Samsung Galaxy S7 won’t charge and shows “Moisture detected in charging port” error plus other charging & power issues

  • Learn how to troubleshoot your #Samsung Galaxy S7 (#GalaxyS7) that won’t charge and keeps showing the error message “Moisture detected in the charging port.”
  • Galaxy S7 keeps giving out notification that it’s connected to its charger even if it’s not.
  • User reported that his new S7 keeps flashing its screen every 10 seconds while charging through a different charger.
  • Galaxy S7 just blacked out and refuses to take a charge.
  • Phone won’t boot up successfully and stuck on the Samsung screen with blue LED light on.
  • Brand new S7 won’t take a charge out of the box. What should you do if this happens to you?


It seems that here have been a lot of Samsung Galaxy S7 owners that are suffering from power and charging related issues including the error message “Moisture detected in charging port.” The new Galaxy S7 has an IP68 certification for being “water-resistant” but not waterproof. Meaning, water can still find its way into the phone and mess up its components.

I have addressed some of the power and charging issues below. Read on to learn more about them and how to address each one of them for future reference. There’s a chance you’ll encounter one at any given moment.  It’s better to be prepared.

If you have other issues, on the other hand, visit our troubleshooting page to find issues we already addressed that are related or similar to yours. You may then use the solutions and/or troubleshooting procedures we suggested. If they don’t work for you and if you need more assistance, then you may contact us but make sure you provide us with all necessary information of your problem so we can help you better.

Q: “I recently purchased the Samsung S7 from sprint. The phone is suppose to be water resistant but O keep getting a message saying “Moisture detected. Make sure port is dry.” I can barely charge my phone. I have to keep plugging it and unplugging it like it has a short in it. I haven’t had the phone in water and if it has gotten wet it had to come from my hands being wet but this phone is suppose to be water resistant against slashes, spills and dunks and I  haven’t done any of those things. I went to Sprint and they said the phone had water damage and that I would have to pay a $200 insurance deductible to get it repaired which I find ridiculous if this phone is suppose to be water resistant. What do you suggest?

A: First off, there’s one way to verify if the phone indeed suffered water damage. Pop the SIM card tray out and then look at the little sticker that can be found inside the SIM card slot. If the sticker is red, pink or purple, then it was water-damaged. If, however, it stayed white, then there’s no water damage. However, there might be just some liquid residue in the port area. Try using a Q tip to clean it up or a hair dryer to blow warm air into it. After that, reboot your phone.

Based on reports from other S7 users who also encountered the same issue, some of them had to wait two to four hours before the phone started acting normal again while others said they had to wait just an hour or two. There hasn’t been any reports that suggest it’s a bug, so your device must have detected some water residue that’s it’s acting like this.

If this persists, however, I think you should consider your service provider’s offer.

Q: “My new phone keeps giving me a notification that it is connected for charge or to select options for transfer. Despite my phone not being plugged in. Happening continuously all day on and off. Phone is perhaps 3 weeks old and not water damaged or being dropped. Please help.

A: Most often, if the phone acts like it’s connected to a computer or a charger even if it’s not, then often it’s water that’s messing up your device’s utility port. I understand you said your phone hasn’t been water-damaged and I don’t want to discredit what you said, however, you should check for yourself if the Liquid Damage Indicator found in the SIM card slot has turned red (pink, purple) or not. If it did, then that’s what’s causing the problem. If the LDI remained white, at least, you can rest assured that the moist may just be in the USB port area and hasn’t reached any of the vital components. Blowing warm air into it using a hair dryer will fix the problem, or you can have a technician take a look at it.

Q: “Got my phone a week ago. When I charge it at my work, the screen flashes every 10 seconds or so, don’t have the issue when I charge the phone at with my charger at home.  Both chargers are relatively old.  Is it a charger issue or something else.  Didn’t have any issues with my S3 mini used before this.

A: Since it occurs only when the phone is charged using that charger at your office, it’s obvious it’s a charger problem, isn’t it? The thing is, we don’t know exactly what kind of charger it is but and how much current it provides so we really can’t figure out what’s wrong with it. But if I may ask, why aren’t you using the charger that came with your phone?

Q: “First it would freeze so I plugged it in went to sleep and when I woke up it was fine. Then less than a day later it happened again only it wouldn’t go away so I went to sleep (again plugging it in, but it never showed any signs of charging). When I woke up it was just a black screen so I thought it had foxed itself again but when I hit a button nothing happened. It remained black, I didn’t hear any notifications, no ringtone signaling when I was calling it, and the notification light wasn’t blinking either. I tried holding in the power button and the down volume key but to no avail. This phone is maybe 2 weeks old.

A: First off, I assume your phone didn’t suffer any sort of water or physical damage because if it did, there’s no point in troubleshooting. With that being said, the symptoms of the problem you mentioned are all pointing to one simple issue–system crash.

I understand you already tried doing the Forced Reboot procedure to no avail but I have a feeling you’re doing it wrong. You said that you tried “holding the Power and the Volume down” keys together. There’s a little problem there and allow me to explain briefly what it is.

You see, when you press and hold the Power key, the phone (in normal state) would immediately react to it. However, whenever you press and hold the Volume Down key (or any buttons for that matter) no matter how long it is, the device won’t respond to it.

So, to fix this problem, do the forced reboot procedure once again but this time do it like this; press and hold the Volume Down key and then press and hold the Power key. Keep them pressed for 10 seconds or until the phone restarts.

I hope this helps.

Q: “My Samsung Galaxy S7 won’t start up. It’s stuck on the Samsung screen with the blue led light and the 2 bottom buttons light on. I have tried resetting and restarting and nothing seems to work.

A: How could you possibly try to reset a phone that won’t even boot up? You know, we’re always willing to help out our readers but you don’t possibly expect us to provide a solution to a problem if there’s not much information for us to base our troubleshooting procedures.

In your case, what happened to the phone before this problem started? Was there an update? Did the phone freeze, lag or reboot on its own? Did it fell or submerged in water?

But hey, try to press and hold the Volume Down and Power keys together for 10 seconds and see if it reboots. If not, then let a technician check it for you.

Q: “I received the phone a few days ago and was installing apps on it the battery needed charging so I put the device onto charge. At first everything was alright the phone displayed the lightning bolt sign to show that it was charging.

After an hour I went to check on phone the lightning bolt sign was still there but it instead of charging up it was charging down. I specifically remember it was at 20% when I first left it to charge but when I went to check on it, it had gone down to 14% this still continued when I tried to use different plugs and when I tried using it through the laptop the phone eventually went down to 0% charge and has now turned off the phone won’t turn on now and nor will it register any charge.

A: It’s a brand new phone and it should work without a hitch. I think the problem is already with it since day 1 so there’s no point in troubleshooting a device that came out of the box damaged. You should negotiate a replacement while you still can receive a brand new unit in exchange of that defective one.

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28 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 won’t charge and shows “Moisture detected in charging port” error plus other charging & power issues”

  1. My phone is cracked in the back, so I can’t open it to see sun card. What do u suggest? I have been trying to load Chromecast to my tv and it’s telling me moisture detected

  2. Sprint said the no charging and moisture notification is a know issue with samsung and I likely have to send my phone in for replacement or fix.

  3. I get the same error, but only when I use the USB cable. My wife told me it wouldn’t charge her Blu Studio Android. I tried a second USB cable and it worked on my Galaxy Edge 7 until I spilled coffee on phone, then the cable only worked intermittently, coming up with the moisture message. It would work for a while if I cleaned the micro-USB connector on the cable. It charges fine with all my USB cables. I liked the USB cables because they look gold plated, but they are USB 2.0 which means they don’t need to carry more than 500 mA per specs.

  4. Both my S7 and my wife’s started having the moisture in charging port issue. Took it back to store and they said it was probably due to “Perspiration”. Pulled sim card slot like you explained and both are “White”.”this device can take on spills and splashes with its premium water-resistant design”.This quote is from Samsung’s advertisement.I think all there HYPE is only good till it time to Update the phone.

  5. I have a problem with this error message, but only when I try to use the charger cable from an iBolt xProDock. Checked usb port and not wet, dried cable and phone in sun for a day but still same issue. It’s a compatibility issue. Change the cable and all OK. iBolt cable works fine on a Note 3.

  6. my s7 is not even 1 month old yet yesterday i got this moisture in port message poppping up when trying to charge ive gone into settings cleared the cache on usb settings still no joy nice work samsung i got my fone insured but do i really want to pay 80 quid excess to get this fixed

  7. This is a ridiculous issue to be having with a new phone. I tried several things and finally fixed it by disabling the adaptive fast charging under my battery settings. Nice job, Samsung!

  8. If the phone does have some moisture in the charge port, a blow dryer would increase the psi and push the water through the membrane. I’ll treat the rest of your suggestions as equally ridiculous.

  9. Spilt a small cup of juice on table where phone was lying (in its protective case). Nothing obvious wet on the phone itself but bottom of case was touching spill. Anyway next charge failed with the USB moisture detected error. Used blow dryer and bag of rice methods to no avail. I bought a wireless pad charger and the phone charged fully, albeit slowly (4 hours). Looks like I’m stuck with slow charging until I finish paying this phone off and get an iphone like my wife did.

  10. My Samsung galaxy A5 keeps saying moisture has been detected to charge your device make sure your charging/USB port is dry. What should I do, i put it in a bag of rice over night and put the vacuum cleaner to it and it hasn’t helped it any at all. Please help

  11. Solve your problem Samsung on your charger ghost moisture issues before we ban your products. All you told us are instructions but not to solve the actual problema. I swear you will fall if you don’t correct the problem you already know for a very long time now. God bless you.

  12. Samsung wants us to buy Samsung charging cables. The same ruse was used by iPhone a few years back.

  13. I have an S7 Edge that has been having the “Moisture” message too. The phone has been in an Otter Box since day one, never been wet, in a room with high moisture either…and in this condition wireless charge takes forever! My Note 5 kept getting a charging paused/disconnected msg regardless of the usb cable, it only charges via an aftermarket wireless charger from Best Buy. VERY frustrated with Samsung right now.

  14. moisture in charging port while phone was at 0% so i couldn’t play with the setttings or anythin

    Hairdryer on the charge port, now it works! I love you, thank you!

  15. My husband and I bothe have Galaxy seven simutaneously they stopped with the moisture message. Don’t tell me we both had the same problem of water. This is some kind of way to make money or a defect. No way it is water damage.

  16. I did just what Mark said and wow it works! So, I brought my phone into the Sprint store to exchange it for my upgrade and they could not tell that I worked on my phone.

    Mark is right!

  17. I had the same issue. Here is a perfect fix as I learned when my S6 got wet during a heavy rainstorm.

    Tools needed:
    Go to any auto store or Walmart and pick up a spray can of acid detector/battery cleaner.
    Blow dryer

    Only do this is your warranty is voided or you choose not to obey the warranty requirements. However, if your phone card is pink or red then the warranty is voided anyways so might as well give this a try. Please keep in mind, if you battery was less than 3%, it will take hours to fully charge so after you do these steps, charge the phone but do not turn it on until fully charged. While charging, keep an eye on it to ensure the battery will not catch fire (in case yours is one of the fiery batteries).

    1. Spray a little amount of the acid detector/cleaner into the charging port. It will foam up either a pink or yellow color. Pink indicates acid detected, Yellow is water detected or normal. Let it sit for about 5 minutes.

    2. Use the scissors and cut the end of the Qtip to fit into the charging port. Move it in and out and onto the sides, thoroughly cleaning all the foam.

    3. (Optional – use if steps 1 and 2 did not work.) Reapply steps 1 and 2. Then dry with a blow dyer into the charging port for about 10 seconds. Plug it in. It should work now

  18. I just hit the same problem. The phone would complain about the moisture in the USB port, but the phone was never wet. I went to the Sprint store, they tested the phone with wireless charger which worked. So I assumed that there is something in the USB port that holds moisture. I got a wooden toothpick and cleaned the port. Right after I did this, my phone started charging.

  19. Galaxy S7, four months old. I got the moisture warning for the first time. Trick is, it never moved from my desk at home all night.
    I plugged it in last night, screen lit up, but it was only 50% charged this morning. I took it to work to charge and saw the warning.
    It’s never been wet, Ive used Duster to “dry” it, happens with every charger, and it makes no sense.
    At one point, it did take a charge, so I let it sit there. Now Im home from work, at 43%, and it wont charge.
    Again, IT HAS NEVER BEEN WET! Ive had every Galaxy except 6. This phone is garbage.

  20. My s7 edge showing moisture detect…although I have never get contact with the water or I didn’t have wet hand…..what is the reason that I cannot charge my phone….It’s so expensive phone am worried about Samsung RIP

  21. so my galaxy s7 got some water splashed on it while it was charging, 15 min after the incident i unplugged and moved to a different location, it keep saying “moisture detected ect.” I’ve had this before but i had fixed it by wrapping a towel around the phone, this time though it wasn’t working, sometimes it would act as if it wasn’t plugged in at all, the battery died and i let it sit through the night, next day it would only pulse when i plugged it in, or it would show the lighting bolt simile to say it was charging but after letting it do that for 20 min i tried turning it on, it turning on but had 1% and died almost instantly after booting up. i left it in a bag of rice for about 19 hours, after that it will only pulse when i plug it in. do you know what it mean by the pulsing or how to fix it?

  22. Hi litterally today my phone just decided not to charge anymore there is not sign of the port being physically damaged but i remember that the day before the phone was displaying those “Moisture detected in charging port” but the deal was that there was absolutely no way it could have been moist because it wasn’t close to any water at all my question is since i didn’t payed attention and i left it charging could it be possible that the port broke??? PS. The phone is functioning it just doesn’t charge and i have tried several chargers and nothing

  23. A bit snarky with the reset/reboot comment, it’s pretty clear that they just meant that they were rebooting it.

  24. just 2 month before i purchased s7edge but now whenever i plug in charger it says, moisture detected and i started plug in & out several time but same moisture everytime, but when battery became very low around 5% then it started charging and another thing i checked simcard slot sticker it is white with several red color x mark not total sticker is red/pink/purple, i dont think it is water damaged

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