4 Best Prepaid SIM Cards For Peru Travels

Headed out to Peru this year? You’ll likely want to do it in at least the most affordable way possible. That’s why you might want to ditch your carrier for your time abroad, and choose to pick up a prepaid SIM card for the road.

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A prepaid SIM card will almost always be a cheaper experience, but will offer you the best network coverage, too.

So which one do you pick up for your travels in Peru? Follow along below, and we’ll show you a handful of our favorites that will offer you the best coverage while in Peru.

ThreeUK Smart Silver

ThreeUK’s Smart Silver card is one of the best that you can pick up for traveling to Peru. One of the awesome advantages to this card is that it works in most countries in the world.

The UK-based carrier makes this one easy to activate in most unlocked GSM-based phones. Slide the card into your SIM tray, power on your phone, and then it’s immediately activated and ready for use in Peru.

This SIM card lasts up to 30 days after activation. Once that 30 days is up, the SIM card will expire, and there’s no extending it. Additionally, the card gives you 5GB of data to use in Peru; however, if that 30 days is up, the card expires whether you have used the data or not.

Expiration of the card depends on at least two factors — the card expires when you use that 5GB up or that 30 days passes, but it comes down to whichever comes first, again whether you use up your data or not.

ThreeUK’s Smart Silver doesn’t have any outgoing calling or texting abilities, but the card does say that you can at least receive incoming calls and texts.

Get it here.

KeepGo Global Lifetime

The KeepGo Global Lifetime SIM card for your travels in Peru. With your purchase you get a whole 1GB of data to use in the country, but then are charged per 1GB that you use. That can make it a little pricey, but is another way to get data while making your way through Peru.

One of the cool things about this SIM card is that KeepGo is designed be one SIM card that works in every country that you go to. That said, if you plan on hitting up other countries while in South America, this will work in just about every one of them.

Like we mentioned, depending on how much data you use, this can be one of the pricier choices; however, you can keep that bill low by relying heavily on local Wi-Fi spots.

This is a data-only SIM, and will not offer you and incoming or outgoing calling abilities.

Local Carriers

One of the best ways that you can get great coverage while in Peru is by taking advantage of a local SIM card. Relying on local carriers is almost always the best way to go when traveling, offering you the most affordability and best network coverage.

Once you land in Peru, you’ll be able to easily purchase a SIM. They’re available almost everywhere — you can find them right in the airport, at local stand up shops, and a lot of retailers have them available for tourists, too.

One of the cool things about local SIM cards is that the cost is minimal. You’re not usually spending more than $20 US on a SIM for a local carrier.

T-Mobile Postpaid Plans

As we already mentioned, your primary carriers back home can make you rack up quite a bill in international and roaming fees if you use them. However, T-Mobile is trying to change that.

You’ll need to be on a T-Mobile postpaid plan, since they don’t offer discounted international rates on prepaid plans. So you’ll need to be using either T-Mobile ONE or Simple Choice.

Data speeds highly depend on where you’re at in Peru, but they do give you unlimited texts as well. Talk time costs a little bit extra, at $0.25 per minute. You can avoid calling fees entirely if you keep conversation over Facebook Messenger or similar platforms.


As you can see, you have at least four good options for traveling to Peru. Two of your best choices are going to be the ThreeUK Smart Silver SIM card, or by picking up a SIM card from a local carrier.

Local carriers are always better as far as affordability and performance goes. You cannot always buy one of their SIM cards in advance, but like we mentioned, they are available everywhere when you land in Peru — right in the airport, at stand up shops, and more.

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