Samsung’s mid-tier A50 actually has a great camera, DxOMark testing says

You might’ve thought that just about everything in Samsung’s mid-tier A50 would decidedly be mid-range; however, popular camera benchmarking site DxOMark gives the phone’s sensor a really respectable score.

DxOMark gives the phone an overall score of 83. That’s far from flagship phone level, but is actually on the same level as the iPhone 7 and even last year’s LG G7 ThinQ.

Overall, the Samsung A50 can take a great photo, but it misses many of the boxes as far as some of the finer details go, such as low-light capture, low light focus, and more.

Video recording especially didn’t do well because of a lack of detail, as well as poor autofocus.

be sure to check out DxOMark’s full camera benchmark below.

source: DxOMark

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