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5 Best Android Game Controllers In 2019

If you play games at all with your Android smartphone, you might want to considering picking yourself up a Android Game Controller. One of the frustrating things about games and Android is that touch controls make things awkward and difficult. Some games are made for touch controls — for example, touch controls work just fine with card games, but make things more difficult to manage when you’re playing, say, a first-person shooter. You really do need a controller for something like that.

SteelSeriesSteelSeries Stratus XL, Bluetooth Wireless Gaming ControllerBuy on Amazon|$37.67(Price as of 02/16/2019 08:30 ET)
PYRUSMobile Game Controller, PYRUS Telescopic Wireless Game ControllersCheck Price on Amazon
PowerAPowerA MOGA Hero Power - Electronic GamesBuy on Amazon|$27.99(Price as of 02/16/2019 08:30 ET)
8Bitdo8Bitdo Zero Wireless Gamepad ControllerBuy on Amazon|$16.99(Price as of 02/16/2019 08:31 ET)
RazerRazer Serval - Mobile Gaming ControllerCheck Price on Amazon

* Links in this table contain affiliate links, which means at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through the link and make a purchase. Thank you for your support. For more details, please visit our Privacy policy page.

So, if you want to improve your Android gaming experience, you need a controller. But, which controller should you pick up? Follow along below, and we’ll show you our top 5 favorites.

Moga Hero Power

First up, we have the Moga Hero Power. Moga controllers have been around a long time and have always offered excellent performance and control in games for Android. One of the nice things about this controller is that it is a full-size controller with a great ergonomic design — this means that you could be playing games for hours without hurting your hands.

It has a typical dual-analog layout. You have your two joysticks at the bottom of the controller, your buttons to the right, and then your arrow keypad to the left. You have your triggers up top as well. So, there’s nothing really unique here, but it is functional. The best part of this controller is its 2,200mAh battery, which can keep you gaming for hours on end. Check it out for yourself below.

Buy it now: Amazon

Pyrus Telescopic

Next, we have the Pyrus Telescopic controller. This is a fairly unique controller in that it takes on a Nintendo Switch-esque feel. This controller comes in two total pieces — the left side of it hooks to the left side of your phone, and right side of it hooks to the right side. You get all of your traditional controller buttons, but they’re placed a little differently. It has a fairly small battery at just 350mAh, but it should last you about six hours of game time.

Buy it now: Amazon

8Bitdo Zero

Want to return to the days of the old SNES? Then you might want to consider the 8Bitdo Zero for your next controller. With it, you get a neat retro style to it, but this controller certainly isn’t for everyone. It’s small, and there’s only a few buttons on it. Really, the 8Bitdo Zero is the perfect controller for Android arcade games, but that’s about it. You won’t get a whole lot of advantage out of this controller with a full blown first-person shooter. The controller has a low profile, and it might seem like it has a small 180mAh battery, but this little controller can last up to 18 hours off of a single charge.

Buy it now: Amazon

SteelSeries Stratus XL

The SteelSeries Stratus XL is another traditional controller that you might want to consider. This is a large full-size controller that is bigger than the other devices in the Stratus line, thus the XL tag. It’s your standard console controller, so it should mesh well with most Android games that make touch controls a little awkward. This controller is actually very similar to the Xbox One wireless controller, as far as joystick and button placement goes.

One downside is that this controller doesn’t have a built-in mount for your phone. That said, you’ll have to find a way to prop up your phone while using the controller. As far as power goes, this controller takes two AA batteries that should last 40 hours off of a single charge. You can use disposable or rechargeable AA batteries.

Buy it now: Amazon

Razer Serval

Last up, we have the Razer Serval controller. Made by iconic game accessory company Razer, you know this controller is going to be good. Not only does the Serval have an amazing design, but it takes on that comfortable Xbox feel with the joystick at the top left of the controller and then the bottom right. It has a super similar button layout, but it does come with a stand for you to hold your smartphone in place while using the controller.

It can take two AA batteries (rechargeables do not come with the controller) and can actually remember up to four user configurations. Check it out for yourself below.

Buy it now: Amazon


So, which controller should you pick up for your Android phone? We recommend going with either the Razer Serval or the SteelSeries Stratus XL. Both are made by reputable companies who constantly produce reliable and quality products. If you are on a budget, picking up a Moga Hero Power isn’t a bad option either.

SteelSeriesSteelSeries Stratus XL, Bluetooth Wireless Gaming ControllerBuy on Amazon|$37.67(Price as of 02/16/2019 08:30 ET)
PYRUSMobile Game Controller, PYRUS Telescopic Wireless Game ControllersCheck Price on Amazon
PowerAPowerA MOGA Hero Power - Electronic GamesBuy on Amazon|$27.99(Price as of 02/16/2019 08:30 ET)
8Bitdo8Bitdo Zero Wireless Gamepad ControllerBuy on Amazon|$16.99(Price as of 02/16/2019 08:31 ET)
RazerRazer Serval - Mobile Gaming ControllerCheck Price on Amazon

* Links in this table contain affiliate links, which means at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through the link and make a purchase. Thank you for your support. For more details, please visit our Privacy policy page.

5 Best USB Headphones In 2019

While wireless headsets are great and functional, sometimes the USB ones are even better. They don’t require charging, so you’ll never need to lay in bed at night wondering if you remembered to put it on the charger. So whether you’re a gamer, a music listener, or a Netflix die-hard, today we’re sharing the 5 best USB headphones.

Best USB Headsets

HyperX Cloud Revolver S

While the Cloud Revolver S by HyperX is definitely one of the pricier USB headphones on this list, it’s a fantastic headset if your budget fits. The headset itself is made of a durable steel that’s built to last for the long haul. The ear muffs are made of memory foam, encased in a rich leather fabric, ensuring that these mold to the shape of your ear for a perfect fit every time.

You’re going to love the crystal clear sound that emits from the Cloud Revolver S. The sound software creates the perfect balance of sounds and music that are supposed to be received at different levels, making an ultimate experience for gamers. But don’t be fooled, this headset isn’t just for gamers. Even if you’re just looking for a headset to use for listening to music, you’ll feel as if you’re at the concert itself.

Buy it now: Amazon

MPow 071

Not only does this headset from MPow weigh  significantly less than a lot of your big, heavy duty headsets, but the price is also significantly less, too. If you’re looking for something lightweight or just something that’s light on the pocketbook, this is going to be a great option for you.

This MPow headset is available in 4 colors: black, white, silver, and blue. It also is not exclusively a headphone set, but also includes a microphone which is great for Skype calls or gaming. An adjustable headband will allow you to drop the earphones down to a comfortable level, ensuring that you get the most out of this great headset.

Buy it now: Amazon

Razer Electra

Razer is one of the leading brands in gaming technology, and with good reason. Affordably priced, this headset won’t disappoint any gamer out there looking for a new way to listen and communicate with friends. It’s extremely easy to adjust the volume or change controls, and the design is both sleek and comfortable.

Another neat thing about this headset is that the mic is detachable. So perhaps you don’t plan on ever using it, or you just  don’t want to utilize it currently, you can easily detach it with no hassle. This headset also makes use of Razer’s very own sound software, which is designed to help you adjust the sound exactly to your liking, so that no sound seems annoying or like it could be better. This will create crisp, clear, accurate sound that you’re going to love.

Buy it now: Amazon

Logitech USB Headset

Maybe you’re looking for a pair of USB headphones but you aren’t a gamer, and you definitely don’t want to drop nearly $200 on them, since you just need them for music and the occasional Netflix episode. That’s where these ones from Logitech come in. This product is lightweight, and the cost is cheap without sacrificing in quality.

On the cord, you’ll be able to control the volume (including the mute button) of the headset. Both the headphones and the headband are padded for maximum comfort, and the microphone frequency response is 100 Hz – 10 kHz, designed to cancel outside noises that could potentially interrupt your talk time.

Buy it now: Amazon

Sades SA902 7.1

These headphones by Sades are different from the others on this list. While the sound quality is really great, it’s the design here that’s truly unrivaled. This headset has LED lights on both sides that are designed to mimic the look of a firey glow, which looks awesome.

The microphone on this is foldable, so whenever it’s not in use, you can easily get it out of the way. And even though these do seem a bit on the heavier side in the picture, they’re truly lightweight and padded all around for the perfect comfort, even after hours of wear. You’re going to love how great this looks, how functional it is for everyday use, and how top notch it is in quality.

Buy it now: Amazon


No matter what type of USB headset you’re in the market for, this list has it all and we’re pretty sure you won’t be disappointed. Which one of these is your favorite? Be sure to tell us in the comments section!

Best USB Headsets

5 Best Gaming Earbuds In 2019

One thing that’s important for gaming is what you’re using for your headset. It’s especially important if you’re on Android playing multiplayer games, and need to communicate with your team for the strategy you’re approaching. Unfortunately, on Android devices, you don’t need a full-size headset. In fact, they look a little awkward when you’re just playing on a phone or tablet. Gaming earbuds look a lot more natural, and they’re easier to hit the road with, as they take up little to no space.

Best Gaming Earbuds

You might be surprised, but gaming earbuds sound phenomenal as well, sometimes better than a lot of headphones. However, with as many good ones as there are out there, there are even more horrible quality ones. That’s why we’ve put together this list, to show you some of the best you can get on the market. Here are our five favorite gaming earbuds.

Turtle Beach Call of Duty Earbuds

If you haven’t heard of Turtle Beach before, you’re probably living under a rock. They are a giant in the industry of providing gaming-style peripherals to gamers. One of the peripherals that they do extremely well with are their audio products, and their earbuds are no different. These earbuds by Turtle Beach are themed off of Call of Duty: Black Ops II, so they have a sleek and stealth-y appearance to them. They have a noise isolating design, so you’ll be able to block out all of the outside ambient noises with these earbuds, giving you more focus on your game. Not only that, but these earbuds sound phenomenal, which is why we have them first on our list.

Buy it now: Amazon

ISURUS Pro Earbuds

The ISURUS Pro earbuds are a great choice for gamers. They sound excellent — you’ll be able to hear your games with crisp and clear audio quality, as well as sharp dialog. One of the unique aspects of these earbuds is that they are the world’s first for featuring a detachable microphone up near the earbud. You have an in-line remote for controlling volume, and these earbuds have a flat-cable style to reduce tangling in the pocket. It’s worth noting that, if you detach the microphone, there’s also a mic within the in-line remote, so you’ll still be able to use a microphone, even if the dedicated mic isn’t attached to the earbud.

Buy it now: Amazon

Razer Hammerhead Pro V2

Razer is another massive company known for providing all sorts of gaming peripherals and hardware to consumers. They’re most known for their computer mice and keyboards, but they also do a solid job with their headphones and earbuds. The Hammerhead Pro V2 will make your games sound great, and will be a huge upgrade over the stock speakers in your phone. There’s a flat cable design to reduce tangling and increase toughness. This even comes with a carrying case as well as a bunch of different inserts so you can make the Hammerhead’s fit your ear type better.

Buy it now: Amazon

GranVela V1S

The GranVela V1S is a sleek looking pair of earbuds, taking on a really neat red and black dual-tone design. The earbuds are just a little larger to accommodate better sound drivers, but as a result, you’ll get some of the best audio experiences out of gaming with these earbuds. With noise isolating technology, you’ll be able to tune out all of the outside ambient noise and focus more on the games you’re playing. The GranVela V1S even comes with an adapter so in addition to using them for your phone, you can use them on almost any PC as well.

Buy it now: Amazon

PlayStation Vita In-Ear Headset

Last, but not least, we have Sony’s own PlayStation Vita style in-ear earbuds. Sound out of these earbuds are phenomenal, as you might expect. You get great noise isolation, and these earbuds can even turn up quite loud for some of the quieter games (or for dialog scenes). One of the most notable features is the high quality in-line microphone, providing you with crystal clear communication abilities. These headphones are right up there with Razer and Turtle Beach on a quality scale, that’s for sure.

Buy it now: Amazon


As you can see, there are a lot of great gaming earbuds out there. That said, it can be difficult to pick just one of them. If you’ve got cash to spend, we recommend picking up the Razer Hammerhead Pro V2 earbuds — you’ll get the best experience out of these, backed by great customer support. Both the Turtle Beach and Sony PlayStation earbuds are great options, too.

Best Gaming Earbuds

5 Best Bluetooth Gaming Headphones In 2019

Little do many people know, a headset specifically designed for gamers can truly take your gaming experience to a whole new level. A good headset is going to be comfortable, it’s going to have a quality microphone, and most importantly, the sound is going to be out of this world. If you can find something with all of those components, we can promise you’ll never go back to gaming sans-headset again.

Best Bluetooth Gaming Headphones

So today, we’re sharing with you our top 5 picks that hit the nail on the head. Each of these headsets touch on every mark: comfort, quality mic, and quality sound. Some are new, some have been around for a bit, but there’s something for every gamer and every price range. Here’s the 5 best gaming headsets.

Razer Kraken 7.1

This particular headset created by Razer was made with you in mind. But they’ve not just mindlessly made something to fill the shelves. They want everyone to know that they’re gamers, too, and so the Razer Kraken was made with plenty of thought and care. The Kraken is a headset with a ton of support behind it, because if you’re using it everyday, they’re using it, too. And that says a lot about a product.

Another thing you’re going to love is the surround sound. With this headset, you don’t just feel as if you’re playing the game. You feel as if you’re IN the game. Sounds effects and music will seem so near, and outside noises will be cancelled out by the fantastic padded, protective ear muffs.

Buy it now: Amazon

Onikuma Gaming Headset

Not only does this headset by Onikuma look awesome with blue LED light glow features, but it’s also a great compromise if you don’t have a whole lot of money to spend. It’s not extremely cheap, but it’s also not over the top pricey, so you’re actually getting a really good quality headset, for less.

This amazing headset utilizes some of the latest surround sound technology to being you a gaming experience that goes beyond the surface. On top of that, the cord is surrounded with a tightly knit material designed to preserve the cord life and keep it from becoming tangled or damaged.

Buy it now: Amazon

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless

We’ll just come out and say it: this is an expensive headset. However, if you have the budget for it, we just can’t recommend it enough. This is the headset that is going to take you to levels of the gaming experience that you’ve never been before. This headset provides 2.4G of entirely lossless audio, for the most clear sound you’ve always wanted.

Because this amazing, wireless headset comes with 2 batteries, you can always have one on the charging station while you’re using the other with your headset. The microphone is also something you’re going to love. It’s specially designed to emit quality sound, but it’s the noise cancelling technology that really takes the cake here. Whether you have kids, pets, or loud roommates, your online team won’t even know they’re there.

Buy it now: Amazon

TBI Robot Pro Gaming Headset

This is a headset that’s just recently been updated and released, and you’re going to love both the look and feel of it. The ear muffs are made of 10 key components, all there to ensure you have the best headset experience possible. From breathable ear pads to magnets and stunning LED lights, this is going to make a great gift for any gamer in your life.

Another neat feature is how the mic works. Are you prone to forget to mute your mic when needed? This particular microphone was created to solve that problem. It will pick up when you’re speaking to your fellow gamers, and automatically mute when you’re not, although there is a manual mute button on the cord as well.

Buy it now: Amazon

Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset

One of the leading names in technology accessories is Logitech. They’ve yet to create a product unworthy of their great reputation, and this headset is no different. With a unique, square-ear design, these headphones are built with the durability to last a long time.

The stereo sound will take you deep into the world of your game, and block outside noises from interrupting the most intense of gameplay. It also has an adjustable boom mic, so your friends can hear and take your orders loud and clear.

Buy it now: Amazon


Any of the headsets listed here today are going to be fantastic for the casual or the hard core gamer. Fit for all of your raiding and first-person shooter games, these won’t disappoint. Which one is your favorite? Be sure to tell us in the comments!

Best Bluetooth Gaming Headphones

Razer mentions it has not given up on its Android TV and Forge devices

Razer Forge TV

Razer Forge TV

#Razer is a renowned gaming devices manufacturer and is known more prominently in the Android community since the release of the #ForgeTV console last year. This #AndroidTV console is currently not available on the #GoogleStore, which gave rise to suspicion that the device might have reached end of life status.

However, Razer has now mentioned that it’s not the case and that it will look to ramp up production to meet the demand accordingly. The company also mentioned that it will focus on bringing more games to its library, be it indie or AAA. So it’s quite evident that Razer is not giving up on its Android TV ambitions just yet, which is very good news for Android fans.

The Android TV market is yet to pick up pace with devices like the NVIDIA Shield TV and the Nexus Player being some of the only devices in the market. But Google hopes to add more manufacturers and partners to the list in the months to come.

Via: Engadget

Razer Serval Bluetooth gaming controller now available from the Google Store for $79

Razer Serval

Razer Serval

Razer’s Serval Bluetooth controller has been around for quite some time now. The manufacturer has now started selling the accessory through the Google Store with an asking price of just $79. This is a wireless controller, so you can just as easily hook it up to your Android TV based console and enjoy prolonged gaming sessions without much hassle.

The Google Store listing also comes with free shipping, which makes it a very good deal. Although the pricing isn’t any different here compared to other retailers, this might be ideally suited for someone who is also getting an Android TV based console like the Nexus Player from the Google Store.

Razer’s Forge TV bundle comes with the very same controller in the box, but you can get an additional one through the listing here if necessary. It requires devices running on at least Android 4.2 and up to function, which essentially means that a wide range of customers are covered here.

Head over to the link below if you’re interested in getting the Bluetooth powered gaming controller for your device.

Source: Google Store

Via: Android Central

Razer Forge TV bundle now available on the Google Store for $149

Razer Forge TV

Razer Forge TV

The Razer Forge TV was one of the first Android TV consoles to be unveiled in mid-2014, even before Google showed off the Nexus Player. This console has been available for a few months from a variety of online retail outlets for a very reasonable price and has now made its way to the Google Store as well.

This was always on the cards as the Forge TV is an official Android TV product, so Google could benefit on the whole with the success of consoles such as this. The day shouldn’t be far away when NVIDIA’s Shield console makes its way to the Google Store as well.

The pricing of the Razer Forge TV is the same as on other retail outlets, so you’ll still be paying $149.99 for the console along with the wireless gaming controller. The Forge TV is a decent alternative to the Nexus Player which costs about $110 along with the controller.

If you’re looking for a vastly superior gaming experience however, the NVIDIA Shield console is your only option which is priced at $199.99 and can be snatched up through retail outlets like Amazon, Best Buy or NVIDIA’s own online store.

Hit the link below to check out the Forge TV.

Source: Google Store

Via: Droid Gamers

You can now pre-order the Forge TV bundle directly from Razer

Razer Forge TV

Razer Forge TV

Razer’s Forge TV console can now be yours for just $99.99. The console is up for pre-order from Razer’s official site, while the Serval controller bundle will set you back by an additional $49.99. You can get both options along with free shipping from Razer, with units expected to start shipping by April 28, so you should have it by early next week if you pre-order now.

If you’re looking to buy the Serval controller separately, it will set you back by $80 each, so it’s probably wiser to get the bundle along with the Forge TV which will save you $30 on the asking price. Razer hasn’t shared pricing details of the accompanying mouse and keyboard combo yet, but we expect to have more word on that over the coming weeks.

While the Razer Forge TV had practically no competition until a few months ago, NVIDIA’s new Shield Android TV console has changed things somewhat. But Razer still has an advantage as far as the pricing is concerned with the NVIDIA offering priced at $200 (controller included).

Are you interested in getting the Razer Forge TV for your living room? Make sure you head over to the link below for more details.

Source: Razer

Via: Android Police

Android TV based Razer Forge TV bundle up for pre-order at $150

Razer Forge TV

Razer Forge TV

Razer announced its intentions to launch an Android TV console back last year. The Forge TV, as this is known, is yet to hit the markets though. But that’s likely to change if an Amazon listing is any indication. The renowned gaming accessories maker is reportedly taking pre-orders of the Forge TV console along with the company’s Serval wireless controller for just $149.99.

This when compared to Google’s Nexus Player + ASUS Wireless controller combo is a premium of just $10, but it’s well worth it given the quality of Razer’s gamepad and the hardware on board the Forge TV. The Amazon pre-order listing mentions that the device will ship out to the customers starting the 1st of May, so users won’t have to wait much longer.

The Forge TV will go up against the Nexus Player as well as the recently announced NVIDIA Shield console which boasts of a far superior hardware and a free local game streaming service, all for just $200. NVIDIA’s offering is also expected to hit the markets sometime next month, although the release date isn’t set in stone.

Interested in snatching up the Forge TV bundle? Head over to the link below.

Source: Amazon

Via: Talk Android

Razer holding 50% off sale on all products

Razer Forge TV

Razer Forge TV

After the numerous accolades Razer received for its Forge TV console at the CES, the company is now holding a 50% off sale on its website across a wide section of products such as headsets, speakers and other gaming related accessories. Razer PCs can be had with a 30% discount during this promo.

The deal will officially begin at 9PM today (Eastern Time) and will last until 8:59PM ET on the 13th of January (tomorrow). So if you don’t see the promotion live on your browser yet, it’s because you have to wait a few more hours.

In its Facebook post, the company mentions that it has won the highest tech accolade for the fifth year in a row, which is enough reason for a celebration really. They are also mindful that this might have a massive strain on the servers, so not all users might be lucky. In order to avail benefits of this promo, you will have to be a member of the Razer Insider message board coupled with a Razer ID.

Source: Razer – Facebook

Via: Android Central

CES 2015 recap: All the new Android-compatible wearables launched in Vegas

It’s over. It’s really, really over. The Consumer Electronics Show effectively wrapped up a couple of days back, even though certain exhibitors will continue to, well, exhibit their spanking new products until Friday, hoping for a last-minute publicity boost.

Best of CES 2015

The bad news? A similar onslaught of sizzling hot fresh Android gear isn’t set to go down again for the next couple of months or so, when everyone from HTC to Sony, LG and perhaps even Samsung are expected to take Barcelona, Spain by storm for the Mobile World Congress.

The good news? As long as you know where to look, and are wise enough to disregard natural born haters, you have quite a lot to take in from Las Vegas. Almost enough to keep you busy until March 2.

Granted, not much happened on the high-end smartphone front, and tablets in general have hit a major slump. But piles of unusually capable budget handhelds and oodles of rudimentary yet solid and affordable fitness trackers saved face for mobile at CES, shining nearly as bright as Intel Broadwell-powered laptops and convertibles.


In the following lines, we’ll try our best to round up all the Android-supporting wearables introduced in Vegas the past few days. Since everyone and their mother had something to showcase in the niche though, we’re afraid we had to handpick the most promising dozen or so new gizmos. And yes, we stuck to conventional activity trackers and smartwatches, ignoring the nutty smart insoles, mouth guards, light bulbs and so on and so forth. Call us conservatory or uptight, but those things are a little too eccentric in our book.

Stainless steel Sony SmartWatch 3

It’s weird, but amid all the new announcements at CES, the wearable that caught our eye the most was a rehashed take on a classic. That said, you really have to wonder why Sony didn’t go the metal route earlier to bring out the very best in the near-flawless SmartWatch 3.

Sony SmartWatch 3 steel

Available for $236 on Amazon in a standard, basic, silicon band-strapped flavor, the timepiece is unlikely to be cheap in the premium steel finish. But boy, is it sexy, and jam-packed with sensors, GPS included, plus Android Wear-running.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch

A stylish, retro-evocative, round-faced gadget with lengthy battery life, all the typical functionality found on a complex smartwatch, and priced at $100 less than Motorola’s Moto 360? Where do we sign up?


Not so fast, grasshoppers, as Alcatel’s rookie effort in the increasingly competitive market segment snubs Android Wear in favor of a proprietary, thus far unproven OS. The “rookie” part should put you on the alert as well, with build quality a potential worry. All in all though, for $150, it’s probably worth the risk.  

Lenovo Vibe Band

Extreme affordability is what this basic activity tracker has going for it too, plus mind-blowing autonomy, courtesy of a deliciously frugal E Ink display with 296 x 128 pixels resolution. Seven days is six days more than what most smartwatches around can last between charges, and being able to charge just $90 for the privilege is an amazing feat on Lenovo’s part.


The fundamental downside? To our knowledge, the Vibe Band is unlikely to ever set foot on American soil, with wide European availability also a stretch.

Garmin Vivoactive, Vivofit 2, Fenix 3 and Epix

My oh my, did this once navigation-focused titan take CES seriously. As does Garmin seem to take the wearable landscape as a whole, with more products rolled out in the niche recently than I can count on the fingers of one hand.

Garmin watches

Though it’s hard, if we were to pick a standout performer from Garmin’s CES 2015 quartet, we’d probably go with the Vivoactive. Priced at $250, this is billed as the ultimate low-cost smartwatch for athletes, and fits the description beautifully.

Don’t get us wrong, the Fenix 3 is in many ways superior to the Vivoactive. But it’s also $500. Meanwhile, the Epix is aimed at extreme outdoors enthusiasts, and the Vivofit 2 is budget-friendly, at $130, and mighty elegant… for the price range.

Razer Nabu X

One word number. 50. As in, $50. The rest almost doesn’t count, and the minimalistic, straightforward design, as well as the long-lasting battery (five to seven days) just make the deal that much sweeter.


And in case you’re wondering, no, there’s no screen in sight, and the number of sensors is skimpy, to say the least. But it’s 50 frigging bucks.

Withings Activité Pop

Never heard of Withings? You don’t know what you’re missing out on. Case in point, a $150 full-featured fitness tracker in smartwatch clothing. Smooth, round, metallic, premium clothing, that is, with playful color added in the mix upon request, and, get this, 8 month+ autonomy.


Of course, that raises the problem of spending extra on spare batteries, but how cool is it to forget about charging cables, docks or whatnot, and still get detailed athletics stats, water resistance and sleep monitoring?

Unfortunately, Android compatibility isn’t offered yet, albeit it should be on the way in a matter of a few months, maybe weeks. The sooner, the better, Withings.

Omate Roma and Racer

Not familiar with Omate either? Maybe you should look around Amazon, and closely explore the $128 X smartwatch, or the $210 3G-capable TrueSmart. Yes, this start-up is beginning to shine, and become one of the greats, with a new $99 Racer targeting unfussy sports addicts, and the pricier Roma going after, well, men.


Men who still love the feel of leather against their skin, and the look of a classical, “conventional” watch. With a number of contemporary upgrades and improvements, full Android support for notification displaying included.

Misfit Swarovski Shine

Ladies, this one goes out to you in a big way. Essentially a jewel-adorned sibling of the standard $75 Shine, the Swarovski line looks exquisite as a watch, necklace or small clip attached to your clothing, breaking new ground in alternative battery-powering techniques with solar charging.


You’d think a charming, cutting-edge ensemble of that nature would force you to break the bank, but amazingly, Misfit plans to price the Swarovski Shine at between $170 and $250, depending on specific capabilities and some add-ons. Wow!

Polar A300

Polar’s back, and this time, it’s showing off a lower-end variant of the omnipotent $315 and up V800 GPS sports watch. GPS support is now missing, and by the looks of it, certain build quality compromises were obligatory.

Polar A300

But at $140, with 24/7 activity tracking, advanced sleep monitoring and convenient health guidance, the A300 is a must-buy for anyone that’s not overly attached to Android Wear or just doesn’t dig “real”, beefy smartwatches in general.

Magellan Echo Fit

This company we’ll admit to not knowing it very well beforehand, but after proper vetting, Magellan checks out. Their OG Echo is vastly praised on Amazon, and costs a measly $94, whereas the just-unveiled Echo Fit is already up for grabs at $129 and up, and the swift turnaround is bound to go a long way.

Magellan Echo Fit

Round and pretty handsome for just 130 greens, this bad boy doesn’t need charging, and works with an entire slew of third-party sports apps. From RunKeeper to MayMapRun and GolfPad, you can throw everything at the Echo Fit, and business will be handled smoothly as butter.

iHealth Edge

Don’t let the name fool you. This $70 economical wearable doesn’t play OS favorites, and shows Android the same respect as iOS. As is often the case when paying so little for a gizmo of this kind, you shouldn’t rely on its data and statistics accuracy too much.

iHealth Edge

But the Edge is a fun, little, affordable fitness tracker with all the essentials, a five to seven days battery life, and automatic sleep monitoring. It’s tough to recommend it over Misfit or Fitbit-built contenders, but it could be the beginning of iHealth’s rise to fame.

That’s a wrap, boys and girls, both for our wearable roundup, and CES 2015 coverage. We wanted to do a tablet recap too, we really did, and perhaps something to cover the hybrid and “others” sections, but there’s simply not enough material to bother. See you all at MWC!

Razer Nabu X is a fitness band for just $19.99

Razer Nabu X

Razer Nabu X

After announcing the Forge TV a couple of days ago, Razer took the wraps off the Nabu X fitness band earlier today. The key point to mention here apart from the features of the device is the fact that it costs a measly $19.99, assuming you’re one of the Razer Insiders. The wearable will cost $49.99 for everyone else.

The Nabu X will be sold in white, black and green color variants with shipments expected to begin this month. Since the device has no display, it relies on vibrations to alert you about notifications. This can be a bit tedious for people used to smartwatches, but considering the price it’s selling for (even at $49.99), that’s not much of a sacrifice really.

Razer mentions that there will be third party apps from the Nabu Marketplace which will be designed specifically to work with the Nabu X. Razer has certainly started 2015 on the right path with the announcement of a new Android console followed by this nifty little wearable.

The Nabu X can be purchased from Razer’s official website starting January 13.

Source: Razer

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Razer announces Android TV based media console

Razer Console

Razer Console

Razer has just announced that it will be launching an Android TV based home media console this Fall with primary focus on gaming. Even though Android TV compatible hardware isn’t expected to launch until September, the company has gone ahead and announced the console in advance.

As expected, the console will also be able to view media content courtesy of Google Play. During the Android TV announcement earlier today, Google officially announced Sony and Sharp as the first OEMs to bring dedicated televisions featuring Android TV. But what Razer is planning to bring is more in line with what we’ve seen recently such as the Amazon Fire TV.

There’s no word on pricing or hardware specs at the moment, but we expect Razer to make that official as we lead up to the launch of the console. The company however has been kind enough to post a picture of the said device which appears to be sleek with trendy neon lighting at the bottom. What do you think of this Android TV console from Razer?

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Razer Introduces The 14-inch Razer Blade: The World’s Thinnest Gaming Notebook

Razer is popularly known for its gaming peripherals and accessories but the company is now making it mark in the PC gaming laptop market with the announcement of the Razer Blade. This laptop which is designed for gaming is only 0.66-inches thin, uses a 4th generation Intel Core processor, an  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M GPU, and an SSD which is four times faster than a regular hard drive. The company claims that this model is the world’s thinnest gaming notebook right now.

Razer Blade

According to Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder, CEO and creative director, “We’ve designed and built the thinnest, most powerful 14-inch laptop in the world. Thinner than a dime and more powerful than other traditional desktop replacements today, we’ve created an entirely new category of thin and powerful laptops that is generations ahead of other PCs.”

Razer Blade Technical Specifications

  • Future 4th gen Intel Core processor (formerly codename ‘Haswell’)
  • 8 GB Onboard Memory (DDR3L – 1600 MHz)
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 765M (2 GB GDDR5) & Intel HD4600
  • Windows® 8 64 Bit
  • 128 GB SSD, with optional 256/512 GB SSD (mSATA)
  • Qualcomm® Killer™ NIC N1202 (802.11a/b/g/n + Bluetooth® 4.0)
  • 14.0 in. HD+ 16:9 Ratio, 1600 x 900, with LED backlight
  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • 3.5 mm audio microphone/headphone combo jack
  • Array microphone
  • (3x) USB 3.0 port (SuperSpeed)
  • HDMI 1.4a audio and video output
  • Dolby® Home Theater® v4
  • 7.1 Codec support (via HDMI)
  • Built-in full HD webcam (1.3 MP)
  • Compact 150 W Power Adapter
  • Built-in 70 Wh Rechargeable lithium ion polymer battery
  • Razer™ Anti-Ghosting Keyboard (with adjustable backlight)
  • Razer™ Synapse 2.0 Enabled
  • Kensington Lock
  • 13.6 in. / 345 mm (Width) x 0.66 in. / 16.8 mm (Height) x 9.3 in. / 235 mm (Depth)
  • 4.135 lbs. / 1.876 kg

The Razer Blade uses an all-aluminum chassis making it very sturdy. The company gave this model a more traditional feel by not including their second-screen touch pad, instead in its place is a basic touch pad. The keyboard is backlit and comes in the standard layout but does not include a number pad. Two speakers flank the left and right side of the keyboard.

This model looks more like a matte black Retina Display Mac Book Pro in physical design and if you will get to see it personally then you will agree.

In terms of gaming performance this model is capable of playing some of the latest games without any problems. A test done on the system shows that Bioshock Infinite runs at 47.1 frames per second at native 1,600×900-pixel resolution while if medium settings is used (1,366×768) 91.4fps is achieved.

Pricing for this device starts at $1,799 with pre-orders available for the United States and Canada starting on June 3 from the Razer website.

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