5 Best Android Game Controllers In 2020

If you play games at all with your Android smartphone, you might want to consider picking yourself up an Android Game Controller. One of the frustrating things about games and Android is that touch controls make things awkward and difficult. Some games are made for touch controls — for example, touch controls work just fine

5 Best USB Headphones In 2020

While wireless headsets are great and functional, sometimes the USB ones are even better. They don’t require charging, so you’ll never need to lay in bed at night wondering if you remembered to put it on the charger. So whether you’re a gamer, a music listener, or a Netflix die-hard, today we’re sharing the 5

Razer Junglecat

Razer Unveils Junglecat Android Gaming Controller

Razer has just taken the wraps off its latest Bluetooth Android gaming controller known as Junglecat. This is a modular controller that allows you to adjust the shape as you see fit. The retail packaging of this product also includes three custom-fit smartphone cases for the Razer Phone 2, Huawei P30 Pro, and Samsung Galaxy

5 Best Gaming Earbuds In 2020

One thing that’s important for gaming is what you’re using for your headset. It’s especially important if you’re on Android playing multiplayer games, and need to communicate with your team for the strategy you’re approaching. Unfortunately, on Android devices, you don’t need a full-size headset. In fact, they look a little awkward when you’re just

5 Best Bluetooth Gaming Headphones In 2020

Little do many people know, a headset specifically designed for gamers can truly take your gaming experience to a whole new level. A good headset is going to be comfortable, it’s going to have a quality microphone, and most importantly, the sound is going to be out of this world. If you can find something