Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Cannot Connect to GPS [How to solve]

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GPS problem solution

One of the recognized problems with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is on GPS, in which the device is unable to connect to a GPS network. In fact, such problem has reached TheDroidGuy mailbag, from an email sender saying his device is unable to find his location and keeps showing the “searching for signal” prompt.

Factors that may affect GPS feature on the Galaxy Note 2 would include the following:

  • Location setting is turned off.
  • Visibility to GPS satellites.
  • Maps software is not updated.
  • Device software is not updated.
  • Physical or liquid damage on the device.
  • Third-party accessories blocking the GPS signal.


  1. Do a soft reset on the device. For those who are not sure how to do a soft reset, follow these steps:
    1. Remove the battery for 30 seconds, with the device still ON.
    2. Wait for about a minute or two then replace the battery.
    3. The last step is to power on the device.
    4. Go into an open area or any place without any physical obstructions to sky view like mountains, dense canopy, tall buildings and thick walls, for these may prevent your device from getting a GPS signal.
    5. Check your device for any signs of physical or liquid damage. Have you remembered any instance when it was dropped or got wet? If yes, then your device may be damaged and needs to be repaired by an authorized technician.
    6. In case you haven’t updated your device software, please check for any available software updates for your device and go for an upgrade this time.
    7. If your Maps software is not up to date, check for any updates for Maps from the Google Playstore.
    8. Verify Location Services settings and make sure they are enabled on your device.
      Please follow these steps to get to the Location services settings configuration:

      1. Touch the Menu icon from the home screen.
      2. Touch Settings from the sub-menu to continue.
      3. Touch to select More option.
      4. Touch Location Services to verify/modify settings.
      5. Touch the OFF button slider to turn Grant Access to my location ON.
      6. Put a check mark next to GPS satellites.
      7. Put a check mark next to Use Wireless Networks. Doing so will enable the feature and will help in determining your location with the use of mobile data and/or wireless networks information.
      8. Go back to the home screen and touch Apps.
      9. Touch to Google Settings to continue.
      10. Touch to select Location.
      11. Put a check mark next to Access Location.
      12. Retry to use GPS to locate your position. You can determine your location using Maps on the device. Here is how:
        1. From the home screen, touch Apps then select Maps.
        2. Touch the GPS icon located in the upper-right side of the map.
        3. You should then see your current location at the Blue Arrow.

As final resort to getting the GPS problem with your Galaxy Note 2 resolved (if the aforesaid recommendations won’t work on your end), you may reset your device to factory defaults using Factory Data Reset. While this method was proven to show some positive results, doing so will also mean losing all of your personal information stored in the device. To avoid facing such downside later on, be sure to create a backup of all your important files before doing the actual reset.

2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Cannot Connect to GPS [How to solve]”

  1. step one: take the battery out for 30 seconds.
    step two: leave the battery out for 1 to 2 minutes.

    dear lord don’t quit your day job…. unless you do something that affects public safety.

  2. I don’t agree with your list of issues, as I feel you left out an important one.

    For me, gps stopped working following the last otr software update pushed by V. Prior to that update, this phone’s gps worked flawlessly. Ever since, whenever I want to use gps (say for Google maps navigation), I have to open maps, get my navigating going, then quickly toggle location off and back on. Until I do, my designator icon sits immobile in the screen, while I am moving. After I toggle my location setting, my icon catches up to my current location, starts tracking properly, and everything is great. This applies to all of the apps I use that require GPS, not just maps.

    The only time I ever experienced a similar phenomenon was when I had power saving on (with the old software), and it seemed like gps would forget it needed to wake up. In fact, that is exactly the impression I get right now, only I’ve never seen it fix itself when it’s not working with the current software.

    Couple caveats:
    1: I like to run in gps only mode.
    2: I use the location toggle quick setting button in the swipe down menu, so it isn’t terribly inconvenient. I am also impatient when it comes to navigating, as when I need nav, I usually don’t know which way to turn.

    Hope this helps!

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