Fixing Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 that’s Running Slow

Many Galaxy Tab 2 owners emailed us complaining about their tablet’s performance. Majority of the emails were asking how to speed up their device once again, so I think it would be helpful to publish a short article on how to fix or remedy a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 that’s running very slow.

  1. Reboot your tablet. This is, by far, the most basic troubleshooting step you can do; the device will try to run necessary services during boot up. Do not overlook the importance of this step.
  2. Close apps running in the background. After months of use, you must have acquired a lot of apps on your tablet. You should know that switching between apps does not close the ones you previously used. Instead, they continue running in the background eating up RAM. The more apps running the background, the slower your tablet becomes so you need to close those. Hold the home button so that Recent Apps screen shows up, swipe each app to left or right to close them.
  3. Check memory usage. You need to do this to make sure your device still has available memory to accommodate apps. As mentioned in step 2, there could be a lot of apps or services that are running in the background. If there’s not enough memory left, other apps couldn’t launch while some would eventually force close and would create conflicts to other processes. Clearing up the tablet’s memory is one of the recommended procedures to speed up an Android device. Bring up the Recent Apps screen and tap Task Manager. Look for the RAM tab, and tap Clear Memory.
  4. Uninstall problematic applications. After months of use, you could surely notice that some apps just take time to load especially bigger ones like games. Apps like that need to be maintained by clearing their caches and data from time to time. Moreover, unused apps should be uninstalled to free up some space and correct conflicts if there are any. Just go to Settings, then Application Manager and look for apps you want uninstalled.
  5. Easy on the widgets. If your home screen is full of these little apps, you could experience some lag whenever you press the Home button. While they are light, widgets still eat up memory and if there is a bunch of them running simultaneously, your device’s performance will surely be affected. Therefore, minimize on them. Just use the ones that are important like a calendar, clock or weather widgets.

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4 thoughts on “Fixing Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 that’s Running Slow”

  1. I hv smsng glxy tb 27.0 but tab is running very slow.
    I hv done jo sqb qqpne upar likh rakhi hai lekin mera tab phr bhi
    hang aur bohut slow chalta hai chota game bhj chalane pr hang sa hone lagta haimatlab game atak atak kar chalta hai aur me chahta hoon ki me tab me gaming bhi karun

  2. I connected my Samsung tab 2 to a laptop however the laptop couldn’t pick up the tab. after disconnection, my tab became slower and a constant red like frame flashes on my screen. the laptop doesn’t have a virus and I checked the tab with the anti virus app I have on the tab however nothing was detected.
    what is wrong with my tab and what can I do about it.

  3. If I follow #1 (reboot) why would I have to ever do #2 (kill tasks)????
    (Since everything has already been killed during the reboot.)

  4. Only time i used to find lag on my tab 2 7.0 running android 4.1.2 was when i opened whatsapp after a long time,when many messages are in inbox and i enable wifi and open whatsapp the device then freezes and whatsapp force closes.otherwise on android 4.1.2 there isnt much lag to be found and i have only 2 gb of free space left in the internal memory and if free space is less than 1 gb then my tab 2 becomes very slow.hope all the issues will be sorted with the android 4.2.2 update or any custom rom like cyanogenmod!!!

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