Walmart Considering Launching a Subscription Service Called Walmart+ to Take on Amazon Prime

  • A new report mentions that retail giant Walmart is looking to introduce a new subscription-based service to rival Amazon Prime.
  • This service will reportedly be known as Walmart+ and is expected to be tested before rolling out to the consumers.
  • Walmart may offer additional perks and benefits to users of Walmart+ over the long term.

Walmart is one of the biggest retail chains in the U.S., but with the emergence of Amazon in the retail space, Walmart has been forced to think outside the box. However, a new report by Recode suggests that the company may just follow Amazon’s example by launching its own subscription service like Prime, known as Walmart+. It is said that this won’t be any different than Walmart’s current Delivery Unlimited service which offers same-day delivery and pick-up on groceries from a wide range of eligible stores.

While Delivery Unlimited is priced at $98 per year, the report mentions that the pricing for Walmart+ may fluctuate based on the results of the testing they’re conducting. It is said that Walmart is also looking to provide more perks to its customers in due time, and one of the ways that Walmart could do this is by offering the ability to pay for groceries in its stores without having to wait at the cashier’s counter.

Walmart is expected to test the feasibility of all these features before eventually rolling out Walmart+. The idea behind testing most of these features before the rollout is that they help with understanding what kind of perks and benefits users will be receptive to.

While Walmart may be lagging behind in other departments, it has recently shown strong growth in the grocery business. It is no wonder then that Amazon is pushing aggressively to match one of its biggest competitors in the business. While Walmart+ may seem DoA to many, this may have an impact on how Amazon looks at its Prime offering. The company may well decide to revamp its existing subscription by providing more freebies to Prime users.

What do you think about Walmart+?

Source: Recode

Via: Engadget

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