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How Fast Is 5G Vs 4G?

Have you been hearing a lot about 5G vs 4G, but not entirely sure what it is? 5G is going to be the next generation of cellular connectivity. It will replace 4G LTE technology, as it’s more efficient, faster and has better signal strength. The need for something better than 4G LTE is because of

Galaxy S7 losing network and LTE connectivity, other issues

For those looking for solutions to their #GalaxyS7 issues, this post might help. Don’t forget to also visit other troubleshooting guides for the S7 and S7 Edge. Galaxy S7 losing network and LTE connectivity SMS on Galaxy S7 is converted to MMS Galaxy S7 not syncing stock Calendar and Microsoft Exchange accounts properly Google apps

What Does LTE Stand For?

If you own one of the latest smartphone models available in the market then chances are you have heard of the term LTE. This will usually appear on your phone screen once you turn on your mobile data connection. Basically, LTE or Long Term Evolution is a 4G wireless broadband standard. Right now this is

Nexus 9 LTE now getting the Android Nougat update

The #Nexus9 LTE is formally receiving the Android Nougat update starting today. With Google mentioning that the Nexus 6 and the HTC branded tablet will be getting the update this week, it seems like the company has wasted no time in making that happen. The update changes the build to NRD90R, which is worth noting

Galaxy S7 “SD card unexpectedly removed” error, other issues

Are you experiencing problems on your #GalaxyS7? Keep reading as this post may help you. This material tells you what to do if faced with the issues mentioned below. We hope that our suggestions will help Android community now and in the near future. Here are the specific topics we cover today: Galaxy S7 keeps

[Deal] LG G Pad 7.0 with LTE for $94.99

You can now get the AT&T branded #LG #GPad7.0 for just $94.99 courtesy of a retailer on eBay. The tablet comes with a 7-inch display, which makes it easy to carry around compared to conventional large sized offerings. Further, the device comes with 4G LTE on board, which makes this a steal at this particular

[Deal] LG G Pad 7.0 w/LTE for $94.99

An eBay retailer is offering the #LG #GPad7.0 with LTE for just $94.99. This is a very attractive deal on the handset and bound to get tablet fans excited. Although there are quite a few tablets available in the industry today, it’s hard to get one from a big manufacturer like LG and for this

Photos edited with Galaxy Note 4 S-Pen are corrupted, other issues

Our #GalaxyNote4 post for today covers two S-Pen-related problems. We very rarely receive issues related to the Note 4 S-Pen so we are happy to tackle at least two problems for this functionality. The rest of the issues have been discussed in our other posts before but we have decided to publish our suggestions here for convenience.

Galaxy Note 4 only connects to 2G, other connection issues

The #GalaxyNote4 has been around and it apparently proven itself to be quite a stable platform. However, some users are still reporting issues especially when it comes to connectivity. Here are some of these issues and their solutions: Galaxy Note 4 cannot connect to 4G Galaxy Note 4 does not have LTE connectivity option Galaxy

LG Watch Urbane 2

LG releasing the Watch Urbane 2 with LTE in the U.S. this month

  #LG has announced that the #WatchUrbane2 with LTE will be officially available for purchase in the U.S. starting later this month. The smartwatch was shown off by the company along with the #LGV10 in the U.S. recently, so its arrival was always on the cards. The smartwatch will carry a price tag of $499.99 and