Samsung Galaxy S6 Apps Crashing and Other Related Concerns

App crashes is very common with Android devices so it is no longer a shocking discovery when you realize that one or more of your apps has gone haywire. There are a lot of suggested troubleshooting that you can look up online and resolve most of these issues. In this article, I have collated some emails from #SamsungGalaxyS6 users who encountered crashing and freezing issues on most of their apps. You can check out their problems and read through the recommended solutions if you have a similar concern.

Here are some easy fix that you can try first. Most of these solutions have helped thousands of Android users so this should also benefit you.

  1. Clear the App Cache and App Data. Clearing the app data is not always recommended as this will restart any progress you have made on an application. This is often considered as a last resort especially if the issue lies on one app only. On the contrary, clearing the app cache is always recommended to obliterate any issues related to this. How to do it? You need to go to Settings>Applications>Application Manager>All Column and open each installed application and tap on the Clear Cache or Clear App Data button then restart the device for the changes to take effect.
  2. Wipe the Cache Partition. Perform this solution if you are having troubles with multiple apps as this can delete temporary system files. This will not, however, delete any of your personal files. To start, turn off your phone. Turn it back on by pressing the Power + Volume + Home buttons at the same time. Once you feel the Samsung Galaxy S6 vibrates once, release the Power button but keep on pressing the other two keys until a menu appears on the screen. Look for Wipe Cache Partition on the list using the Volume Down key and select it using the Power Once done, select Reboot System Now to restart your phone normally.
  3. Restore to Factory Settings. This step is also placed as the last resort as this will wipe out all personal data from your phone. Be sure to make a backup copy prior so you can recover all your files after the process. This is the ultimate solution so it is expected that all firmware and app related issues would be fixed by this process. To reset your phone, go to Settings and look for the Backup and Reset Open it up and search for Factory Data Reset. Confirm action and tap Reset Device. Your phone is now back to factory default.

Problem # 1: Samsung Galaxy S6 app crashes after installing Mobile Iron

 I’m not exactly sure how to describe my problem. I have a Galaxy S6 that I bought about 2 weeks ago.  I have loaded a few apps on it but no apps that I have never loaded on any of my other Android phones in which my last one was an LG G2. The phone is running Android 5.1.1. The issue is that the phone will randomly go into some sort of cycle mode where it is unusable for 30-60 seconds. The phone will sound if there is an incoming texts or phone calls but you cannot do anything.  All the icons or the app you’re in will disappear and it will switch between the background in the apps and the lock screen.  You cannot enter the code for the lock screen. I do have Mobile Iron installed as it is required to use the device for my job and receive emails. I mentioned Mobile Iron because it seems that these issues started after I set this up and I encrypted the phone. Thanks for responding to this issue, if you do. – Tom

Solution: Hi Tom. It’s good to know that you have somewhat identified the culprit as we can now tailor our solution to it. There have been reports of Galaxy S6 users getting issues with the Mobile Iron app which includes the problem you have described above. Have you checked with your company IT if someone else from work has issues with the app on Samsung Galaxy S6? You may as well check with them if they have any workarounds for it. Try uninstalling Mobile Iron to fully determine if the crashing episodes is indeed caused by this app or something else. To uninstall, go to Settings>Location & Security>Select device administrators on your phone. Uncheck Mobile Iron then go to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>MobileIron and uninstall it. I highly recommend that you seek assistance from your company IT if you are not confident in performing the process. Updating your phone may also help. Check for any software updates and install it as most app issues can be resolved by such. You can reach out to us if you have further concerns.

Problem #2: Samsung Galaxy S6 apps keep crashing and “no recent apps used” keeps flashing off/on 

Hi Droidguy. Please, can you help me diagnose an issue with my phone? It has just started malfunctioning. It keeps flashing off and on with the message “no recent apps used”. Or if I’m in an app and is using it, the screen keeps minimizing itself. What could be the reason for this? It was working fine and just started malfunctioning for no apparent reason. Thanks. — FRANKIE

Solution: Hi Frankie. A corrupt app or firmware may be causing this. Have you tried to completely reboot your phone? A simple reboot can resolve such issues most of the time. By reboot I mean a full soft reset. That includes letting the phone rest for five minutes or more. It is also recommended that you clear the cache of every app installed on your device. This is to wipe out any corrupt data from those apps which can cause crashes most of the time. If you have unused apps, remove them. You can also wipe the cache partition of your device by following the steps detailed above. If none of these helps to resolve the issue, the last option is to restore your phone to factory default (please see steps above). This will erase everything from your device so a backup is highly recommended before going through the process. You need to follow the steps to the dot to avoid any damage on your phone. Hope this helps.

Problem # 3: Samsung Galaxy S6 “Recent Apps” Button keeps pressing on its own

I have had my S6 for about 2 months now and recently my “Recent Apps” Button has been somehow pressing itself. I can feel the vibration my phone makes when it is “pressed” which it does 3-4 times a second. The recent Apps I installed were Pre-Launch, ME, and Grand Chase M. I appreciate any help that can be given. — Vince

Solution: Hello Vince. Did this issue start to happen right after you installed those apps? If so, something may have went haywire during installation which affected your phone or they are just not compatible with your S6. Try installing a software update as this always includes patches that can make newly released apps compatible with your device. A soft reset is also recommended. Manually turn off your phone by holding the power button for ten seconds. Let it rest for five or more minutes and power it back on. This usually fixes such issues. If not, follow the steps at the top of the page and see if it makes any difference.

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