4 Best Prepaid SIM Cards For Chile Travels

Planning your next trip to Chile in the next couple weeks or months? You’ll definitely want to pick up a prepaid SIM card before you leave, in order to save money on international and roaming fees that your carrier back home charges.

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Prepaid SIM cards usually provide you with some very affordable rates, as well as better network coverage and speeds while traveling through Chile.

Not sure which SIM cards are the best for your trip through the country? Here are a handful of our favorites.

ThreeUK Smart Silver

The Smart Silver prepaid SIM card from ThreeUK is one of the best SIMs that you can pick up for Chile travels.

ThreeUK makes their Smart Silver card so easy to activate. Just insert the SIM card into your phone’s SIM tray, power the phone back on, and then you’re ready to use it while abroad.

This SIM card lasts up to 30 days after activation. Once that 30 days is up, the SIM card will expire, and there’s no extending it or topping it off. The card does give you 5GB of data to use; however, if that 30 days is up, the card expires whether you have used the data or not.

In a similar way,t he card expires when you use all of your data up, whether or not that 30 days has passed. Ultimately, it comes down to whichever comes first, again whether you use up your data or not.

ThreeUK’s Smart Silver doesn’t have any outgoing calling or texting abilities, but the card does say that you can at least receive incoming calls and texts.

Get it here.

KeepGo Global Lifetime

The KeepGo Global Lifetime SIM card is a decent choice for traveling to Chile. With your purchase of the SIM card, you get a whole 1GB of data to use while abroad, but then are charged per 1GB that you use. That can make it a little pricey, but at least keeps you connected to your friends and family while abroad.

One of the cool things about this SIM card is that KeepGo is designed be one SIM card that works in most countries worldwide. That said, if you plan on hitting up other countries other than Chile while in South America, this will work in just about every one of them.

Depending on how much data you use, this can be one of the pricier choices; however, you can keep that bill low by relying heavily on local Wi-Fi spots.

This is a data-only SIM, and will not offer you and incoming or outgoing calling abilities.

Local Carriers

One of the best ways that you can get great coverage while in Chile is by using a data plan or SIM from a local network provider.

Relying on local carriers is almost always the best way to go when traveling, offering you the most affordability and best network coverage.

Once you land in Chile, you’ll be able to easily purchase a SIM. Like in most countries in South America, SIM cards are available almost everywhere — you can find them right in the airport, at local stand up shops, and so on.

Local SIM cards are super affordable, and generally aren’t going to set you back more than $20 in US dollars.

T-Mobile Postpaid Plans

Many carriers back home have expensive international rates, but tat’s something that T-Mobile is trying to change with their postpaid plans.

You’ll need to be on a T-Mobile postpaid plan, since they don’t offer discounted international rates on prepaid plans. You’ll actually have to be using either T-Mobile ONE or Simple Choice.

Data speeds highly depend on where you’re at in Chile, but they do give you unlimited texts as well. Talk time costs a little bit extra, at $0.25 per minute. However, you can avoid those talk time fees by keeping phone calls over things like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.


As you can see, there are a lot of excellent SIM cards out there for traveling through Chile. The ThreeUK Smart Silver is one of our personal favorites, but one of your best experiences will easily be with either a SIM card from a local carrier, or with T-Mobile’s postpaid international rates.

The Smart Silver is an excellent throwaway card with plenty of data, but T-Mobile’s postpaid plans allow you to use data without any hassle or extra charges. Local SIM cards will almost always perform better than other options, too.

What’s your favorite SIM card for traveling through Chile?

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