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5 Best Kindle Paperwhite Case In 2019

Amazon’s idea with the Paperwhite was to give consumers as close to a book-like experience as possible in a digital format. They’ve achieved that in a lot of ways, even in design. But, if you want to take that book-like resemblance a step further, you might want to consider putting a case on the Paperwhite. As an added bonus, it’ll keep it protected against drops, too. Not only that, but it’ll keep away scratches and scuffs on the shell as well as the screen.

Kindle Paperwhite Case

Many of the cases are designed to increase that book-like appearance, especially Amazon’s own Paperwhite Leather Case. It really does turn the Paperwhite into something immaculate looking, so you might even have onlookers wondering what new device you have, too! If you’re not sure what case to pick up, follow along below. We’ll show you our favorite picks for the Kindle Paperwhite.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Case

Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite Case is nothing short of creative genius. Amazon designed this case to be the lightest and thinnest case on the market, but with still providing ample protection for the device and screen as a whole. It has a magnetic cover so that case properly seals. And, since it is magnetic, it puts the the Kindle Paperwhite to sleep or wakes it up based on opening or closing the screen cover. It’s made out of a premium natural leather, so you get a nice texture as well. Amazon offers this case in a variety of colors, including Black, Blue, Fuchsia, Persimmon, and Royal Purple. At $40, this case will provide you with ample protection and up your style game tenfold.

Buy it now: Amazon

MoKo Case

The MoKo Case for the Kindle Paperwhite is beautiful. Put this on, and you’ll give your Kindle Paperwhite a unique, tree-like and floral pattern. It is a magnetic cover, so it does wake or sleep your device, based on opening or closing the cover. It has a lifetime warranty on it, so you can always get the case replaced in the event that you run into defects. It’s a nice protective case that’s cheap, too. It is offered in that aforementioned tree and floral pattern, but the MoKo case is available in tons of other patterns as well — different country flag styles, star patterns, plain colors, and so many more.

Buy it now: Amazon

Fintie SlimShell Case

You can look at the Fintie SlimShell Case as a cheaper aftermarket version of Amazon’s official Kindle Paperwhite Leather case. It’s designed exclusively for the Paperwhite, and actually fits all generations of Paperwhite. You can automatically wake or put your device to sleep by opening or closing the magnetic cover. By default, Fintie offers these SlimShell cases in Black, but there is a myriad of other colors and patterns to choose from as well. In addition, it does provide ample protection for your Kindle Paperwhite, keeping you safe against light drops and scratches.

Buy it now: Amazon

Walnew Cover

Next up, we have the Walnew Cover. This is a thin, leather cover case that keeps your Paperwhite free from scratches and scuffs. It’ll protect it against light drops as well, but don’t expect it to absorb anything drastic. By default, it comes with a tree/floral pattern that has mixes of white and blue in it, but the company — WALNEW — offers this leather case in tons of other patterns. It has a magnetic clasp — just like the official Paperwhite Leather Case — to make sure the device’s screen is covered, and since it is magnetic, it can automatically wake and sleep the device based on opening or closing the case.

Buy it now: Amazon

OMOTON Paperwhite Case

Last, but certainly not least, we have the OMOTON Paperwhite Case. This leather case is designed to fit all version of the Kindle Paperwhite. By default, you get a plain blue case, which looks rather stylish; however, there are a few different patterns available as well as a bunch of plain color options. The magnetic clasp ensures the cover is fully closed every time, and then it also functions as an automatic wake or sleep based on opening or closing the cover. The leather itself is waterproof, so it should help repel any liquid spills.

Buy it now: Amazon


As you can see, there are a lot of great cases available for the Kindle Paperwhite. They really all have that same leather style in order to give the Paperwhite that book-like feel; however, depending on what brand you get, there are tons of styles and colors that you can choose from.

Kindle Paperwhite Case

5 Best Phone Accessories For iPhone X

Apple’s iPhone X is one of the hottest (and most expensive) smartphones on the market right now — it’s near bezel-less display is all the rage, giving people a ton more screen real estate to work with. This is great for those that are big fans of a lot of media — YouTube, movies, regular video, photo editing, you name it! While there’s no doubt that the stock iPhone X is all the rage — even the speakers are phenomenal — there are some things you can do to make it even better: phone accessories for it! A well-built, luxury case and a good pair of headphones can really make the iPhone X even better.

iPhone X accessories LinkPrice on
JaybirdJaybird RUN True Wireless Headphones168.77
JaybirdJaybird X3 In-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphones81
mophiemophie - Wireless Charge Pad49.94
LOHASICiPhone X Case, LOHASIC14.99
amFilmiPhone X Screen Protector Glass7.99

If you’re not sure what phone accessories to pick up for the iPhone X, be sure to follow along below, as we’ve got out top 5 favorites listed!

Jaybird X3

Everyone needs a good pair of headphones, and the Jaybird X3’s are the perfect candidate for taking your music to the next level. These wireless headphones are super comfortable, making them a perfect choice for all-day listening. Not only that, but this makes them great for long workouts — like a good jog or an intense session at the gym. Sweat-resistance means moisture won’t get into the earphones and ruin them.

Buy it now: Amazon

TechMatte amFilm

There’s little that’s a more important iPhone X phone accessory than a screen protector. With the iPhone X, there’s a whole lot more Retina screen that is susceptible to scratches, nicks, dings and scuffs. If you put the phone in your pocket, loose change, keys and other items can get your screen looking pretty beat up after just a couple of weeks. It’s super frustrating, especially if you just bought your iPhone X. Not to even mention that some of the deeper scratches ruin the integrity of the screen, and make cracks more likely to appear in those areas.

Buy it now: Amazon

Jaybird RUN

You should consider truly wireless headphones. There’s a little bit more of a hassle because they have less battery life and you have to power each of them on individually, but after that, the lack of wires make the Jaybird RUN’s phenomenal headphones. With music over Bluetooth, you’ll only get about six hours of life out of a single charge, but that’s more than enough time for an intense workout as well as some listening throughout the day. Luckily, the Jaybird RUNs are charged pretty fast within their charging box.

These headphones are also pretty comfortable, as they come with a variety of different inserts in different sizes so that these headphones are sure to fit anyone who buys them. Check them out for yourself below.

Buy it now: Amazon

Mophie Wireless Charging Pad

The next thing you’ll want to consider for a phone accessory is the Mophie Wireless Charging Pad — this will remove the need for you to ever have to plug your iPhone X into the wall again. Simply set your iPhone X on the wireless charging pad and you should get the same fast charge that you would from a wall outlet. The Mophie Wireless Charging Pad is especially nice because it’s capable of delivering up to 7.5 watts of power to your iPhone X, whereas many other wireless chargers are a lot slower than that. Not only that, but the pad has a low profile and sleek design.

Buy it now: Amazon

LOHASIC Luxury Leather Case

Want to increase your iPhone X’s style? It can be fairly plain looking, so a good, well-built luxury case will not only add some protection to your expensive phone, but it’ll also up your style game tenfold. Consider the LOHASIC Thin Luxury Textured Case. Made out of Premium Leather, you can give your iPhone X a great looking style — in either Black or Ink Blue — all while giving it some added shock protection from accidental drops. It’ll give you a nice comfortable grip, which is a lot better than the slipperiness of the stock iPhone X.

Buy it now: Amazon


So, these are excellent accessories for the iPhone X, but which one should you buy? If you can only choose from a couple, we recommend going with protection first — the screen protector and the leather case. This’ll preserve your iPhone X’s value of the years and hopefully save you from any heartbreaking cracks. If you can splurge a little, we recommend picking up a pair of Jaybird X3’s — you’ll love the sound quality and the wireless connectivity over Bluetooth!

iPhone X accessories LinkPrice on
JaybirdJaybird RUN True Wireless Headphones168.77
JaybirdJaybird X3 In-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphones81
mophiemophie - Wireless Charge Pad49.94
LOHASICiPhone X Case, LOHASIC14.99
amFilmiPhone X Screen Protector Glass7.99

Otterbox launches a series of tough cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 Otterbox

Galaxy S5 Otterbox

Otterbox has just announced a series of durable cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone targeted towards the adventurous. The Commuter and Defender cases for the smartphone are available right now for an undisclosed amount, but history suggests that it won’t go easy on the customers wallets. The Defender series of cases generally cost close to $60, while the Commuter case costs $35.

Otterbox is also launching a Symmetry case for the smartphone in a variety of colors as well as a Commuter case with a dedicated wallet. There’s no ETA on the arrival of these two cases as of yet. Considering that the Galaxy S5 is pretty durable out of the box, these cases might not see a lot of takers. However, if safety is your prerogative, then you shouldn’t hesitate from getting one of these cases.

We’re guessing these cases will start selling in retail stores when the Galaxy S5 officially launches in the markets this Friday.

So who’s getting one of these?

Source: Otterbox

Via: Android Central

Nexus 5 cases and covers spotted on UK retailer’s site

Nexus 5 Press Image

Nexus 5 Press Image

The LG made Nexus 5 smartphone is still far from an official announcement, but a couple of cases and covers for the smartphone are already up order on a UK retailer’s site.  This Nexus 5 case can be found on Mobile Fun UK, which specializes in selling mobile products and accessories in the region.

We’re not sure if these cases are legit, but it does seem to match with what we know about the Nexus 5 so far. All these cases are up for pre order and none of them are shipping out just yet, so this might well be the real deal. We will have to wait until the end of October to see if the Nexus 5 will actually be a steady fit with these cases.

Nexus 5 Cases

The Nexus 5 is a poorly kept secret as a leaked user manual of the smartphone revealed all that we needed to know. The handset is set to feature a 4.96 inch 1080p display, Android 4.4 KitKat, an 8MP OIS camera and a Snapdragon 800 SoC. It was further revealed yesterday that the smartphone will be launching in two different storage variants and battery capacities. The smartphone is set to be announced along with the ASUS made Nexus 10 tablet and Android 4.4 KitKat on October 30.

Source: Mobile Fun UK

Via: Cult of Android

Apple Wins Proximity Sensor Lawsuit Against Motorola

[Photo Source: SiliconAngle]
[Photo Source: SiliconAngle]
Apple vs Motorola, Apple vs. Samsung, Apple vs. some Mexican I.T. firm (over iFone patent), Apple vs. Gradiente (Brazilian company who patented the iphone name) – these are only a few firms whom the Cupertino-based company clashed in the court. It seems that major companies are trying to dominate the market not only by the numbers but also by invoking their patents nowadays.

Unfortunately, the company founded by Steve Jobs had its many share of losses over the heated court battles. So, a significant amount money was lost and reputations were tainted over the process. The only clear winners after the fight were the lawyers who were paid a lot regardless of the victor. But this time, the company scored a win in the Apple vs Motorola case which was presented in the U.S. International Trade Commission.

The Subject of the Lawsuit

According to Bloomberg, the subject of the case was the alleged infringement of Apple of a series of patents owned by Motorola. The patents which were supposedly copied ranged from the technology to minimize static noise up to the function that would prevent the accidental activation of the touchscreen feature of the phone when it is in contact with the face or other parts of the body while being used in calls. If found guilty of copying any of the patents, Apple would risk losing the right to import its iPhone units in the U.S. soil.

The Result

The outcome would definitely mean a big loss to the company if the complainant won since U.S. is among Apple’s top markets. Plus, considering that the product in question is their flagship product, it definitely does not look good if the respondent was found guilty.

However, it was not the fate of iPhone to go down the drain in the U.S. market yet. The brainchild of the late Jobs prevailed from one patent in question to another.

About the Last Card of Google

In a report by Ars Technica, the last one to be presented in the court was Motorola’s Patent No. 6,246,862. The name of the patent was “sensor controlled user interface for portable communication device”. In other words, it is the proximity sensor which was mentioned in the early part of this article that prevented the activation of apps when close to the face.

I bet all the fingers of the top execs of Google had their fingers crossed during the course of the heated court confrontation because this would have been their last card that could topple the iPhone brand. But somehow, the late Apple CEO probably managed to ask for one miracle on the other side that guaranteed them a clean sweep.

The Reason

The ITC simply ruled that the concept of the patent was too obvious to be awarded patent protection said in a related news by Reuters. This is because the patent was already inherent in previous innovations the report added.

The Aftermath of the Apple vs Motorola Case

The spokesperson on the side of Motorola said that the company is reviewing its options after the ruling. On the other hand, Apple declined to comment on the matter.

Source: Ars Technica, Bloomberg and Reuters

The Cushnie Et Ochs HTC One X Is Up For Grabs On Ebay

Those hankering for the two-toned HTC One X handset designed by Cushnie et Ochs may finally get a chance to grab it. HTC previously announced that it had no plans of releasing the design for mass consumption. The phone was only made available exclusively to just 150 people who attended New York Fashion Week in Milk Studios, New York City.

It seems, however, that one of the attendees decided to give up the phone and sell it on eBay. The seller’s account name is 2012greatwhite86, and he or she has put the device up for grabs with a starting bid of $360. It is highly likely, however, that interested consumers would need to shell out a lot more than this amount when the auction ends on September 17.

According to the item description, the black-and-white-shelled phone being auctioned is “brand new never used” and comes in its “original packaging.” It has a storage capacity of 16GB and comes with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and a 1800 mAh battery. The phone furthermore has a 4.7 inch LCD color touchscreen with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels. It is also packed with an 8-megapixel camera with a large aperture of f/2.0. This camera is likewise capable of taking high-resolution images with 1920 x 1080 pixels. Among the preinstalled software on the One X are Dropbox and Polaris, as well as the recently-launched Watts Up Photo App by photographer Ben Watts. The handset is unlocked and may be used on any carrier and includes other features as Bluetooth and GPS.

That said, those who do not want to avail of this offer may instead join the Pin To Win contest that HTC is sponsoring on Pinterest. The contest simply asks users to follow HTC Mobile on Pinterest, repin one of the images from their contest board, and add the link to the user’s repin in the original image. At stake is one of the coveted two-tone phones.

via engadget

HTC And Cushnie et Ochs Team Up For Two-Tone HTC One X

The Chinese phone maker teamed up with designer Cushnie et Ochs to reinvent the look of the HTC One X. The result? A phone covered in a two-tone phone casing that is black on one side and white on the other. This replaces the unibody shell of the One X. The special edition handset even comes with a wallpaper that follows the same bicolor design and matching black and white headphones. HTC first showcased the phone at the HTC Frequencies Media Summit.

According to Daniel Hundt, the head of HTC Design, they wanted to create “a beautiful, and also disruptive, smartphone where the worlds of fashion and technology intersect.” Moreover, they believe that smartphones are devices that help users “express themselves and make a statement.”

Apart from the striking design, there is no difference between this phone and the regular One X. It is powered by a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, comes Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with HTC Sense 4, and sports a 4.7-inch super LCD2 display with a resolution of 1290 x 720 pixels. It also has dual cameras and a 1800 mAh battery onboard.

Unfortunately, the special edition HTC One X will only be available for around a hundred attendees of the 2013 Spring/Summer MADE Fashion Week in Milk Studios in New York City. The two-tone HTC One X is part of the VIP Fashion Week Survival Kit that includes other products like lip balm, stain treatment, lotion, mints, and a mirror for celebrities. This helps HTC to market the One X not only as a gadget with a powerful set of specifications, but also as an accessory for the fashionably savvy. That said, this could inspire third-party phone case manufacturers to create two-color casings for the general masses.

In related news, HTC has also partnered with photographer Ben Watts to create an Android app called Wattsup Photo, a photo collage app that incorporates the photographer’s style.

via engadget, htc

LifeProof Nüüd WaterProof iPad Case

There are few robust waterproof, shockproof and dirt proof phones out there in the market. Choice of such phones in smartphone market is pretty limited, with most of the phones running Android. There’s no such robust device from the house of Apple yet, but what if you were told that you can bring such features to your existing Apple device. We’re talking about cases of course, and LifeProof has been known for delivering waterproof and shockproof protection for the iPhone for a long time, and now the company is out with a waterproof casing for the iPad.

LifeProof Nüüd iPad case will add waterproof and shockproof capability to your existing iPad device. As interesting as the name is, the casing doesn’t make use of a pesky screen protector in order to bring such capabilities to the device. This is what the company had to say about their motive behind not making use of a screen protector:

Cases with built-in screen protectors significantly degrade the visual clarity of your iPad and have an air gap that interferes with the touch experience.
With nüüd naked screen technology, there is absolutely nothing between you and your iPad’s screen — literally.

The air gap between screen protector and the screen definitely affects image quality, which is not desirable. Instead of a screen protector, the case seems to make use of a seal on the chemically strengthened glass of iPad. There are few cases such as OtterBox Defender already in the market which deliver high protection to iPad, however, such cases are not protective against water. LifeProof Nüüd iPad case on the other hand delivers high-protection along with waterproof protection. This case will make your iPad waterproof up to 6.6 feet underwater.

LifeProof, the award-winning maker of all-protective, everyday cases for smartphones and tablets, today announced the availability of the LifeProof nuud case for iPad. Unleashing new freedom for mobile computing, the LifeProof nuud case for iPad is water, dirt, snow and shock proof, and features a totally naked screen that provides a perfect tactile response and visual clarity. The new LifeProof iPad case protects both iPad 2 and iPad Gen 3 devices.
Below is a video which demonstrates the capability of LifeProof Nüüd iPad case.

The case is rated to handle,
• Full submersion in water up to 6.6 feet for up to 30 minutes.
• IP68 protection from snow and ice
• Sealed from Dirt and Dust particles.
• Shock proof with survivability up to 4 feet.

Various ports and jacks are a bit tough to waterproof, but LifeProof seems to have it under control. The case includes a waterproof headphone jack which screws in to the existing headphone jack, and thus making it waterproof. The waterproof headphone jack will still allow users to listen music, while keeping water out. The speaker opening is also protected against water. The charging port and home button also receive the same treatment.

What’s more? The case also has a glass covered camera lens opening, thus allowing users to click a pic while having the case on. You can also think of doing wacky things such as clicking a pic underwater, but remember, the case ensures waterproofing only up to 6.6 feet. If you work in harsh environments, this case would be perfect for you as it will transform an existing iPad into a rugged device.

The case will obviously modify the dimensions of the device, though it is quite negligible considering the ruggedness it adds to the device. The case increases the overall thickness of the iPad by 20.5mm. The width will be 208mm and the height will be 265mm.

LifeProof is selling the Nüüd iPad case bundled with a stand for $159 for the iPad 2 and iPad 3rd Gen. You can buy it from here. What are your thoughts on this case? Will you buy this for your iPad or choose some other alternative. Connect with us using the comment form below.

Ballistic’s Shell Gel Cases Now Covering More Androids

Ballistic Case Company’s new “Shell Gel” series of cases are now covering a lot more Android phones.

The three layer cases provide shock, drop and roll protection for clumsy, or purchase conscious consumers.

The first layer of the case is made of soft silicone and Ballistic’s patented Ballistic Corners. Protecting that layer is a layer of impact resistant polycarbonate. The outer most layer is made up of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) providing a layer of shock absorption that’s second to none.

All of this is in a sleek looking case (some in pretty colors) that have no assembly required, like most Otterbox cases.

The most recently announced Android phones covered by Ballistic Case Company’s Shell Gel line are the Galaxy S 2 family of phones including the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Samsung Epic Touch 4G. However at the Ballistic Case booth we ran into many more Shell Gel Android cases.

Ballistic now provides Shell Gel protection for the HTC Rezound, HTC Evo 3D, HTC Evo Design 4G, Motorola Razr, LG Optimus 3D (LG Thrill), LG Nitro HD and many more.

Most Ballistic cases are worth every part of the modest $35 price. You can find them at many retailers or here at