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Are you having a problem playing Roblox because of error code 517? In this troubleshooting guide, we lay out the reasons why this error occurs and how to effective fix it on any device.

What does error code 517 on Roblox mean?

If you’re getting the 517 error on Roblox, it’s likely an indicator of an on-going connection problem. The error effectively disconnects you from the game so you have no choice but to leave.

error code 517

Roblox error 517 can come up with at least two known accompanying messages:

  • “This game is currently unavailable. Please try again later. (Error Code: 517). 
  • “This game has ended. (Error Code: 517).

What are the causes for error code 517 on Roblox?

There are a number of reasons for error code 517. Let’s check each of them below.

Server issues. 

Most cases of 517 error in Roblox are due to server problems. Either the server was disconnected while you’re in the middle of a game, or that you are unsuccessful in trying to join a game.

Local network keeps disconnecting.

For others, the cause of the problem is not server-related but is actually their home internet connection. There are a handful of situations wherein your home internet stops working. 

In some cases, the router may simply stop responding while in others, ISP problems can result to slow or intermittent internet connection.

Trying to connect to the game after being kicked.

If Roblox was working normally before you start getting the error, it’s possible that you’ve been kicked from the server. If the disconnection was due to a glitch, you’ll most likely succeed in reconnecting but if not, the host may have booted you out.

Corrupted game files.

Game files can sometimes go bad after a system update or when something messes up with them. At times, malware or viruses can damage game files too. 

In some remote cases, files may be changed by third party applications. 

Random game bugs.

No game is perfect and sometimes, bugs may simply materialize out of nowhere. If you did not change anything in your PC like add or install a new program or update anything, it’s possible that the cause of your problem is likely caused by a random error.

How to fix Roblox 517 error?

Below is a list of solutions that you can try if you can’t play and your PC keeps showing the Roblox error code 517.

Verify server status.

Because Roblox 517 error is usually server-related, the first thing that you want to do is check the server status of the game.

Visit the official Roblox website to get firsthand information:

Restart Roblox game.

If there’s no known server issue at this time, the next good thing that you can try is to refresh the game. Sometimes, this is all it takes to fix a problem. 

Troubleshoot your home internet.

After doing the basics, it’s now time that you perform certain network troubleshooting on your end. 

Power cycle the router.

router 1

First, you want to power cycle your router. To do this, you need to turn the router off, unplug it from the power source, and wait for 30 seconds. Then, after the stated time has passed, connect everything back and let the router boot up normally. Once the connection has been restored, try playing the game again to see if it’s now working.

Check for slow or intermittent connection problems

If rebooting of your router won’t change anything, the next troubleshooting step is to see whether or not your internet connection is slow, or if it’s cutting off. Either of these situations can affect the performance of the game so unless they are eliminated from your network entirely, the error will most likely return.

Check your network load.

Too many devices using your home internet at the same time can put a strain on your connection’s bandwidth. This means that the reason why you may be getting the Roblox error 517 on your device is due to lack of bandwidth while you’re playing. 

To check if that’s the case, try to disconnect all devices from your network except the one you’re using right now. If game performance improves and Roblox works normally, you may be dealing with a possible low bandwidth issue.

To prevent the error from occuring in the future, you might want to disconnect devices that consumes a lot bandwidth while you’re online. 

Some of the online activities that can drain your bandwidth includes streaming HD movies and music, downloading large files, and consoles playing online games.

Reset your web browser.

If you play Roblox on a web browser such as Google Chrome, consider restarting the browser to see if that will clear the problem. 

Reset Google Chrome 1

You can also try to check if the error would disappear if you reset the browser

Check if your account has been banned.

For some, the main reason for this type of error is not connectivity related but rather due an account ban. To check if you have an issue with the account you’re using, try logging in on another device. If the same account encounters the same error on a second device, you may need to contact the game developer to confirm whether or not your account has been banned.

At other times, a server ban may be put in place. In this situation, you should still be able to play the game by using a different server.

Reinstall Roblox.

In order to deal with possible corrupted game files, you should consider deleting and reinstalling Roblox. This is usually an effective way to fix Roblox error such 517. 

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