Sprint’s 5G Networks Now Active in Chicago, IL

Sprint has made a major announcement today, adding Chicago, IL to its list of 5G covered cities. This is estimated to cover around 700,000 users in the region. Sprint is further planning to bring coverage in areas of Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix, and Washington DC.

As you can probably imagine, 5G networks are heavily dependent on the device you own. So if you bought a top of the line flagship earlier this year, the chances are that it’s not compatible with high-speed 5G networks. As of now, Sprint offers the LG V50, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and the HTC 5G Hub in parts of the country, including Chicago starting tomorrow. Sprint plans to bring 5G devices like the LG V50 and the Galaxy S10 5G to other parts of the country starting July 19.

Carriers like AT&T have expanded heavily, recently adding 20 cities to its 5G coverage list. With the 5G race currently on in the industry, it will be interesting to see if carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile will be able to catch up with juggernauts like Verizon and AT&T. Sprint will hope to add more cities to the list over the coming months in addition to the regions we’ve discussed above. Nationwide availability is still some distance away, but all this competition can only make things better for the consumers.

Source: Sprint

Via: Droid Life

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