Galaxy S20 Ultra Gets USB-IF Certification for 45W Charging With USB Power Delivery 3.0

  • Some good news for Samsung fans as the company has received USB-IF certification to allow 45W fast charging on its phones using USB Power Delivery 3.0.
  • The likes of the Galaxy S20 Ultra will be compatible with this new 45W fast charging tech while the standard Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy S20+ max out at 25W.
  • This could also be useful for Samsung’s future tablets as well as laptops and Chromebooks.

Samsung’s flagships will no longer have to rely on Qualcomm’s Quick Charge standard as it has received certification from the USB Implementers Forum or USB-IF for USB Power Delivery 3.0 charging at up to 45W. This means Samsung will have a significant advantage over its competition with regards to fast charging standards, although some companies in China are well ahead of the 45W fast charging mark right now.

This is important news for Samsung because it can finally let go of the fast charging standard offered by chipmaker Qualcomm. Most modern-day flagships come with USB Power Delivery capabilities, but lack of compatible chargers continues to haunt users. With Samsung’s own solution on its way, its smartphones, tablets as well as computers can now get extremely fast charging with no additional components.

So which devices can you use this on?

The Samsung Galaxy 20 Ultra comes with support for USB Power Delivery at 45W, so this appears to be the only device that’s currently compatible with this new standard. The galaxy s20 and the Galaxy S20+ only support fast charging at up to 25W, which is pretty decent as well.

As is the case with any new tech out there, it only makes sense to get officially approved products from Samsung. The company’s accessory store has a bunch of fast charger options to pick from so that you can get the best and safest fast charging experience with your Samsung smartphone.

Do you think 45W is pushing it too far for smartphones?

Source: USB-IF (Press release)

Via: The Verge

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