3 Best Prepaid SIM Cards For Guatemala Travels

Planning on traveling to Guatemala? You’ll likely want to make sure that you have good service in the nation while you’re away from your home country. After all, carriers back home generally charge you a ton of money for international data.

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That said, you might want to consider a prepaid SIM card for traveling to Guatemala. These SIM cards offer way better performance, and are much more affordable, saving you hundreds if not thousands in data charges. Here are a few of our favorite picks.

ThreeUK Smart Silver

The Smart Silver prepaid SIM card from ThreeUK is one of the best ways that you can go for a SIM card in Guatemala.

One of the pain points of international SIM cards is that they’re not always easy to activate. ThreeUK resolves that by making it easy — just pop the SIM card in your SIM card tray, and it’s immediately ready for use.

It’s worth noting that the SIM card only lasts for 30 days upon activation, which means that — if you have a long trip — you’ll want to wait until you’re in the country to activate to make the most out of the time that you have.

The Smart Silver comes with 5GB of data that you can use while traveling. There are no refill options, so you will need to use it as wisely as possible.

The “con” here is that the Smart Silver card either expires once you use up that 5GB or that 30 days ends, whichever comes first.

ThreeUK’s Smart Silver doesn’t have any outgoing calling or texting abilities, but the card does say that you can at least receive incoming calls and texts.

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Local Carriers

The best way that you’re going to get great cell performance and at affordable rates is by using a local carrier in the area. It’s usually pretty easy to find SIM cards in countries like Guatemala, too.

Once you land, you’ll usually have plenty of opportunity to purchase a SIM from a local carrier. There are all sorts of places, from right in the airport to local stand up shops. You’ll even find them at local retailers.

One of the added bonuses to this process is that you aren’t going to have to pay a whole lot this way — most available carriers in Guatemala aren’t going to charge you more than $10 – $20 for a prepaid SIM.

In almost every case, local carriers are the cheapest way to go. Carriers back home are offering better rates these days, but a local carrier will almost always provide you with the cheaper option, since you’re essentially cutting out the middleman.

T-Mobile Postpaid Plans

Like we mentioned earlier, carriers have some pretty expensive rates, but just one carrier that offers you excellent performance and affordability is T-Mobile.

If you’re on a T-Mobile postpaid plan — specifically T-Mobile ONE or Simple Choice — you have the ability to head over the Guatemala, and continue using your smartphone as normal, but at some extremely discounted rates.

T-Mobile has your back when it comes to data, text, and calling in another country. They actually support well over 200 countries, so long as you’re on one of the aforementioned plans.

They will first and foremost provide you with unlimited data while in the country (though it may not be fast, again largely due to poor infrastructure), as well as unlimited texts. Talk time costs a little bit extra, at $0.25 per minute, though that can be averted by using Facebook Messenger calls or similar platforms.


As usual for countries south of the US, there aren’t many SIM card options that will work in South or Central America. That’s largely due to poor infrastructure; however, that does mean that a SIM card from a local carrier will almost always perform better.

Do you have a favorite SIM card that you like to use while traveling in Guatemala? Let us know in the comments section below.

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