Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 could ditch the microSD card

Everyone loves microSD cards, and usually there is some sort of public outcry when a manufacturer removes support for external storage. So to many folks’ dismay, new rumors are indicating that the Galaxy Note 10 is getting rid of the microSD card.

This news comes from WinFuture, the publication able to obtain a leaked spec sheet of the Galaxy Note 10. They say that the Galaxy Note 10, as well as a rumored Galaxy Note 10+, will get rid of external storage. On top of that, there’s no more Bixby button.

The rumor also indicates that we’re looking at a Snapdragon 855 Plus processor under the hood of both phones, or an Exynos 9825, depending on your region. On top of that, we’re looking at a whole 8GB of RAM.

All sorts of rumors are leaking lately, and these will only pick up as we get closer to a Galaxy Note 10 launch here soon. The phone is shaping up to be quite a beast, if these rumors are anything to go by.

source: WinFuture