What to do if your Samsung Galaxy S9 is not recognized by your computer? [Troubleshooting Guide]

Need to manage or move some files from your Samsung Galaxy S9 to your computer but having trouble as the computer failed to recognize your phone? If that is so, then this post might be able to help you out. Read on and learn what to do to get your new Galaxy S9 handset recognized by your computer and proceed with content management as smoothly as expected.

Data management like file transfers with smartphones are often carried out using dedicated data management software on a computer. For example, Android devices can be accessed and managed on a computer using Android Recovery Software tools like HTC Sync Manager for HTC device management or Samsung Smart Switch for Samsung Galaxy devices. All you have to do in order to get started is to connect your phone to the computer using a compatible USB cable or connector. But then again not all people have flawless experience in the process as they end up having difficulty in getting their respective devices to be recognized by the computer.

Before going further, if you found this post because you were trying to find a solution to your problem, then try to visit our Galaxy S9 troubleshooting page as we’ve already addressed most of the commonly reported issues with the phone. We’ve already provided solutions to some of the problems reported by our readers so try to find issues that are similar with yours and use the solutions we suggested. If they don’t work for you and if you need further assistance, fill up our Android issues questionnaire and hit submit.

Why is your Galaxy S9 not recognized by your computer?

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There are many reasons as to why this happens. But what really happens is that something is preventing either devices from establishing connections in the first place. The culprit could be within the phone system if not with the computer. If it is the phone that’s having an issue, then most likely rogue apps and software glitches are to blame. If the problem is on the computer, it could be due security software restrictions, missing drivers, and system errors. But it is also possible that the problem is neither your phone nor the computer. In this case, it could be the USB cable, or USB ports in use are at fault. So these are the main factors that you need to consider looking into when dealing with the issue.

Potential solutions to Galaxy S9 that’s not recognized by computer

If this is the first time you attempted to connect your Galaxy S9 to a computer and then failed, a reboot on both devices will likely fix the problem. It may just be a temporary glitch that barring your phone from establishing connection with your computer or other way around. Aside from a reboot, you may also refer to the following workarounds and suggestions. So here are the things that you need to consider doing then:

  1. Verify and ensure that the phone is turned on and that it is connected to your computer using the original USB cable.
  2. From the top edge of the phone screen, swipe down your finger to pull down the notification shade.
  3. Look for USB options and then tap to view other options.
  4. Touch Media Device (MTP) to be able to transfer media files.
  5. Or you may touch Camera (PTP) if you just want to transfer photos via the Camera app.

If you couldn’t find the USB option on the notification panel of your Galaxy S9, try these alternative suggestions:

  • Again verify and ensure that you’re using the original USB cable or compatible alternatives.
  • Try to plug your Galaxy S9 in to other USB ports on your computer to rule out the possibility of a defective USB port in use.
  • Remove the USB cable, turn off the phone, leave it without power for 30 seconds, turn it back on, plug the cable back in to your computer.
  • If you just installed the required drivers, reboot your computer first and then reattempt to connect your phone.
  • If your Galaxy S9 is still not recognized by your computer, try to hold it at a certain angle or position as it’s possible the connection in the USB port on your phone is loose and the cable could not establish proper contact.

Also check if Samsung drivers are properly installed on your computer. Some computers just couldn’t get to recognize or detect a smartphone if compatible drivers are not installed or corrupted. In the case where corrupted drivers are to blame, try to remove the problematic drivers from your computer and then reinstall them.

If you haven’t already, download and install the Samsung Smart Switch on your computer and then reattempt to connect your Galaxy S9 afterwards. Also make sure that your computer’s operating system is up to date to rule out system incompatibility from the underlying causes.

Other Suggestions

  • Reset your Galaxy S9. While this may not be feasible, it might be helpful especially if the problem is with your phone system. Any corrupt data or complex system error can likewise hinder syncing functions on the phone so a factory reset will likely be able to fix it. This however should only be considered as a last resort if all else failed to offer solution since all your critical data will also be deleted in the process.
  • Disable firewall or security software on your computer. If you are using a firewall, antivirus, or any other security software on your computer, it is possible that this is denying access on both devices, for security purposes. The security software may consider your phone a threat as it automatically tags your Galaxy S9 among other external devices the moment it’s plugged in to the computer via USB connector. So as preventive measure, it prevents the phone from gaining access to the computer system or vice versa. Nonetheless, that also depends on how the security software was configured on your computer. So it’s either you will reconfigure the settings to allow access to your Galaxy S9 at the moment, or disable the security software until you’re done using the computer to manage your phone data.
  • Use a different computer. If you have other computers available, then try to connect your Galaxy S9 on your other computer and see if that will work. Just be sure to use the same OEM cable to connect your phone. If that won’t work either, then it’s probably best to seek further technical assistance.
  • Get Technical Support. Contact your computer manufacturer for further assistance in configuring the system to work with Android devices. If you’re using a Windows PC, then you may attempt to reach out to Microsoft Support team and work with them in verifying if your computer system is properly configured to work and sync with your Samsung Galaxy S9. Otherwise, call Samsung Support for other options and official recommendations.

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