart home devices are taking the world by storm, carrying out all those mundane, repetitive tasks that regularly distract us from what really matters. You may have already discovered the benefits of robot vacuum cleaners, internet-connected lightbulbs, or intelligent air conditioning. If you would like to make your home even smarter, you should consider buying motorized blinds that connect to your smartphone and automatically close and open according to time and temperature.

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The life of the MySmartBlinds Automation Kit started on Kickstarter, where 382 backers pledged $85,508 to help bring the project to life. At the core of the kit is a small patent pending motor that’s designed to work with most tilting mechanisms on the market. The creators of MySmartBlinds have thought of everything, even including additional ports for future expansion sensors.

The kit is powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery that should last well over half a year. It can be charged either manually via the MySmartBlinds Charging Cord or automatically via the MySmartBlinds Solar Panel (both sold separately).

According to the manufacturer, the installation takes just a little over 15 minutes, but it’s highly advisable not to rush anything and carefully read the included installation instructions. Once installed, the MySmartBlinds Automation Kit can be controlled the MySmartBlinds Wireless Smart Switch or the Android app. The app can sync changes from multiple users using the same account, quickly open or close blinds using the Smart Position shortcuts, gradually tilt blinds to produce as little noise as possible, and much more.

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Neo Smart Blinds

One thing the MySmartBlinds Automation Kit can’t do yet is integrate with other home automation systems. If you own a Google Home or Amazon Echo and would like to take advantage of them, the Neo Smart Blinds Wi-Fi-connected system is a great alternative.

The product consists of the Neo Smart Blinds Controller, tubular motors, solar panel chargers, and, of course, an app for the Android operating system. The app communicates with the Neo Controller, allowing you to remotely control your blinds and set weekly schedules.

Besides being easy to install, the Neo smart Blinds automation system doesn’t come with any monthly or hidden fees. The CEO and founder of the company, Neo Zhang, has over nine years of sales and marketing experience in international trade, focusing on the window coverings business. He’s dedicated to bringing the world the next generation in home automation at an affordable price and without any compromises.

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Teptron MOVE

The MOVE from Teptron is a Bluetooth-controlled motor for blinds designed to fit as many manually controlled blinds and shades as possible. Each MOVE motor comes with a set of spools compatible with most bead chains and cords out there.

MOVE motors use rechargeable NiMH batteries, which can be charged either using a microUSB power adapter or a solar panel. The solar panel doubles as a light sensor, allowing the MOVE system to automatically open or close blinds based on sun conditions. If you have particularly heavy blinds, you might need more torque to operate them. With MOVE’s AC power adapter, you get 50 percent more motor torque, increasing the maximum lift capacity to 6 kg.

The entire system is controlled using an Android app. With the app, you can remotely adjust your blinds, set an automation based on sun conditions, and save specific settings as favorites.

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