Samsung Galaxy S4 Not Charging, Battery Drains Fast, & Other Related Problems

One of the most dependable Android smartphones that’s available in the market right now is the #Samsung Galaxy #S4. First released in 2013, this device which was a former flagship model, is still being used by quite a lot of people today. Since it is already an old model it’s natural that some issues will already show up.

Samsung Galaxy S4

One of the issues which we would like to address today is the Galaxy S4 not charging, battery drains fast, & other related problems. If you have recently sent us this type of issue then you should check out some of the troubleshooting steps that we have recommended below.

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S4 Not Charging

Problem: When plugged in charge (lightning bolt) indicator shows on battery level symbol but after overnight connection not charged, in fact the batter % drops further like the phone was never plugged in.   I have three batteries, none will charge on the phone – only on an external battery charger. I’ve tried several charging systems and plugs but no luck. Could there be a broken ‘pin’ connection in the phone charger slot?  Currently I’m simply swapping batteries from charger to phone each morning. Thanks for any suggestions

Solution: It appears that the issue is on the phone side. Have you tried using a different USB cord when charging the phone? Another possible cause of this problem is that the charging port of your phone could already be defective. Unfortunately, if this is the case you will have to bring you phone to an authorized service center and have it checked.

Before bringing your phone to a service center I suggest you backup your phone data and do a factory reset. This allows you to check if the problem is caused by a glitch in the phone software.  After the reset check if the charging issue disappears.

S4 Battery Drains Rapidly

Problem: Battery been draining very rapidly and taking longer than normal to charge. Ended up in situation today where phone completely died because was away from charger. Even when “dead” kept flickering itself on and off. Never got past battery icon. Had on charger for almost 2 hours and no LED, screen light up, vibration, etc. Tried battery out and plug into charger, and still nothing.

Solution: There’s a possibility that the phone battery could already be defective. Before getting a new battery try to check first if the phone charger is causing the problem. Use a different charger with a different charging cord and see if the phone charges. If it doesn’t then carefully inspect the charging port of your phone. If you spot any signs of dirt or debris then clean it using a can of compressed air or a cotton bud dipped in alcohol.

If the problem persists then you should get a new battery.

S4 Battery Drains Fast

Problem: My samsung galaxy s4 ,which got already upgraded to lollipop by the time i unpacked it and turn it on had been draining the battery,by say 1% per 2-3 mins each time i used an application,watch video or browse internet.i’ve done factory reset or restart it quite a few times.and now i am planning to downgrade it to jelly i need some suggestion and tips!

Solution: Before downgrading your phone software try to check other possible factors that may be causing this problem first. Does your phone have a microSD card installed? If this card has a problem then the phone will take a long time accessing the data stored in it. This is one possible cause of a battery draining quickly. Try to take out the microSD card first then check if the issue still occurs.

Another factor that can cause this problem is the battery itself. It may already be weak which is why it discharges quickly. Try getting a new battery then check if the problem still occurs.

If the problem still occurs then you could try downgrading the phone software. You will need a copy of the phone’s Jelly Bean firmware and the latest version of Odin installed in your computer. Instructions on how to perform this procedure can be found at several of the popular Android forums online.

S4 Battery Drops Quickly

Problem: Im having problems with my phone. gets charged to about an hour, 100% that is. Then leaving it with wifi off, mobile data etc off, in 10 mins battery drops to about 70%. I recently did a factory reset. It also gets crazy hot. Please Help!

Solution: If the problem still occurs after a factory reset then it may not be caused by the phone software. Try checking if the problem occurs when the microSD card of your phone is taken out.Usually, if this card is defective the battery will drain quickly since the phone will take a long time accessing the data stored in the card.

Another possible factor hat can cause this problem is a weak battery. Try getting a new battery then check if the problem still occurs.

S4 Power Button Not Working

Problem: So my phone’s power button doesn’t work, and for a couple days I’ve lived with it. But the other day I had powered it off and now it won’t turn on. I’ve tried to take out battery, however the logo just comes on and then black. I’ve been charging it, thought the nights. Idk what to do now.

Solution: If the power button of your phone is really defective then you must have this checked and possibly replaced at an authorized service center. However, before doing this you should check if there are other factors involved that may be causing this problem.

You mentioned that the phone starts with the Samsung logo when you reinsert the battery but then just blacks out. Do you press the power button to get to the Samsung logo? If logo appears after you press the power button then this button might not be defective and the problem is caused by your phone software. To check if this is a software related issue try to enter the recovery mode of your phone. If you can access this mode then perform a wipe cache partition first. This deletes the temporary data of your phone that could be causing this problem. You should also consider doing a factory reset if the problem persists. Take note that this will delete your phone data so only consider this if you are willing to lose your phone data.

If you are unable to access the recovery mode then I suggest you bring your phone to an authorized service center and have the power button checked.

S4 Does Not Start

Problem: Hi my boyfriend has a Samsung Galaxy s4 and one night it started over heating you could plug it in and it looked like it was charging but you hold in the power button and it would vibrate but would not start and would go off like it got a notification but the screen was black please help I have no idea what the problem is

Solution: Try taking out the phone battery and microSD card first. Press and hold the power button for at least a minute. This will discharge the phone circuit and clear out its RAM. Reinsert just the battery then try to turn it on. If it still does not turn on then check if you can access the recovery mode of your phone. From the recovery mode you should wipe the cache partition of your phone then restart the phone normally. If the problem still occurs then go back to the recovery mode and do a factory reset. Take note that this will delete your phone data so only consider this option of you are willing to lose your phone data.

If the problem still persists then you should consider getting a new battery as the one your phone is using may already be defective.

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