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From time to time, gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch usually provide system updates to improve the features available and fix known issues. Unlike the PlayStation or Xbox controllers though, the hybrid gaming console Joy-Cons require updates too. In this post, we will provide how you can easily update each Joy-Con controller of your Nintendo Switch if you happen to own one recently.

Requirements to Update Nintendo Switch Controller

To update the Nintendo Joy cons, you need to ensure that the following requirements are checked.

How to Update Nintendo Joy Con Controllers

Estimate Cost : 0

Time Needed : 4 minutes

Once the above requirements have been checked and the latest system update has already been installed, then you can begin updating the Nintendo controllers. You can update controllers regardless if it is attached or wirelessly connected to the new Nintendo Switch. Here’s the complete steps:

  1. Open the Nintendo Home menu.

    home screen 3
    It is where you can usually find your applications and other menus.

  2. Select System Settings found at the bottom of the screen.

    System Settings
    It’s the icon that looks like a cogwheel.

  3. Under System Settings, scroll down the sidebar on the left and select Controllers and Sensors.

    Nintendo Switch Controllers and sensors
    This will allow you to change the settings for the Joy Cons.

  4. On the right pane of the screen, scroll down and select Update Controllers.

    Update Nintendo Switch Controller
    The Switch will scan both the left and the right Joy con to make the necessary update.

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Take note that it will take a few minutes to update each Joy con controller. Once the Nintendo controller is already updated, the message “Update complete“ will show on the screen. However, if the Joy con is already updated, then the message “All controllers are already up-to-date.” will appear instead.

If you have more than two Joy cons paired on your console, make sure that you update those as well for it to function properly. The steps provided are also applicable to update each Joy con of a new Switch Lite.

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