How To Fix A Samsung Galaxy M32 Can’t Connect To WiFi

Network related issues may occur from time to time just like when a phone can no longer reconnect to the Wi-Fi network it’s getting its connection from. Such a problem can be due to a minor issue with the router or the modem. However, it can also be due to a problem with your phone that needs to be addressed immediately. 

So if you are one of the users that’s bugged by this kind of problem, there are a few things you can do to try and fix it. You might only need to do a couple of procedures to make your Samsung Galaxy M32 reconnect to the Wi-Fi again. Here’s what you should do: 

samsung galaxy m32

First solution: Restart your devices

When it comes to fixing issues that occurred out of the blue, the first thing you have to do is to make sure that your devices are working properly. Refresh their memories by rebooting them and that often fixes any minor issue. 

In the case of your router or modem, just locate its power cord or power adapter and then unplug it from the electrical source. Leave it without power for a minute or two. 

For your phone, press and hold the volume down button and the power key for 10 seconds. It will trigger the device to shut down and power back up.

After restarting your device, allow your phone to reconnect to the network to see if it can successfully do that. If so, then make sure it has an Internet connection. 

Most of the time, this procedure is enough to fix the problem. However, if it continues to bug you, then move on to the next solution.

Second solution: Isolate the problem

After refreshing the memories of your devices and the problem continues, what you need to do next is to isolate the problem. You should know if this also occurs with your other phones or computers. 

So let your other devices connect to the same Wi-Fi network to see if they can do it successfully without having any problem. If they get a good connection from the same network and only your Galaxy M32 is the only one that’s having some issues, then the problem is with your phone. 

However, if your other devices also have the same problem, then it can be a network issue. You might want to call your Internet service provider and have your router checked or replaced. But assuming that the problem is isolated to your Galaxy M32, then move on to the next solution. 

Third solution: Forget the current connection

The next thing you have to do if the problem continues after doing the first couple of procedures is to delete the current Wi-Fi connection. You have to go into the Connections menu and look for your network and tap the Settings icon beside it. You will then need to tap the Forget option at the bottom of the screen. 

Once you’ve already forgotten the old connection, disable the Wi-Fi service for a few seconds before allowing the device to reconnect to the network. This time, make sure you enter the correct password. This procedure should be enough to make your phone reconnect to the network. However, if the issue continues, then try the next solution. 

Fourth solution: Reset the network settings of your phone

Your last resort if the problem continues to bug you even after doing the previous solutions is to reset the network settings of your phone. This will delete all the network settings on your device including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, and others. 

The network settings reset is one of the reset options you can find on your Galaxy M32. It won’t delete any of your files or data, so it’s safe but very effective. It should fix a problem like this, provided that the issue is with your phone and not your router or modem. 

We hope that this guide can be helpful.

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