Samsung Galaxy S4 Randomly Shuts Down Issue & Other Related Problems

Welcome to another installment of our troubleshooting series that aims to resolve the #Samsung Galaxy #S4 issues that our readers are facing. In this latest guide we will tackle the Galaxy S4 randomly shuts down issue & other related problems. What happens in this case is that the phone will be working fine then all of a sudden it will just turn off. This can become a headache since you will never know when the issue will occur. If you are expecting important calls and text messages then you could potentially miss these if your phone has this problem.

Samsung Galaxy S4

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S4 Randomly Shuts Down

Problem: Hi, my phone just randomly shut down after using my Facebook messenger app, I locked my screen heard a message and my phone shut down, it has been shutting down recently at random points, usually i just charge it and the device turns back on. But this time it is not charging, my computer doesn’t recognize its plugged it, it will not turn back on and I’ve tried removing the battery but even then nothing will work. the led light doesn’t show if my phone is charging or not either. I’m guessing my phone is trashed, but a professional opinion would be great  

Solution: The first thing that needs to be resolved in this case is the charging problem before moving on the the random shutdown issue. If your phone doesn’t charge then try to eliminate the usual suspects first. The charging cord that you are using could be defective already so try to change this with a new one. You should also try to charge your phone with different wall chargers and see if the issue disappears.

A dirty phone charging port can also cause this type of issue. If this is the case then clean the phone charging port with a can of compressed air or a cotton bud dipped in alcohol.

A bad or defective battery can also  cause this type of problem. Check if this is the case by getting a new battery.

If the phone still does not charge after doing the above troubleshooting steps then have it checked at an authorized service center. The problem could be with the charging port or the power IC of the device.

Regarding the random shutdown issue of your phone you should first check if an app you installed is causing the problem. To do this just start your phone in Safe Mode. In this mode only the pre-installed apps are allowed to run while apps you downloaded are disabled. Observe your phone operation in this mode. If the random shutdown issue does not occur then the problem could be caused by an app. Find out what app this is and uninstall it.

If the problem still occurs in Safe Mode then try taking out the microSD card of your phone (if one is installed) since this could be causing the problem. One last troubleshooting step to consider is a factory reset in recovery mode. Just make sure to backup your phone data before performing this procedure.

S4 Reboots Randomly If Battery Is Low

Problem: My Samsung Galaxy S4 reboots randomly if the battery level is low. There are also problems when charging. Sometimes the battery level drops even though it is connected. Disconnecting and reconnecting seems to solve the problem.

Solution: The problem could be caused by a faulty battery. Before replacing the battery try to check if other factors are causing this problem. Try to check first if corrupt data is causing this issue by wiping the cache partition of your phone from the recovery mode. If the problem still occurs then check if the issue is caused by a third party app you installed in your phone by starting your phone in Safe Mode. Observe if the issue occurs in this mode. If it doesn’t then an app could be causing the problem. Find out what app this is and uninstall it. There is also the possibility that a corrupt phone software is causing this issue. You will need to backup your phone data then do a factory reset to check if this is the case. If the problem still occurs even after the reset then I suggest you go ahead and get a new battery.

S4 Froze Then Turned Off

Problem: hi I was recently on my phone when it all of a sudden froze then turned off. since that happened I have been unable to turn it on even with the charger plugged in, I have tried taking the battery out and holding the power button for one minute and then putting the battery back in, I have also tried to reboot it by holding the volume key power button and home key but still no luck I have also tried to turn it on with another battery but once again no luck. is there any other method I can try to get my phone turned back on or could it be a lost cause. I look forward to your reply

Solution: This appears to be a hardware problem already since you’ve done most of the recommended troubleshooting steps that needs to be done for this type of issue. I suggest you bring your phone to an authorized service center and have it checked.

S4 Does Not Turn On

Problem: I fell asleep one night and forgot to charge my phone before I fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning my phone was completely dead.I went to put it on charge but the sign and the LED light didn’t show. I’ve tried everything you’ve suggested on your website but it’s just not working. I checked the battery to see if its swollen or leaking and it seems completely fine? Please help me?

Solution: If you have already tried taking out the phone battery then pressing the power button for at least a minute then the problem could be caused by a bad battery. Try using a new battery on your phone and see if this resolves the problem.

S4 Shuts Off When Battery Level Is 49%

Problem: My phone shuts off when I have around 49% battery  left. It fully charges, with all three chargers we have. I even bought a new  battery and it still does it.

Solution: It’s possible that this problem is caused by the phone software. To check if this is the case I suggest you fully charge your phone then backup your phone data. Start your phone in recovery mode then do a factory reset. Once the reset is done check if the problem still occurs.

S4 Does Not Turn On After Software Update

Problem: Hi. I’m wondering if you can help me. My Samsung s4 mini was switched off during an update and will not switch on now. When I plug the charger in it vibrates once. But screen stays black.  I’ve tried holding buttons until phone vibrates and then releasing them but still nothing comes on. I have bought a  couple of new batteries and tried them and nothing.  Can you help please?

Solution: Try taking out the phone battery and microSD card then press and hold the power button for at least a minute. This discharges the phone circuit and clears out the RAM. Reinsert just the battery then check if the phone turns on. If it doesn’t then attempt to turn on your phone in recovery mode. If your phone can access the recovery mode then I highly recommend you do a factory reset. Take note that this will delete your phone data so make sure to only do this if you have recently made a backup of your phone data or if you are willing to lose your phone data.

If you can’t access the recovery mode of your phone then the last option is to reflash your phone. Instructions on how to do this can be found at several of the popular Android forums online.

S4 Shuts Down After Displaying Logo

Problem: Hi I am really happy that I was able to find this page. I hope you could help me on this. as I don’t have the money to buy a new or even a second hand phone. here’s the problem of my phone. 1. when i turn it on, it only goes to the samsung s4 logo then it will totally shut down. 2. i already tried the method you shared here but it still doesn’t work because, my phone would only start up for a few seconds, then it will automatically shut down again. 3. i tried using a fully charged battery — didn’t worked  4. I tried to charge it. NO LED INDICATOR. no Battery Logo Charging. I am really desperate. a phone is a necessity for me. please help. please please!

Solution: Before doing any troubleshooting you should remove the microSD card of your phone first if you have one installed.

The first thing you should do is to take out the phone battery then press and hold the power button for at least a minute. Once this is done reinsert the phone battery then check if the phone turns on.

Have you tried accessing the recovery mode of your phone? If you haven’t then do so. From here I recommend you immediately do a factory reset. Take note that this will delete your phone data so only do this if you are willing to lose your phone data.

If you can’t access the recovery mode or if the issue still persists even after a reset then you will need to flash your phone software. Instructions on how to do this can be found at several of the popular Android forums online.

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