Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Slow Charging Problem [How To Fix]

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One of our readers emailed us complaining about his Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that charges really slow. According to him when his device was still new, he would only spend around two hours for the phone to be fully-charged but just recently, the phone couldn’t finish charging even after 5 hours of being plugged in. He said he uses the original battery and charging unit and tried charging the phone while turned off but the problem persists.

This is not the first email we received about the issue. In fact, in previous emails, we were able to narrow down the problem so easily considering it started to manifest right after a firmware upgrade. But that is not the case in recent emails we received. There is a ton of possible reasons why this problem happens but the following are the things you could do in case you encounter this issue.

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Use the charger, not the laptop / computer. Many are used to charging this phone using their laptops or computers. It charges but does take longer time to complete. Galaxy Note 2’s charging unit gives out 2A (2 amperes) current while the laptop usually gives out 0.5A and the desktop, 1A. Now you get the logic why charging your phone through these machines would take a little more time to complete.

Turn off phone while charging. One thing to speed up the charging process is to turn the phone until it’s full. If you haven’t done so, we urge you to try it; you’ll notice the battery becomes full much faster than when the phone is off. The downside, however, is that you won’t be able to receive text messages, incoming calls, or emails. But you can turn off some wireless connectivity when you’re not using them, at least, while you’re charging the phone.

Check the battery for possible quick draining issue. If the battery drains faster than usual, it is the reason why it takes so long to charge. We have published an article on how to troubleshoot this problem, we urge you to read it. (here’s the link)

Check the charger’s condition. If it’s not the battery or the device, then the problem could be in the charging unit. To check if it’s really the charger, you could try using it on another device to see if it charges well. Or, you could use a different charger for your device. Upon confirming that the problem is with the charger, buy a new one immediately and don’t use the old one as it might damage your phone or the battery in the long run.

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  1. My phone is extremely slow whilst charging, I don’t know wat to do about it
    Pliz I need help

  2. i’m using a samsung note 2 currently. it was used by a family member of mine, and when he was using it the battery charging was perfectly fine as far as i know. i used this phone about a month now, and the charging has been fine. and the problem only started today. so i was using a portable charger to charge my phone with a short cable that was not from samsung. it was not even charging, it was decreasing actually. so i changed about 3 different cables but it didnt make much difference to the problem. one of which was a samsung cable which is currently being used by my dad for his note 4. but the problem still persisted. so i finally decided that maybe my portable charger was the problem and decided to charge my phone in the room with a samsung plug. however the problem still persisted. but this time the charging wasnt decreasing, but increased about 1% every 5 minutes. one thing i realised about my samsung plug is that when it charges it makes a loud screeching sound throughout the time that it charges. i dont know if theres something wrong with my plug recently or whatever but before this happened i could charge perfectly with it. so i decided to charge at my mums plug because i really needed to charge my phone real quick, and i guess that was kind of my last resort. when i was about to leave my house i found that my phone was actually charged. however i cant use my mums plug because she has 2 phones that needs to be charged at that plug. so please advice me on what i should be doing, like changing of any plugs or cables. thanks and your help is much appreciated!

  3. I’m very late with this response but it is the stock charger that’s doing that or a replacement? I had the same issue as you with a replacement that claimed to be the same as the stock one, but when I ordered one from ebay it worked properly.

  4. I had the same problem of slow charging with the stock charger and attached data cable. I changed the data cable and it started to charge normally again.

  5. I have a Galaxy Note 2. And for some reason, it literally charges slow. I use a USB Cord, never plugged it into a computer or anything. I barely even have apps on the phone or open apps to make it drain the battery… My phone literally takes 1 hour to get 20% charge on my phone which is 5 hours for 100%. I’m not using a Samsung charger, I’m using some knockoff charger.. What should I do?

  6. I ended up dealing with my charging issue and just bitching to everyone, because that’s what women do best. this morning however I realized that my phone battery had a full charge when I woke up! Not only that but with continued non stop use it lasted more than 6 hours, including watching an entire movie on netflix in that time. Not sure what I even did, but it seemed to have signed me out of my email and changed my settings back to almost default. Contacts were no longer synced to my Facebook, but all were still there! None of my apps (family guyy, simpsons, facebook, pinterest, instagram, etc) had signed me out, only my email. Again, not sure what I did or if it fixed itself but now I cant get my settings back to the way they were. When I sync things now they dont actually sync, so maybe its not completely back to normal, but ill take it!

  7. i had the same problem,,, but after changing the data cable,,, the problem solved,,, use only original Samsung data cable,,,

  8. I have recently had a similar problem with the charging of my Galaxy ii. It began with the phone not charging completely after being on the charger over nite. After removing the phone it would only be charged to 50% or so.

    After a number of trips to the local Sprint store, I was told they would need to keep the phone for 2 hours to upload new software that would fix the problem. I later learned after 3 more trips to the store that the software couldn’t update automatically as with other updates. “Jelly Bean 27” had to be updated in the store should charging problems begin (as I was having). Apparently, the Galaxy ii has major charging problems that Sprint refuses to notify customers about. I was told “it doesn’t effect every Galaxy ii so, unless there are problems nothing needs to be done”. As I indicated to the clerk, I was extremely displeased with this level of “customer service” because updating the software doesn’t always fix the problem. Meanwhile, the phone could just stop charging altogether!!
    Yes, I am displeased on a number of different levels and will be evaluating my options for my communications future.

    Sprint is big business that doesn’t mind taking my money each month for “communications” but, they have a lot to learn about how to communicate effectively with the people that are paying their bills!

  9. this happened with my note 10.1. when I bought my note it would charge fully in abt 2hrs but after arnd 2 mnths, it wud take abt a day to get fully charged.
    before even I read this post, I tried wht is suggested. my observations are,
    sometimes it charges really quickly but most other times it wouldnt.
    there is a small crack at the note end of the cable
    true, it takes much much longer if tried to charge when using it.

  10. This actually just happened to me with my Note 2 which is now almost a year old. I was told that the charging port was damaged, but then I read in a forum that someone used a Blackberry charging cable and it solved the problem, so I tried it….sure enough, it was charging just like when it was brand new. And maybe it’s just me, but now it seems to discharge slower than it was before.

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