How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Won’t Boot Up

Some Samsung users may realize that their device won’t boot up or gets stuck in Samsung logo following an update. For some, boot loop issue may occur after tampering with the software by rooting. Whatever the cause is, it’s usually difficult to deal with boot loop issue if you’re not familiar with Android. 

Boot loop is the term used in Android community to refer to the condition of an Android device that won’t boot up normally and instead just keeps on doing a boot cycle. For Samsung devices, this can also mean that the device is stuck in Samsung logo screen. 

If you’re dealing with this problem on your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet, there are two possible solutions that you can try. Learn what you need to do below.

Troubleshooting boot loop issue on Samsung Galaxy

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Time Needed : 6 minutes

You can <a href="">fix boot loop issue on any Samsung device by either restarting</a> to safe mode or performing a hard or master reset.

  1. <strong>Restart to Safe Mode.</strong>

    Some apps may cause boot errors in some Samsung devices. If your Samsung phone or tablet refused to load or boot up after you’ve added an app, uninstalling it may help. However, if you haven’t added any app prior to noticing the problem, an already installed one may be to blame. You can still check if one of your third party apps is causing your device to stop powering up completely by rebooting to safe mode.Like safe mode in Windows computers, Android safe mode is used as a tool to check if a third party application is interfering with the operating system or other apps. When your Samsung Galaxy runs on safe mode, only the preinstalled ones, the apps that originally came with the operating system, are allowed to run. If your phone works normally, meaning it boots up fine, on safe mode only, there’s definitely a third party app problem. Learn how to use safe mode to check for bad third party app or malware in this post. safe mode window 4

  2. <strong>Wipe device with Master Reset (Factory Reset).</strong>

    In case your phone won’t restart to safe mode at all, or if nothing happens when safe mode is activated, you have no other option except to perform a hard reset or master reset. There are two ways to do a factory reset, one is via Settings and the other is by using hardware button combination or Recovery Mode.Since you are not able to access the Settings menu at all if your Samsung won’t boot up, the only way for you to factory reset is via Recovery Mode. Learn how to perform a master reset or factory reset in this post. factory reset in progress 1

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