What Does WYM Mean

WYM is a lesser-known acronym, but one that thankfully just shortens words and doesn’t have much of a risk to offend someone. WYM stands for “watch your mouth” – a way to chastise someone who is swearing or otherwise causing a verbal ruckus. It’s a chance to lighten the tone a bit too by throwing someone off-guard with the acronym and then re-assess what’s going on in the conversation.

So, how would you use WYM in a conversation? It’s actually extremely use through text, but doesn’t work well in actual real-life conversation. Here’s how to use it:

  • John: “What the hell, Alex? Why are you so late?”
  • Alex: “WYM, John. Be there in a min.”

Again, super easy to use in text conversation, and a quick and easy way to try and lighten the conversational tone.

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