4 Best Prepaid SIM Cards For Colombia Travels

Colombia might be next up on your vacation or work trip, but you’ll want to make sure that you aren’t racking up a major phone bill fee — after all, fees for roaming and international charges can be out of this world expensive.

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That’s why you’ll want a prepaid SIM card for your trip to Colombia. Prepaid SIM cards offer significantly better performance, and are much more affordable, saving you hundreds if not thousands in data charges. Here are a few of our best prepaid SIM Cards for Colombia travels.

Best Prepaid SIM Cards For Colombia Travels

Prepaid SIM Cards For Colombia Travels

1) ThreeUK Smart Silver

The ThreeUK Smart Silver prepaid SIM card is one of the best that money can buy for traveling outside of Europe and the US — it offers you some excellent coverage in South and Central America, including places like Colombia.

Once you get your SIM, activation is easy. Slide the card into your SIM tray, power on your phone, and then it’s immediately activated and ready for use in Colombia.

ThreeUK’s Smart Silver SIM card only lasts for 30 days upon activation. Once that 30 days is up, the SIM card will expire, and there’s no extending it.

The Smart Silver chip also brings you 5GB of data that you can use while in Colombia. There are no refill options, so once that 5GB is used up, you’ll need to pick up a new SIM from ThreeUK.

Expiration of the card depends on at least two factors — the card expires when you use that 5GB up or that 30 days passes, but it comes down to whichever comes first, whether you use up your data or not.

ThreeUK’s Smart Silver doesn’t have any outgoing calling or texting abilities, but the card does say that you can at least receive incoming calls and texts.

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Prepaid SIM Cards For Colombia Travels

2) KeepGo Global Lifetime

The KeepGo Global Lifetime SIM card for your travels in Colombia. With your purchase you get a whole 1GB of data to use in the country, but then are charged per 1GB that you use. That can make it a little pricey, but is another way to get data while traveling through Colombia.

One of the cool things about this SIM card is that KeepGo is designed be one SIM card that works in every country that you go to. So, if you plan on traveling from country to country on your trip — not just Colombia — KeepGo is one of the few that can keep an active cellular connection running for you.

This is a data-only SIM, and will not offer you and incoming or outgoing calling abilities.

3) Local Carriers

You actually might want to consider picking up your prepaid SIM card from one of the local providers while in Colombia. That’s because you’re almost always going to save the most money, while also getting the fastest and most reliable speeds.

Once you land in Colombia, you’ll be able to easily purchase a SIM. They’re available almost everywhere — you can find them right in the airport, at local stand up shops, and a lot of retailers have them available for tourists, too.

One of the cool things about local SIM cards is that the cost is minimal — you usually aren’t going to pay much at one of these places.

4) T-Mobile Postpaid Plans

Carriers back home can be expensive, but T-Mobile is making waves in the industry, offering you extremely affordable rates while traveling through countries like Colombia.

The downside is that you have to be on a T-Mobile postpaid plan, as these discounted rates aren’t available on prepaid plans. You’ll specifically need to be on a T-Mobile ONE or Simple Choice.

T-Mobile has your back here, offering you data, talk, and text support in well over 200 countries, so long as you’re on one of the aforementioned plans.

Data speeds highly depend on where you’re at in Colombia, but they do give you unlimited texts as well. Talk time costs a little bit extra, at $0.25 per minute, though that can be averted by using Facebook Messenger calls or other social messaging platforms.

Verdict on The Best Prepaid SIM Cards For Colombia Travels

As usual for countries in South or Central America, it’s almost always better if you can find a local SIM card in your destination country, as that will provide you the best experience, and even give you the cheapest rates.

Do you have a favorite SIM card that you like to use while traveling in Colombia? Let us know in the comments section below.

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