3 Best Prepaid SIM Cards For Virgin Islands Travels

Planning your next vacation to the Virgin Islands? This can be such a fun place to take a vacation at, and there’s so much culture and beautiful views to experience. However, making sure that you have data that isn’t going to break the bank while abroad can prove to be difficult.

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Some carriers back home may provide you with the ability to get some data in Virgin Islands, but it can be expensive. Roaming charges on carriers like AT&T and Verizon can be out of this world.

That’s Prepaid SIM cards usually provide you with some very affordable rates, but on top of that, your network coverage is just so much better, often resulting in better data speeds while traveling through Virgin Islands.

Not sure which SIM cards are the best for your trip through your next vacation destination? Here are a handful of our favorites for use in the Virgin Islands.

ThreeUK Smart Silver

First up on our list, we’re looking at the ThreeUK Smart Silver card.

One of the cool things about ThreeUK is that they make their Smart Silver card so easy to activate. Just insert the SIM card into your phone’s SIM tray — your phone does need to be GSM and unlocked — then power the phone back on, and then you’re ready to start using data.

We should note that this SIM card does carry a timer, lasting 30 days after activation. Once that 30 days is up, the SIM card will expire, and there’s no topping off or adding “time.”

Additionally, the SIM card gives you 5GB of data to use once activated; however, if that 30 days is up, the card expires whether you have used the data or not. It’s worth noting that the card will expire by either used up data or used up time, ultimately coming down to whichever happens first.

ThreeUK’s Smart Silver doesn’t have any outgoing calling or texting abilities, but the card does say that you can at least receive incoming calls and texts.

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KeepGo Global Lifetime

The KeepGo Global Lifetime SIM SIM is another excellent choice for travelers. With your purchase, you get a free 1GB of data to use while in the Virgin Islands. Once used up, you are then charged per 1GB that you use.

That can make it a little pricey, but you at least get the added benefit of being able to stay connected with friends and family while still in the Virgin Islands. There is no calling or texting, so you will have to rely on social platforms for that, actually.

This SIM card is nice in particular because there are few like it that have so much international support. So if you have multiple countries on your destination list, the KeepGo should continue to work without interruption.

Depending on how much data you use, this can be one of the pricier choices; however, you can keep that bill low by relying heavily on local Wi-Fi spots.

T-Mobile Postpaid Plans

T-Mobile is an excellent choice for those that are traveling abroad. Unlike most carriers, they actually offer affordable rates for international travel to countries like the Virgin Islands. That’s been their motto ever since they launched their “Un-carrier” marketing initiative.

However, you will need to be on a T-Mobile postpaid plan, since they don’t offer discounted international rates on prepaid plans. You’ll actually have to be using either T-Mobile ONE or Simple Choice.

Data speeds highly depend on where you’re at in Israel, but they do give you unlimited texts as well. Talk time costs a little bit extra, at $0.25 per minute.


Here we’ve shown you the three best ways that you can get affordable data while in the Virgin Islands. The ThreeUK Smart Silver will likely be your best avenue for coverage in the Virgin Islands, but you also might want to keep an eye out on any local SIM cards that might be available when you land.

We personally really like what ThreeUK is offering in the Smart Silver, essentially giving you a no commitment throwaway card. That said, the T-Mboile postpaid plans are some of the best for uninterrupted use, not having to worry about messing around with different SIMs.

What’s your favorite SIM card for traveling in the Virgin Islands

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